Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Tier List 2022: Best Heroes Ranked

When talking about games with an impeccable storyline and strong characters, it would be unfair if we don’t talk about FEH. Fire Emblem Heroes has introduced a balanced game mechanism by designing characters according to the storyline, which is why some of them are comparatively weaker, and some have God-like powers.

As the game comes with plenty of playable heroes, it often gets difficult for gamers to decide which exactly should be their go-to characters and which heroes should be avoided. Don’t worry because we have short-listed all the best FEH characters by crafting a FEH tier list ranging from S tier all the way to E. So, let’s get right into it.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

The FEH characters are rated on certain qualities, and these qualities also determine the placement of these characters into their respective tier list. Mostly, the best characters, which are very rare to find and also have a great pick rate secure higher ranks than normal characters.

Also, some characters have specialized weapons that also make them a little more special than usual. So, we have rated these characters in the same way for you, and to get your FEH game sorted, you just have to keep reading.

S Tier List

The heroes in the S tier list are the most powerful, and there really is no one who can compete with them. You can make the best use of S-tier list heroes when you actually know the game and have a lot of experience.

Other than that, these characters surely give a hard time to the opponents. If you are good at the game and just want to have the best hero, then pick one from the S tier list. All the heroes in the below-given FEH tier list are going to multiply your chances of winning.

FEH Tier List

The heroes in the S-tier are the most buffed characters who can defeat anyone. But that does not mean that you don’t have to put in your effort in the game because if you are not experienced, you can mess up the game even with an S-tier hero. Don’t take the pressure and keep practicing because you will get there, as mastering an S-tier list character is not that difficult.

In fact, most people find it comparatively easy to control and use heroes from S and A tier lists as compared to the later ones. You are surely in for a treat if you manage to get hands-on with an S list hero, as they are extremely rare and precious.

Ascended IdunnArmoredAccelerates and triggers the enemy
Ninja CorrinCavalryTwo strikes at once and greater damage
ReginnSwordAdditional movements and sword cavalry
Young IkeInfantryDamage reduction and better distant counter
ElimineFlyingHeals and reduces damage
Young L’ArachelStaffMoves faster and blocks counterattacks
YuriInfantrySwaps spaces and is highly mobile
Summer FreyjaCavalryDamage reduction and debuffs
Brave IkeAxeFinest infantry and lethal weapon
ThorrFlyingIncreases speed of cool down charges and neutralizes bonus
DagrInfantryProvides mobility to the team and has a pathfinder
New Year PeonyGreen TomeHighly mobile and a buffing ability
Bridal CatriaAxeDouble attack and harmonized skill
Brave EirikaLanceFacilitates follow up attacks and deals with damage
Legendary ChromBlue BowGreat range in counterattacking and uses reposition
Legendary AzuraFlyingRefresher skill and flying ability
Brave AlmInfantryHigh buff and additional damage
Winter AltinaSwordAccess to Vantage and brave affect
Legendary SigurdSwordDamage reduction and additional movement
Fallen EdelgardArmoredReduces damage and high pick rate
Brave HectorLancePowerful buffs and follow up the attack for allies
Valentine’s ChromInfantryHigh weapon skill and counterattack ability
FlaynFlyingDamage reduction staff and healing abilities
Brave MarianneInfantryDebuffs and damage reduction
Valentine’s FyeArmoredStops follow up attacks and great mobility
Legendary ClaudeFlyingPowerful weapon and 80% damage reduction
Brave EdelgardArmoredGreat mobility and damage reduction
New Year DagFlyingDebuffs and combat skills with pathfinder
New Year PeonyFlyingMovement buff skills
Ascended FjormArmoredPowerful weapon and counterattack skills
Pirate SurtrArmoredDebuffs and follow up attacks
Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

A Tier List

The heroes in the A tier list are great, but you should also be a bit cautious while playing with them. The reason is that each one of these heroes has a weak point which is why they are not listed in the S tier.

The performance of the S and A tiers is pretty much the same other than a few differences here and there. But these differences make a great change depending on the situation, which is why you need to pick very wisely.

So, do not be too picky, as characters from this tier are very rare to find, and it is better to have a character with minor flaws than the one that has minor benefits.

PeonyFlyingPowerful assistance in refresher and helps allies
Summer BylethFlyingEnsures follow-ups and comes with a unique weapon
Valentine’s LifCavalryPrevents healing in opponents and debuffs abilities
Ninja LynFlyingDuo skill and two attacks in one
Ascended IdunnArmoredDebuffs, acceleration, and follow up attacks
Fallen EdelgardArmoredDamage reduction up to 40% and damage skills
Brave HectorArmoredDebuffs and powerful weapon
Legendary LilinaCavalryActivation of AoE and removes desperation effects
Masquerate SigurdCavalryMagic damage and fast pace
NottInfantryAdditional mobility to allies and damage reduction
Fallen DimitriInfantryBonuses for allies and access to Canto
SelenaCavalryDebuff and guard effect
Hatari AzuraCavalry Harmonized skills and refresher skills
DagrInfantryPathfinder and additional movement
Valentine’s GustavArmoredGreater bulk and debuff skills
Spring MyrrhFlyingDoes flying damage and ensures follow up attack
AshInfantryNeutralizing skills and guard effects
Winter LysitheaCavalryBrave effects and high mobility
SaraInfantryAssist skill, healing, and movement
Ninja ShinonInfantryDouble strike and bonus with damage
Duo EirikaInfantryDuo skill and healing abilities
KrisInfantryDamage Reduction and great at buffing
VeronicaCavalryIncreased damage and aggressive attack
Brave MarianneInfantryMultiple bonuses and healing skills
Winter BernadettaCavalryGuard effects and additional movement
FEH tier list Arena

B Tier List

The FEH tier list B is more of an average tier list, and you are better off without characters in this list. But, because these are average characters, you are most likely to bump into them during your game.

So, make sure that you master one or two characters from the B tier list. It will ensure that even if you get your hands on one of these characters, you won’t panic. The S and A tier characters are very rare, and most players would be playing the characters from tier B, so you don’t have to worry about it.

However, if you manage to find the A or S tier list heroes, make sure to give them preference over the B list ones. Also, you will constantly have to pair the B-list characters with characters of higher tiers for better ranking. If that does not sound like a hassle, then you can totally go for it.

LarceiInfantryPowerful weapon and damage reduction
Fallen JuliaInfantryNullifies bonuses of opponents and gets a bonus with each follow up
BylethInfantryPoses additional damage to beasts and nullifies the skills of enemies
Brave MarthInfantryBoosts and bonuses with weapon effects
Hoshidan Summer MicaiahInfantryRefresher skill with bonus and movement
ArdenArmored Great at follow up attacks
Pirate NaesalaFlying Debuffs and additional mobility
Black KnightArmoredStrong unit of armor and good counterattack
MariannaInfantry Follow up attacks with debuffs and duel skills
Duo EphraimInfantryEnsures follow up attack and quick cool down
ReinhardtCavalryA powerful weapon with boosts and bonuses
Ninja HanaInfantryTwo strikes in one attack and increased damage
Legendary CelicaInfantryCan withstand excessive damage and has increased desperation
SurtrArmoredResilient with a strong and rare weapon
Fallen MorganFlyingDivebomb with strong buffs
FEH Staff Tier list

C Tier List

The below-average heroes of the C list are good for nothing. Though they have certain skills that could be helpful to you if you don’t have a stronger hero on your team, the chances of winning are very thin.

Some people pick the heroes of the C tier list for the sake of challenging themselves or because they like a certain skill of a hero. Other than that, C, D, and E tier lists should be your last pick because they don’t really do much for you in the game.

The weapons of these characters are not that strong either, and most of them are highly fragile, so make a wise choice.

Scion LeifCavalryLethal damage with additional skills
MaribelleCavalryAttack and prevention at the same time
Pirate VeronicaCavalryEnsures follow up attack and has strong debuffs
IngridCavalryBlocks attacks with buffs
NiflCavalryDamage reduction by 30%
Spring IdunnArmoredA strong weapon with additional skills
Winter SothisArmoredCounterattack ability at any range
Fallen TikiArmoredHigh mobility with a counterattack
Brave ClaudeFlyingHealing skills with buffs
JillFlyingA strong weapon with multiple buffs
Ninja LaevateinFlyingBonus with a weapon and additional buffs
Halloween TikiFlyingHas buff assist skill
KarlaInfantryGreater damage and wrath
SeirosInfantryEnsures follow up attack with incredible buffs
CharlotteInfantryDamage reduction with the effect of desperation
ShamirInfantryFollow up attacks with neutralizing skill
LeilaInfantrya powerful weapon with buff penalties
Legendary AlmInfantryGreater damage control

D Tier List

D is the second last FEH tier list, so what good can come out of it? Even the most experienced players of this game struggle when they come across heroes from this tier list. Also, the heroes do not have any specialized skills either.

They mainly rely on bonuses and skills instead of weapons, and if you are a regular FEH player, you already know that it is not a good choice.

Winter TharjaArmored
New Year EirFlying
Performing ShigureInfantry

E Tier List

The heroes in the E-list are the worst of all, and make sure that you never pick them because you most certainly are going to lose. Even the most experienced players have a hard time keeping up with these heroes because they don’t really have any reasonable skill.

You would regret picking these characters, so make sure to stay away from them as much as possible.

Peforming InigoInfantry
Summer WoltCavalry
Winter FaceArmored
Halloween DorcasArmored


1. Should I Rely on FEH Tier List?

Yes, FEH their list is crafted for the convenience of the gaming community. So, if you are new to the game or just want to know about the stats and performance of a specific player, you can always take help from this list.

2. Should You Reroll In FEH?

You should always aim for getting heroes with a five-star ranking. If your luck wasn’t so good, you can perform a reroll to try again for a better character to start with.

3. Which Heroes Are Best in FEH?

FEH has a vast variety of characters that are available for different types of situations. However, if you want an all-time favorite character who is reliable in almost all types of scenarios, then you should explore the S and A tier categories of the list. These heroes are relatively hard to get but it is worth investing effort and time in them.

4. How To Get Great Badges In FEH?

In order to achieve the Great Badges in FEH, you have to reach up to the Sixth Stratum of the Training Tower. You can reach a higher Stratum by defeating strong enemies and that is possible only if you have a good hero by yourself with powerful capabilities.

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So, now that you have gone through the complete FEH tier list, you must have already picked a hero by now. Make sure to always go for the ones that are listed in S and A tiers because they have the best skills and weapons.

The rest of the heroes are just there to make the game interesting, but these rare and powerful heroes basically rule the game. We hope this tier list helped you find the hero of your dream game, adios from our side!

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