Geoculus Locations & Map? Genshin Impact 2022 Guide

There’s been a rising discussion about Geoculus among players looking to amplify their skills in the open-world gameplay. Being exclusive collectibles, Geoculi is not found in treasure chests which makes it challenging and time-staking to locate them. Nevertheless, this guide enlists everything you need to know about Geoculi and Geoculus locations.

Genshin Impact, like its name, has massively impacted the RPG gaming industry with its innovative interfaces, exceptional range of playable characters, and thrilling in-game adventures.

The open-world MMORPG game has revolutionized the concept of RPG games with its explorable and adventurous themes based in the continent of Teyvat.

Apart from providing access to a plethora of playable characters, Genshin Impact lays a special focus on adventure-loaded explorations.

Players can unlock characters and improve their abilities by fulfilling side quests and overcoming in-game challenges. However, finding and collecting exclusive items from Geoculus locations is what helps players rank above others in terms of combat skills, Primogems, and Aneo Sigils.

Geoculus locations

What is Geoculus?

Geoculus (plural Geoculi) is an exclusive adventure item scattered throughout the city of Liyue – one of the seven cities in Teyvat. The nation of Liyue unlocks after you complete Act 1 of the Archon Quest. Once obtained, Geoculi is offered to the Statues of the Seven – monumental stone structures found in various regions across Teyvat, to receive rewards.

These awards may include; Adventure EXPs, Primogems, Sigils, Mora, and additional weapons and artifacts. With higher EXP, you can unlock more features in the game as you climb through the rank such as; accessing online multiplayer mode, exploring new areas, and acquiring new combat skills for your characters.

Finding these hidden items is a tough job, especially when you consider the huge number, but given the rewards, the hunt is worth a shot. Moreover, collecting Geoculi isn’t rewarding unless you devote it to the Statues of the Seven. So, make sure you relinquish the ones you have already acquired to level up your skills.

Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

Unlike other items in the game that are normally procured from treasure chests, Geoculus are found in the overworld. The rarity of these special items allows players to maximize the character’s abilities extensively in combat and general in-game exploration.

Genshin Impact offers a total of 131 Geoculus spread and hidden inside the geographical landscape of Teyvat. With the geographical diversity in the open-world game, players find it hard to spot one while being on their regular exploration spree.

However, if you get your hands on a Geoculus Resonance Stone, Geoculi will follow the lead. Geoculus Resonance stone is a special consumable gadget that imitates a quality of the Statue of the seven, leading people to the precious stone.

Although there are Geoculi you can spot during your morning stroll, others are hidden in places you’ll hardly expect such as under a stone, below the bridge, or behind the tree shrubs. What’s more is, that you cannot expect your native mini-map to reveal the secretive locations of the rare gems easily. Except for the heads up when you enter the proximity of a Geoculus.

Geoculus Locations

Finding Geoculus Locations – Tips and Strategies

Let’s make it clear! You cannot start hunting for Geoculus as soon as you spawn in Genshin Impact. The feature is linked with the storyline progression and will activate once you reach a certain point in the game.

Once you clear a certain checkpoint, their location will start appearing in your mini-map when you enter their range. Here are a few tips to make sure you never miss a Geoculi when you are out searching.

Use Developer-Designed Online Maps

Considering standard in-game maps are dormant towards locating Geoculi, there are additional downloadable maps you can follow for the treasure hunt. Unlike, regular RPG games, accessing an externally available map isn’t equivalent to cheating. In fact, it is far from it.

The maps pinpointing Geoculus locations are specifically designed by Genshin Impact’s own developers to facilitate gamers. Since the Geoculi is so difficult to encounter, these maps provide Geoculus locations in a simplified and hassle-free way.

The best way to locate all Geoculi is by opening the map side-by-side as you are playing the game. As soon as you go past a hidden gem, a diamond-shaped icon will appear on the map. However, the treasure item could be anywhere. So, keep a keen eye on your surroundings when in Teyvat.

Explore Different Altitudes


Geoculi is not just located beneath the stones and bridges or hidden underground. Since you can walk, swim, and fly, the special items could be anywhere. But what most players ignore is that Geoculi could be hanging up in the air.

Given the 2D infrastructure of the game, players mostly focus on the ground even though they can change their altitude in-game. In case you are constantly seeing an icon appearing but can’t see one nearby, try raising your altitude.  

Skim Through Walkthrough Guides

Finding and collecting special items in RPG games can be daunting. Considering how concealed Geoculi is, gamers are bound to get frustrated questioning the whole point of playing the game. However, instead of quitting the game due to an untroubled patch, consider following walkthrough gameplay.

Many YouTube gamers have published videos featuring a complete walkthrough of collecting all 131 Geoculus. You don’t necessarily have to binge-watch entire guides, only watching the part you are stuck at, will do the job.

Not only will it spoil your gameplay regarding future developments in the game, but you will lose interest since you’d know everything beforehand. After you collect a Geoculus, you must forfeit it to the Statue of the Seven to earn rewards in return.


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Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations Final Verdict

Despite its recent launch, Genshin Impact has gained massive popularity by finding its way into most online gaming communities worldwide. The open-world RPG game features various items including treasure chests, artifacts, EXP potions, and precious items that boost characters’ abilities multifold.

Geoculi is exclusive treasure items allowing players to earn rewards in terms of Primogems, Sigils, Adventure EXP, and Mora. However, finding Geoculus locations is a hard nut to crack

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