About Us

I have been a gamer all my life. I still remember the adrenaline surge I felt when my mother finally rented an N64 for 48 hours after months of bugging. I did not sleep a second for those two days. 

That day I learned two things. First, I am head over heels for gaming, and this love isn’t going anywhere. Secondly, a premium gaming experience is costly, but it’s all worth it. 

In 2010 I finally decided to build my own gaming setup. I needed to buy gaming equipment and accessories, but I was extremely cautious. Since it was all a one-time investment, I didn’t want to make a purchase only to regret it later. 

Therefore, I tried to take help from the good old internet to learn from the experiences of other gamers and make a careful purchase. However, I couldn’t find much, all the information was scattered. The blogs that did have organized information were all sponsored, which made doubt the authenticity of the information. 

Gaming itself was easier, but when it came to gaming accessories, I needed a sure guideline to follow because I had a very limited budget. 

Everybody knows that the ideal gaming experience lies in the perfect gaming accessories. But who tells you which is, say, the best console out there? Because not everybody is open to sharing gaming secrets, I learned this the hard way.

There was a severe scarcity of real gamers sharing their experiences to guide newbies. I was ranting about it to a friend of mine, who said, well if there isn’t anyone, you should be the torchbearer. That’s when the idea of budget gaming was born. It took me all this time to execute it because I wanted it to be nothing less than perfect. 

The Idea Behind BudgetGaming.net

The facilitation of new gamers is the main reason behind the creation of this platform. Because as a gamer myself, I would have highly appreciated a single platform that was a gateway to all the updates in the gaming universe.

This website also aims to provide helpful insights about the latest gaming accessories being launched in the market. We also provide game tactics that are a result of my own personal experience and adept pieces of advice from pro gamers. So that you can learn from the very best.

List of My Favorite Games

Every gamer has a set of games that own their heart. You might call me biased towards convention, but I love a good old indie mainstream game when it comes to choosing my favorite. And with an imaginary drum roll, I present to you my all-time favorites:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Last of us
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Far Cry 4/5/New Dawn
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

See some of your favorites here? Visit the website to get handy tip-offs that you never knew existed.

My Dream Team

As I said before, I want nothing less than perfect for this website. Therefore, I took my time to assemble a team of gamers who are all really passionate about gaming and want to enlighten others with their experience. 

Each of the authors here is a gamer with extensive gaming experience. I also made sure to include a variety, so all types of gamers can find something for themselves. 


Neha Jamil is an acknowledged 23-year-old gamer who is set on breaking stereotypes. Being a female pro, she understands the struggles of being underestimated and finding your own path. She intends to break this chain and help newbies discover the exciting world of gaming.

Contact Us

Do you have any particular queries that you would like to be addressed? Or do you need a professional opinion on a specific accessory you intend to buy? We at Budget Gaming are always open to your queries and look forward to your valuable feedback.

You can email us at Mo@budgetgaming.net

However, Budget Gaming does not promote any kind of sponsored or guest post on the website. This is done to maintain the website’s credibility and to sustain the integrity of our insights.