Archero Tier List 2022: Best Heroes, Weapons, Abilities & Equipment

Archero is a 3D arcade game packed full of action and adventures. The game is popular among the Android and IOS gaming community and is played by a large number of audiences worldwide.

Archero has introduced tons of Heroes, Weapons, Abilities, and equipment to add versatility to the game, each having distinctive abilities and special perks.

Today, we will discuss the Archero tier list, in which we will go through each category of items and rank them according to their performance in the game so that you can choose the best among them and win battles.

Archero Tier List 2022 Guide


When you have so many options of heroes, weapons, abilities, and equipment to wield, it often makes you confused about going for the right items according to the situation. Some units are feasible in light to moderate fights, while some battles require heavy equipment in order to win. So, we have covered all the useful equipment in the game by categorizing them through a ranking system. The ranking has different tiers, and the items are assigned to the tier according to their capabilities. The more power it has, the higher level it will secure. The ranking system of the Archero tier list is as follows.

  1. S tier: S tier secures the best class elements. These items are overpowered and give outclass performance in the game.
  2. A tier: A tier also consists of strong items that can be wielded and used in battles. The things are pretty reliable as the results will not disappoints you.
  3. B tier: The B tier has average items available in the game which are easy to get. You can use these items in the early game and moderate battles, but they should be avoided when dealing with heavy bosses in the game.
  4. C tier: The C tier has the weakest items in the game, which are not worth investing in. These items are not reliable and might make you lose the battles.

Now that you have an idea of how our tier list works, let’s discuss all the Heroes, Weapons, Abilities, and useful Equipment in Archero.

Archero Heroes Tier List

Heroes are primal characters in Archero that are selected by players to progress through the game. Heroes can wield weapons and use equipment to buff their abilities and fight with the monsters. The game offers different categories of heroes with distinctive traits. It is necessary to use a suitable hero according to the situation. Some heroes are free to play, while others are unlocked by progressing through advanced levels of the game. Below is the tier list of Acheronz heroes ranked according to their capabilities.

Free to play heroes:

TierHeroUnique AbilityAlt Cost
Tier – SMeowgikMeowspirit1800 gems
Tier – SHelixFury1500 gems
Tier – SPhorenInferno50k coins
Tier – BTaranisThunderstorm1000 gems
Tier – CUrasilVenomN/A
Tier – CAtreusUnknown N/A

Archero Tier List Play to Play heroes:

TierHeroUnique AbilityAlt Cost
Tier – SShadeShadow Self16.99€
Tier – SSylvanElemental Attack16.99€
Tier – ARollaFrost14.99€
Tier – BOphiliaDamage8.99€
Tier – BBonnieDark Shadow8.99€
Tier – COnirAurora8.99€

Who Is The Best Hero in Archero?


According to the heroes tier list, Meowgik can be called the best free-to-play hero. He has a base attack of 135, which increase by +11 percent with every upgrade in level. With a max HP of 550 that increases by +40 per level, Meowgik can even take serious hits from the enemies and pack a powerful attack. He also has a unique ability to spawn a cat during a fight which deals significant damage to the enemies.

If we talk about the best-paid hero, then it can surely be Sylvan. Having a base attack of 160 that increases by 12+ with every upgrade and a max HP of 600 that increase by +45 with every upgrade. Sylvan has many special perks, including Bolt, Freeze, Blaze, and Poison touch that becomes very useful in battles when dealing with sturdy enemies.

Archero Weapons Tier List


Weapons play a significant role in dealing massive damage to enemies. Archero offers different types of weapons that can be wielded by a hero. Some weapons are more buffed, while some weapons are weak against hard enemies. It is important to know about the abilities of a weapon you are wielding before going into battles. Below is the tier list of Archero Weapons ranked according to their capabilities.

TierWeapon NameDamageAttack Speed
Tier – SStalker Staff100%115%
Tier – SBrightSpear120%95%
Tier – ATornado80%100%
Tier – BSaw Blade80%150%
Tier – BDeath Scythe45%85%
Tier – CBrave Bow100%100%

Archero Abilities Tier List

Abilities are special perks that can be used in battles. Having access to abilities assists greatly in fights as it could help you escape critical situations and survive. Some abilities are superior to others, and some are unlocked at higher levels. Archero offers tons of abilities, but you must have useful ones. Below is the tier list of abilities in Archero ranked according to their powers.

Archero Tier List – S-Tier Abilities

Tier –SDeath
Tier – SStar
Tier – SFire Sword
Tier – SIce Sword
Tier – SPoison Sword
Tier – SBolt Swords
Tier – SBlazing Meteor
Tier – SFrost Meteor
Tier – SToxic

Archero Tier List – A-Tier Abilities

Tier – AMultishot
Tier – ARicochet
Tier – AFreeze
Tier – APoison
Tier – ATouch
Tier – ABlaze
Tier – ADark Touch
Tier – ACircle
Tier – ADeath Bomb
Tier – A HP Plus
Tier – AHP Boost
Tier – ABloodthirst
Tier – AFire Circle
Tier – AIce Circle
 Poison Circle

Archero Tier List – Archero Tier B List >>

Tier – BPoison Circle
Tier – BStrong Heart
Tier – BFire Circe
Tier – BFury
Tier – BGrace
Tier – BFrost Strike
Tier – BSide Arrows
Tier – BHoly Touch
Tier – BBloodthirst
Tier – BFreeze

Archero Tier List – Archero Tier C List >>

Tier – CFire Sword
Tier – CIce Circle
Tier – CBolt Circle
Tier – CSummon One-Eyed Bat
Tier – CShadow Clone
Tier – CPoison Sword
Tier – CChilling Blast

Archero Tier List – Archero Tier D List >>

Tier – DWater Walker
Tier – DSpirit Poisoned touch
Tier – DDeath Nova
Tier – DBolt Meteor
Tier – DBlazing Star
Tier – DBolt Sword
Tier – DBolt Star
Tier – DSpirit Crit Boost
Tier – DSpirit Attack Speed
Tier – DSpirit Front Arrow
Tier – DSpirit Bolt
Tier – DSpirit Freeze
Tier – DIce Sword
Tier – DSpirit Diagonal Arrow
Tier – DDeath Bomb
Tier – DSpirit Multi-Shot
Tier – DSpirit Blaze
Tier – DFrost Star
Tier – DToxic Star
Tier – DFrost Meteor
Tier – DBlazing Meteor
Tier – DSpirit Attack Boost
Tier – DToxic Meteor
Tier – DThrough the Wall

Archero Best Ring Tier List [2022]


Selecting the Ring with suitable perks is necessary while going on a battle. Rings offer special bonuses that can buff hero’s attacks to assist them in battles. Below is the tier list of rings in Archero ranked according to their capabilities.

TierArchero Ring
Tier- SLion Ring
Tier- SBull Ring
Tier- ASerpent Ring
Tier- AWolf Ring
Tier- BFalcon Ring
Tier- CBear Ring

Archero Best Bracelets Tier List [2022]

Bracelets in Achero are not just for fashion purposes, but they serve a purpose too. Using these side items in battles boosts your character performance. Bracelets offer different powers that are useful in certain situations. Below is the tier list of Bracelets in Archero ranked according to their capabilities.

Tier Bracelets Name
Tier- SInvincible Bracelet
Tier- SFrozen Bracelet
Tier- AQuickshot Bracelet
Tier- AThunder Bracelet
Tier- BBlazing Bracelet
Tier- CSplit Bracelet

Archero Best Lockets Tier List [2022]

Lockets are another item with special effects in Archero. They provide varying perks to help you in battles. Combining the locket with a suitable Bracelet makes a perfect combo in Archero. Below is the tier list of Best Lockets in Archero tranked according to their capabilities.

TierArchero Lockets
Tier- SAgile Locket
Tier- SAngel Locket
Tier- APiercer Locket
Tier-ABloodthirsty Locket
Tier- BIron Locket
Tier- CBulletproof Locket

Archero Best SpellBook Tier List [2022]

The spellbooks in Archero are essential since they provide your hero with more powers that may help him or her. The Archero spellbook tier list will indicate which volumes should be used with particular heroes or if it is preferable to keep them out of your inventory.

Archero SpellBookTier Name
Art of Combat SpellbookTier 1
Enlightenment SpellbookTier 2
Arcane AdventureTier 2
Ice RealmTier 3

Archero Best Lockets Tier List [2022]

Pets in Archero make a great companion with your hero. You can tame it and take it to battles where it can use its abilities to help you. Below is the tier list of Pets in Archero ranked according to their capabilities.

TierArchero Pets
Tier- SFlaming Ghost
Tier- SLaser Bat
Tier- ANoisy Owl
Tier- BScythe Mage
Tier- CLiving Bomb

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do Archero Tier Lists tell us about?

The tier list declares the position of characters and items in Archero according to their performance in the game. The Heroes with the most capabilities and powers get the S Ranks, while the weaker items are placed in lower ranks.

Which Weapon is the best in Archero?            

The weapon types in Archero have different powers, and each Weapon is suitable in different circumstances, so we cannot declare one Weapon as the all-rounder. However, If you are looking for a high damage weapon, then Stalker Staff comes according to the criteria as it can deal massive blows. On the other hand, if you want a swift weapon with high DPS, then Saw Blade is a good option in close-range combats.

2. What are the best abilities in Archero?

Like weapons, every ability is unique and is useful in specific situations. However, some abilities might perform better in fights, depending on the type of character you are using and the level of ability. It

3. How often is the tier list updated?

Archero is updated regularly, and new patches are introduced. Sometimes, new heroes are introduced with some updates. So, Archero tier list is updated accordingly.

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Archero Tier List Final Words

This sums up our Archero Tier List guide. Archero is a popular arcade game and has a large community. If you want to get better at the game, you must be aware of the types of heroes, weapons, equipment, and abilities present in the game so that you can use them to your advantage. These heroes and items are available in the Archero tier lists of each category, which ranks every element from best to weakest. So, watch it carefully and build your inventory accordingly.

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