Best Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings Build

Want to buff up your cookies to perform the best while building towns and battling enemies? Well, there’s something that benefits more than coins and skill powders. Sorbet shark cookie toppings can maximize the potential and strengths of cookies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Nothing boosts the skill level and abilities of your cookies in terms of health, defense, and attack better than sorbet shark cookie toppings. But if you are new to the concept of toppings; let’s have a quick walkthrough.

Toppings are items, or in simpler terms, power potions that cookies can use to enhance their abilities and performance. You can level up your cookie with four topping slots every time you climb five levels. In addition to the nine different playing modes, The Cookie Run: Kingdom offers a range of cookie topping types to choose from, which include:

  • Searing Raspberry
  • Bouncy Caramel
  • Hard Walnut
  • Sweet Candy
  • Swift Chocolate
  • Fresh Kiwi
  • Healthy Peanut
  • Hearty Hazelnut
  • Juicy Apple Jelly
  • Solid Almond

However, out of the ten toppings available in the game, you can use a maximum of four toppings on your favorite cookie so, choose wisely.

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Sorbet Shark Cookie – What You Need to Know

Sorbet shark cookie is an epic cookie haling from the ambush class. It was released in the Tropical Soda Island Outlaws update alongside the famous Squid Ink Cookie. The rare cookie served as a daring crew member of the Stink-Eye Tortuca’s Ship.

Being one of the Ambush class cookies, Sorbet Shark Cookie exhibits dual personas allowing them to switch forms between a cookie and a shark. The cookie first encounters Gingerbrave’s team as it sails through the tropical soda islands.

Like all other cookies, Sorbet Shark starts with a single topping slot at the beginning of the game. The cookie unlocks a topping slot as you climb five levels up starting at 15. By the time you reach the 30th level, you occupy a total of five topping slots. Thus, allowing you to utilize five different toppings by the end of the game. As of now, there are only three types of topping slots available in-game which include;

  • XS (Common)
  • S (Rare)
  • M (Epic)
Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings

Sorbet Shark Cookie – Gameplay and Abilities

When in shark mode, the Sorbet cookie can ambush frontline enemies without taking damage itself. In addition to landing high area damage in its range, the cookie can take DMG shots at two enemies with the highest HP in its range.

Be that as it may, the DMG doesn’t impact the HP of summoned enemy troops aka cookies. Moreover, the additional attack deals in damage in accordance with the enemies’ maximum HP which stays below 300,000.

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
  • Single hit DMG: 128.1%
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies): 18.0 % (+0.2% per level)
  • Single Hit DMG (Others): 378.0% (+5.15% DMG per level)

Sorbet Shark Cookie is primarily a DMG-dealing weapon commonly used alongside sea fairies (ship cannons). Despite having vulnerable defenses compared to the attacking capabilities, shark cookies can effectively defend against invaders in both PvE and PvP playing modes.

Although the cookie is considered a relentless Sub-DPS that can wreak massive DMG damage against the enemy tankies, there’s a slight downside to it as well. The rare epic loses the ability to speak as it lands on the soil. Since the cookie character is designed to assume the center position in the formation, players are often concerned about the right toppings to apply to the Sorbet Shark.

Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings Build

Sorbet Shark cookies are built in accordance with the type of mode you are playing in. Some cookie toppings perform better than the others but when it comes to the best Sorbet Shark Cookie topping build, these are ranked at the top:

  • Searing Raspberry
  • Swift Chocolate

While the Searing Raspberry topping can maximize the DMG output of your cookie in both shark and cookie mode, Swift Chocolate influences the cooldown time in the negative. In simpler terms, with a reduced cooldown time for your cookie skills, you can implement your abilities more frequently when in battle.

Best Sorbet Shark Cookie Topping – Searing Raspberry Vs. Swift Chocolate

Since both cookie toppings offer immediate benefits, players can easily get stuck when it comes to choosing one out of the two. In the case of Sorbet Shark Cookie, your decision should be based on the game mode you are tuned into. Anyhow, here’s a comparison that might help build your narrative.

Swift Chocolate topping is recommended for people who wish to maximize their DPS (damage per second) during battles. The topping significantly reduces the cooldown time for skill activation by 0.4% which can be increased to 1.1% through upgrades. This will help you land higher DMG in PvE combats.

On the other hand, Searing Raspberry topping is ideal for players who are looking to improve their abilities in fast-paced arena battles. The topping increases the ATK damage of your cookie which proves effective against enemy frontlines. The topping offers a 1% increase in the damage right off the bat, which can be increased to a massive 3% with upgrades.

In case you are finding it hard to pick one, Swift Chocolate build is comparatively a widely used topping thanks to its versatility. Not only does it multiply the DMG in battles, but it is also compatible with a variety of Sorbet Shark cookies making it a mandatory topping in most combats.

Sorbet Shark Cookie Toppings Final Verdict

Out of all the cookie types in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Sorbet Shark Cookies exhibit impressive skills and abilities.

What is more, you can improve their effectiveness in battles with different toppings. Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate toppings have proved to be more beneficial for shark cookies compared to its competitors.

While Swift Chocolate reduced the cooldown time for skill activation during battles, Searing Raspberry increases the ATK damage to the enemy.

Regardless of their convenience in combats, make sure you consider the game mode you are playing in before making the decision.

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