Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022: Best Cookies & Teams

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action role-playing game packed full of adventures and exciting gameplay. It is developed by Devsisters and is famous across the globe for its funky graphics and interesting game modes.

The game offers a wide variety of cookie characters that play varying roles in the game. In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, we will enlist all the characters of the game and rank them according to their capabilities.

The cookies in the game come with different specialties and remarkable powers. Some are easy to get, while some are rare to achieve. So, we will help you in pointing out the best cookies of the game that are worth investing in and can be added to your team for effective results in PvP and PvE battles.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list 2022

As the game offers plenty of playable characters, it often gets difficult to choose a suitable cookie according to the type of situation.

In order to overcome that confusion, we introduce you to the effective tier list of the Cookie Run Kingdom which has different tiers, and each cookie is placed in a tier after observing its performance in the game.

Here are the assigning criteria for Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List.

  • S+ Tier: The S+ tier has the strongest cookies present in the game. These characters have distinctive abilities that make them favorable in battles. These cookies are relatively rare to find, but it’s worth the time and effort to get your hands on them as they can help you conquer the battles and win plenty of rewards.
  • S Tier: The S tier also secures strong characters with impressive powers, but they are a bit nerfed s compared to the upper tier characters. These characters are also reliable and make a great addition to your team. They are also rare and give great performance in fights. 
  • A tier: The tier Cookies have decent abilities and are useful in certain situations. They might not be as strong as upper-tier characters, but they make a great team when combined with them. Integrating these characters with upper-tier heroes will make an efficient squad.
  • B tier: The B tier cookies are average cookies of the game with adequate abilities. They can be used if you are low on gold and cannot afford rare characters.
  • C tier: The C tier Cookies are below average characters in the game. These Cookies are often rewarded in the early stages of the game, but it is not recommended to carry them alone in advanced levels as they are not as strong.
  • D tier: The D tier have the weakest characters present in the game. These cookies are not worth investing in and must be avoided as they could make you lose battles.
Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: Story Mode

S+Sea Fairy Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie
SDark Choco Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Mango Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Herb Cookie
AFrost Queen Cookie, Tiger Lilly Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Milk Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Pomegranate, Cookie Latte Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Rye Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Almond Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Princess Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, Carrot Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie
BRed Velvet Cookie, Raspberry Cookie Tea Knight Cookie,  Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Sparkling Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie, Custard Cookie Cherry Cookie
CMala Sause Cookie, Madeliene Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie Werewolf Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Talis Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Knight Cookie, Avocado Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie, Fig Cookie, Devil Cookie
DPancake Cookie, Onion Cookie, Angel Cookie, Beet Cookie, Clover Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, Muscle Cookie, Ginger Brave

Who is the Best Character in Story Mode?

By judging the performance and powers of all the cookies in the game, we can say that Sea Fairy Cookie gives excellent performance in Story Mode.

Although it is hard to get the character, once you unlock it, you can use its impressive powers that can help you advance through the game efficiently. She has attacking abilities and performs best in the middle lineup during team battles.

She can deal enormous damage to enemies by unleashing her Water Stream Ability. She can also stun the enemies for three seconds, which can prove beneficial in battles as you can take advantage of that time and make a counterattack.

Best Team Builds in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In order to play Premier Meta, you have to build teams in Cookie Run and counter other groups. Building a strong squad in the Cookie Run Kingdom is crucial as you have to outperform your opponent in order to get results in your favor.

Although each cookie has distinctive perks, they complement each other in teams if used widely. Crafting a team with the right choice of cookies can make you win battles and conquer the Meta. Here are some suggestions for the best team build in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Premier Meta:

In Premier Meta, you have to face skilled opponents, so it is crucial to fight them with proper strategies and a perfect team.

The best way to build a good team is to include two tanks in front that have high hit-points so that they are able to bear damage and attack in return.

In the middle, you should place high damage dealers that can take cover and attack the enemies from behind. In the rear should be support characters that have passive abilities. In Meta, you can use the following order.

  • Front: You can make your front line by placing Dark Kakao Cookie and Kumiho Cookie. Both the characters have attacking abilities that can take down opponents with special their special attacking moves.
  • Middle: What combination could be better than placing a combination of Frost Queen Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie in the middle. Having these characters as Middle Line adds a great buff to the team as both have impressive perks to support the front line by dealing damage and stunning the enemies to catch them off guard.
  • Rear: You can support the team by placing Almond Cookie and Cotton Cookie as backing support. Both the characters have decent powers and have passive abilities that aid the team and help them when dealing with serious opponents.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: Best Team Pairs

Rye & Almond:

The Ryemond team is an outclass duo as the powers of these cookies complement each other.

The Rye cookies target the most enemies, which are then wiped out by the final blow of Almond Cookie as his Handcuffs Skill gives the team an edge to deal enormous damage to take down enemies.

Both the cookies have relatively high hit points, which enable them to support the rear units by taking massive hits and counterattacking.

The pair can also perform a damage combo that is difficult to resist. One thing you should remember is that you need to activate the special skill Almond Cookie and Rye Cookie together for the pair to perform efficiently.

Cotton & Parfait:

If you are looking for the best healing pair, then selecting the Cotton Cookie along with Parfait Cookie will make a great combination.

The Paru-Paru-Parfait skill of Parfait Cookie combined with the Warm Light perk of Cotton cookie heals the damaged team members twice as much as compared to other healing pairs, which makes a great assist to the team.

Healing cookies make great support to the team, and adding this pair will make the best combo to build an invincible team.

Pumpkin Pie & Licorice:

The team of Pumpkin Pie Cookie and Licorice Cookie can also be called the summoners pair as they can summon units in the battles that assist them by panicking the opponent team and catching them off guard.

The “Pumpon, help!” skill of Pumpkin Pie Cookie unleashes a giant Pumpon that can resist opponent attacks and deals area damage up to 170%.

It also summons allies that deal damage to the enemies. This pair works well in both, PvP and PvE battles.



In Cookie Run: Kingdom, you can perform rerolls as much as possible until you get your favorite cookie.

The steps to perform a reroll is pretty simple. You just have to follow the steps explained below.

  • First of all, launch the game and create a guest account.
  • After completing the tutorial, play until you reach level three.
  • Once you finish level three, the game allows you to summon a random cookie based on your luck.
  • If you are lucky, you can get your favorite cookie; otherwise, you have to do a reroll.
  • For that, log out from the game by going to the settings in the Menu option.
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the rewarded character.

Cookie Run Tier List Frequently Asked Questions

How Cokie Run Kingdom tier list is made?

The tier list of Cookie Run: Kingdom is crafted by spending a considerable amount of time in the game and by observing the performance of each character in battles.

After that, they are given a specific position in the tier list according to their power and capabilities.

How to become better at Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Performing well in the game is mostly dependent on the amount of time you are investing in the game. You can choose all the best team pairs in the game but still not get good results if you are not using their powers wisely.

So, it is recommended to build a team according to your playing style and master it by playing with it for a considerable amount of time. This will surely enhance your gaming skills.

How to make the best team in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Each player has a different playing style, so the team build is based on personal preference.

But the order should be such that the front line should be placed with tanky cookies with high hp followed by high damage dealer in the middle and supporting units at the back.

How often is Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List updated?

The game receives regular updates with new features and improvements. Sometimes a new cookie is introduced to the game along with a new patch.

So, after determining the abilities of the newly introduced character, it is placed in the tier list accordingly.

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