Best Mighty Miner Decks in Clash Royale

Clash Royale’s March 2022 update released yet another Champion in the form of the Mighty Miner. Specifically, Mighty Miner was released on March 30, 2022, after being teased in an updated teaser a day before.

As such, this makes Mighty Miner the 4th and newest Champion to enter Clash Royale. Like any other Champions, you can unlock him as soon as you hit King Level 14.

Like a Champion, Mighty Miner is unique compared to the other troops in Clash Royale. He costs 4 Elixirs and is quite tanky, apart from possessing a unique ability to drill underground. This ability allows him to switch sides of the playing field for a cost of 2 Elixirs.

What’s even better is that he leaves a bomb behind him when he leaves the first area, causing heavy damage to all remaining enemies caught in the area.

The Mighty Miner’s kit makes him the strongest and sneakiest miner in the game, and that explains why a lot of players would want to build a deck around this Champion. If you want to take advantage of the Mighty Miner’s abilities, then here are some of the best Mighty Miner decks in Clash Royale you want to use:

Best Mighty Miner Decks in Clash Royale

1. Mighty Miner + Balloon Combo

The Mighty Miner and Balloon combo is a terrific combo that makes full use of the balloon’s extremely high damage and AOE attacks. Your primary win condition for this deck is to simply make sure that your balloon connects to the opponent’s tower.

However, you can also use this combo to assist in defending your towers. For example, if your opponent is going for a large push, you can deploy a balloon in the opposing lane so they’ll be forced to play defensively.

Since the Mighty Miner will play as the tank, you’ll have to deploy him first before you deploy the balloon so the latter will be able to reach the enemy’s tower without dying.

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2. Mighty Miner + Sparky + Goblin Giant

Best mighty miner deck challenge

This deck utilizes the extremely high area damage that Sparky is capable of dishing out. Sparky is quite a valuable card as it forces your enemy to spend more than six Elixirs just to take her down.

Ideally, you want to deploy her once your opponent’s win condition is waning. You’ll want to use the Lightning spell as a backup in case you’re going up against a strong deck. Also, you want to deploy Mighty Miner alongside Sparky the guard her from enemy attacks.

Then, try to use Goblin Giant to guard Mighty Miner or to help clear out enemy troops before you go for a counter push. This way, Mighty Miner will be able to last for a little longer, giving enough time for your Sparky to destroy an enemy tower.

3. Mega Knight + Mighty Miner

Best mighty miner launch party deck

The Mega Knight + Mighty Miner is a very powerful combo that works well against the bridge spam meta used by lots of players these days. With this deck, you can easily perform a counter push against such a strategy.

Besides, the Mega Knight is an excellent troop for crowd control as he deals splash damage to a 360° around him. Pair him with the Mighty Miner, and you got yourself an almost unstoppable combo. One thing to take note of is that the Mega Knight has a very high Elixir cost of 7 Elixirs, so playing this deck will require some Elixir management on your part.

4. Mighty Miner + Electro Giant

Best Mighty Miner Decks in Clash Royale

Building a deck that works perfectly well with the Electro Giant has been a bit hard prior to the release of the Mighty Miner. Now that the Mighty Miner has finally arrived, I can say this is one of the best decks that properly synergize with the Electro Giant.

This deck uses the Baby Dragon for killing swarms of troops as well as acting as support for your party. You’ll have to save your major push until you have double Elixir and can support your Electro Giant with Mighty Miner and your other troops.

Since the Electro Giant only targets buildings, you’ll have to get rid of any swarm of troops along the way. Make sure to use the Lightning spell while in double Elixir to support your pushing troops or defend them against your enemy’s support cards.

5. Hog Rider + Mighty Miner

Best mighty miner deck reddit

The Hog Rider is certainly a reliable card, and it’s no doubt one of the best troop cards you can synergize with the Mighty Miner.

It’s also quite easy to play. You just have to guard your Hog Rider with the Mighty Miner as you go for a push, then use The Log spell to knock back enemy troops on your way.

Best Mighty Miner Decks in Clash Royale Conclusion

The Mighty Miner is no doubt a very powerful tank, which explains why it synergizes with a lot of troops in the game. If you want to make full use of its abilities, make sure to try out any of the decks above.

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