Best Matching PFPs (200+) For Couples, Friends & Gamers

Matching PFPs are a great way of expressing your status to other people, be it just as friends or as partners. With how the internet works these days, particularly with the massive popularity of social media networks, using a PFP (slang for Proof of Picture or Profile Picture) is essential if you want to let others know who you are.

Basically, a PFP will represent who you are as it’s the first thing people see when they take a look at your profile (apart from your name, of course). As such, you’ll have to use a profile picture depending on how you want others to portray you.

There are also times when you want to use matching PFPs with either a close friend or your partner. In this case, you can choose one that best represents your bond or perhaps one that is fun and interesting to others.

Regardless of your choice, we got you covered. We have scoured the internet in search of the best matching PFPs and compiled them all together within this article. You can use them on various channels of your liking, be it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and a whole lot more.

Matching PFPs

The list will be split into various categories, so you can easily find the matching PFP of your choice. Below, you can find matching PFPs for friends, couples, gamers, etc. You can also find the best anime matching PFPs in case you want to use anime characters for your profile picture.

If you and your friend/partner are both gamers, you can also find some matching PFPs from games like Valorant, Minecraft, Fortnite, and CS: GO. The list contains a lot of matching PFPs to choose from, so feel free to pick whatever takes your fancy.

Best Matching PFPs for Gamers

This section is mainly dedicated to gamers out there. Whether you play regularly with your bros or have a significant other who’s into gaming as well, you can use any of these matching PFPs to show your love for a particular game, and gaming in general.

These PFPs will revolve around things gaming-related, be it references, memes, gaming systems, video games, or any other stuff that has something to do with gaming. There are tons of excellent examples out there to choose from.

Alternatively, you can pick this fun meme of a cat typing on a keyboard with a headphone on. These are excellent matching profile pictures for couples who are into gaming together. You can even see that even though both profile pictures use the same cat, they are facing each other and are even using different gaming chairs and keyboards.

You have the iconic duo of Kratos and Atreus who are extending their arms while facing forward, making them an excellent matching PFP for gaming bros who are fans of the God of War series. There’s also the even more iconic duo of Mario and Luigi who are side by side with each other.

Best Anime Matching PFPs

Anime scenes and characters are among the most popular choices when it comes to matching PFPs. This section revolves around anime characters and series that most of us came to love even during our early childhood, in the same way, that cartoons do.

These matching anime PFPs can be used by friends and couples alike, depending on which favorite anime series you both love watching. One such example is the scene where Naruto scolds Sasuke, making it a perfect matching PFP for friends who get into a friendly argument most of the time.

There’s also the scene that includes Natsu and Lucy with Happy in the middle. Though they’re technically not a couple but a team, this is a sweet and cute anime matching PFP for a boy and girl friendship that doesn’t necessarily lead to a romantic relationship.

There are tons of options for couples as well, like Kaori and Kousei from Your Lie in April, Naruto and Hinata from Naruto, Takeo and Yamato from Ore Monogatari!!, and a whole lot more.

Your choice of an anime matching PFP will depend on who you’ll use it with. And since there are tons of amazing options out there, you’re free to pick which one you deem best and which is something your friend or partner will agree with.

Best Matching PFPs for Couples

There are tons of cute matching PFPs for couples out there, and your choice will depend on what you both really love. Now, using a matching profile picture on social media will let your friends know that you two are officially dating and that no one should try to flirt with one of you.

Most of the matching pictures for couples feature sweet and wholesome moments between partners and can be derived from various media like anime, movies, games, TV shows, and more. One good example is the matching picture wherein Belle and the Beast are having a meal at the dining table. This is a very wholesome moment that goes to show that love doesn’t focus on appearance alone.

There’s also that cute scene where Toothless and an unnamed Light Fury (whom fans named “Luna) stare at each other. Or that sweet and iconic scene in the Lady and the Tramp movie where Lady and the Tramp are both chewing at a single spaghetti strand in a flirty manner.

Best Cartoon Matching PFPs

Cartoons are popular to make matching PFPs out of. This section is intended for the kids-at-heart, individuals who have grown up watching cartoons that became a huge part of their childhood.

Of course, I personally loved cartoons as I grew up. I can’t deny the fact that they played a significant role in getting me through some tough times, especially with some relatable episodes in certain cartoons, and it applies to most of us out there too.

Needless to say, we all felt a truly special bond with certain cartoon characters that we just won’t be able to forget. And if you and your friend or partner both share the same love for the same cartoons, then using a matching cartoon PFP is a good way to commemorate that.

One good example is the scene involving Lilo and Stitch, with Lilo bringing ice cream to give to her friend, Stitch. This is a sweet and wholesome moment that most of us can relate to. After all, if our friend buys us something, who are we to refuse it?

There’s also the partnership between Rick and Morty who are always together in various adventures that encompass science fiction and more. There’s also the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon or the bond between Phineas and Ferb with their matching picture both playing string instruments.

Best Matching PFPs for Friends

Matching PFPs aren’t just meant for those in a relationship alone. As mentioned earlier, they also are intended for friends who just want to show their friendship by using matching profile pictures. After all, nothing shows a true bond like using profile pictures that match each other.

Of course, these matching pictures aren’t as sweet as the ones made for couples. For the most part, they will feature funny or even wholesome moments from games, movies, anime, etc.

A good example of a matching PFP for friends is one where Spongebob and Patrick are giggling at each other. Since the two are best friends in the cartoon, this matching PFP just makes it even more wholesome. You also have Woody Allen and Buzz Lightyear, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, Raven and Starfire, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, and a whole lot more.

There are also tons of anime moments that can be used as a matching profile picture. For example, there’s that wholesome moment of King and Saitama playing, the friendly rivalry between Goku and Vegeta, and Naruto and Sasuke helping each other during a fight.

There are tons of options you have here depending on your and your friend’s preferences. Of course, each of you should consider a matching PFP about something you both like, be it an anime series, a cartoon show, a movie, etc.

Best Matching PFP for 3 Friends

Best Matching PFP for 5 Friends

Best Matching PFP for 2 Friends

Best Instagram Cute Matching PFPs

Instagram is used by millions of active users on a daily basis, and as such, it’s not surprising to see a  ton of profiles using cute matching PFPs for their profile pictures. For the most part, these are designed for couples who want to let their followers know that they are in a relationship.

One thing you want to take note of when using a matching PFP in Instagram is that profiles are enclosed in a circle as opposed to Facebook which is a square. This is something you have to keep in mind when choosing when matching PFP to use.

A few good examples would be a cute anime couple or a couple from a favorite cartoon show. You can also use an illustration of a cute and sweet couple that doesn’t necessarily belong to any anime or cartoon.

You can actually find a lot of them out there, but as mentioned, you have to crop them to be inside a circle so it will be easier to reposition them in your profile picture.

Best Funny Matching PFPs

Not all matching PFPs have to be cute, wholesome, or sweet. In fact, you can also use a matching PFP with your friend or even partner that features funny moments across various media, mainly in anime and cartoons. Everyone who will come across your matching PFPs might be able to laugh or giggle at the very least.

Most funny matching PFPs are either from memes or funny scenes in both animes and cartoons. Though take note that some of them might be too sensitive for other people, so just think about which ones you think will your network be able to tolerate.

There’s the matching PFP of James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski staring in front of you in a serious but somewhat funny vibe. There’s also that scene where Spongebob puts on a flower headpiece and showers flower petals to an irritated Squidward, or that scene in Jujutsu Kaizen where Mai hits Kugisaki with the stick in the head, and so on.

You’ll come across tons of other funny matching PFPs you can use, and the stuff I mentioned is some of the funniest you can find out there.

BONUS: Best Valorant Matching PFPs

Valorant features a lot of characters, so the best choice for a valorant PFP will depend on who your favorite agent is. Some noteworthy picks include Jett, Viper, and Sage.

You can find tons of them online, some of which are official art from the developers themselves while some are fan arts from various fans.

BONUS: Best Fortnite Matching PFPs

Fortnite is a fun game to play with tons of customization options available to customize your character. As such, the best Fortnite PFP you can use will depend on whether you want to take a screenshot of your character or want to use that of others.

You can find some really cool PFP ideas out there.

BONUS: Best CS: GO Matching PFPs

CS: GO is played on Steam, so your CS: GO’s profile picture will be dictated by the profile picture you used on your Steam profile.

There are tons of amazing Steam PFPs out there, with some being cool fan arts that you surely want to try out. Since Steam will crop your image into a square, you’ll want to make sure the picture you want to use is a square as well.

Matching PFPs Conclusion

There are thousands of matching PFPs out there depending on your needs. This list is not comprehensive by any means, but it does include some of the best matching PFPs you can use alongside a friend or a partner.

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