Best Archer Queen Launch Party Decks in Clash Royale

The Archer Queen is one of the powerful Champions that were released alongside the Golden Knight and Skeleton King during the Champions Update. Along with the update is the Archer Queen Launch Party event which remains to be a fun game mode in Clash Royale.

In this game mode, you’ll have to take advantage of the best Archer Queen Launch Party decks which are centered around the powerful Archer Queen champion card. However, to make full use of the Archer Queen, your deck should include characters that synergize perfectly with the champion.

If you don’t know how then you’re in luck. In this article, I’ll show you the best Archer Queen Launch Party decks you could ever use in the game.

The Best Decks to Use for Archer Queen Launch Party

One thing you want to keep in mind is that your opponents will have the Archer Queen in their deck as well. As such, the deck you’ll use should have some means of countering her in the first place.

Here are some amazing counters worth noting:

  • Skeleton Army – Will overrun the Archer Queen and works best for distracting her
  • Royal Recruits – Can easily overwhelm just about any hero in the game
  • Cannon Cart – Has a ton of HP which even the Archer Queen will have trouble taking down
  • Mega Knight and P.E.K.K.A – Can even kill the Archer Queen but comes with a hefty 7 elixir cost

To obtain the Archer Queen card, however, you’ll have to first reach King Level 14. Since she is a Champion card, she’ll stay out of your card cycle and will only return after being destroyed. As the Archer Queen is quite versatile, you can take advantage of various builds that synergize with her.

That said, here are some good Archer Queen Launch Party decks out there:

1. Hog Rider + Valkyrie Combo

Archer Queen Launch Party Decks

The Hog Rider + Valkyrie combo is a really powerful deck that’s capable of dishing out insane damage on an enemy tower. This deck relies on the Valkyrie and the Archer Queen to deal with the Tesla and other minions to give way for the Hog Rider to destroy the enemy’s towers.

Since the Hog Rider is capable of taking down towers relatively fast, it will be a whole lot easier once he manages to get to the first tower without taking a lot of damage. Complete the deck with Lightning, Fire Spirit, Log, Tesla, and Skeleton, and you’re all set.

2. P.E.K.K.A + Archer Queen Deck

Best Archer Queen Launch Party Decks

This deck obviously relies on P.E.K.K.A to win the game. What’s good about this deck is that it works perfectly well against even the most popular decks in the game right now.

The game plan for this deck involves not playing aggressively for the first minute and just sending out Bandit at the back accompanied by a Barbarian Barrel at the bridge. Since this deck relies on chip damage in order to bring down a tower, you’ll have to play patiently, otherwise, you’ll end up losing the game if you make mistakes.

P.E.K.K.A costs a whopping 7 Elixirs, so only summon her once you’re ready for the main push. Once deployed, wait until she’s about the cross the bridge, until which you can then drop the Archer Queen alongside other support cards.

Keep in mind that the Archer Queen will play as the major support here. She’ll be the one to take care of enemy units as your P.E.K.K.A pushes to the enemy towers.

3. Ram Rider + Mega Knight Combo

Best Archer Queen Launch Party Decks IN CLASH Royale

Mega Knight is a pretty strong tank, so it’s in your best interest to use him at all times. And with the Rage Tournament in full swing, you can expect massive boosts to your troop’s attack and movement speed. This is where the Ram Rider comes in handy.

Thanks to her snare ability, you can easily counter a Hog Rider by just spending one elixir more. Besides, you can initiate a very strong counter push with the help of both the Archer Queen and Mega Knight. She’s also great at countering a balloon, making her quite effective for defensive purposes as well.

You can then complete the deck with Lightning, Snowball, and an Electro Spirit to make this a very powerful lineup.

4. Electro Giant + Archer Queen

good decks for archer queen launch party

The Electro Giant is yet another very strong tank that can be used for kiting units to the other lane. Simply position him in the center close to the river, and you’ll be able to take care of units from a safe distance using your Archer Queen.

This troop will be your main defensive unit against siege decks, so make sure to play on the opposite lane.

Whenever your enemy summons a horde of troops, simply use Tornado alongside Baby Dragon and Archer Queen. Since enemy units will be automatically brought inside Baby Dragon’s attack range, it will be able to make short work of troops with low to moderate hit points.

To play this deck, you’ll have to start by using Barbarian Barrel. Alternatively, you can use Tornado and activate your King Tower early in the game to bolster your defenses.

5. Ram Rider Bridge Spam

good archer queen launch party deck

Another deck that utilizes the Ram Rider, this one allows you to take down defensive swarms using your Barbarian Barrel. You can then follow up with a Royal Ghost and Ram Rider combo for some damage. If you’re going for a major push, deploying Archer Queen will allow you to successfully pull it off.

You’d want to include both Lumberjack and Inferno Dragon for their defensive and supportive abilities. However, Inferno Dragon will be your main tank killer, and you can even use it alongside a Ram Rider to snare the target and take it down before it reaches your tower.

Overall, it’s a good counter-pressure card that allows you to make a strong counter-push with your troops.

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Best Archer Queen Launch Party Deck Conclusion

The Archer Queen Launch Party game mode allows you to mix and match various combinations to increase your chances of winning the game. However, if you want to make full use of your Archer Queen with troops that synergize with her abilities, then I highly recommend picking any of the decks mentioned above.

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