Is Ark Cross-Platform? (PC, XBOX, PlayStation)

Is Ark cross-platform or not? This question might arise in your mind when you are trying to collaborate with your friends to make your gaming sessions more interactive. Ark is a popular game, and millions of people around the world are enjoying it.

The simple answer to the most frequently asked question “is Ark cross-platform

Yes! Ark is cross-play but with certain limitations. Though you can enjoy Ark cross-play on Xbox and PC, it is not supported by PlayStation or Nintendo Switch

The algorithm and playing structure of Ark resembles the old games, such as the clash of clans and free fire. If you are not familiar with these games, let me explain: Ark is a survival game where you have to start while you are stranded on an island, and with time, it becomes essential for you to dominate on the island. 

The domination of the island comes by collecting more resources as you can, such as guns, shelter, fighting enemies, upgrading your skills, and much more. Activities of upgrading from time to time are created to make people engage in this game for a long time.

If you are a fan of survival games, you must know how fun it becomes when you play with your friends. So, you might be wondering, is Ark cross-play possible, does Ark cross-play work on the Xbox and PC, is Ark cross-platform PS4 and Xbox, and many other similar questions. 

The reason players want cross-play is because it makes the game exciting and brings it to the next level. Here is everything you need to know about Ark cross-play compatibility. 


Is Ark Cross-Platform

Ark Survival

Ark ranked 91 on Twitch, which clearly shows its popularity. It is an action-adventure game released in 2017. You can play Ark survival on all kinds of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

As the players showed keen interest, the developers launched this game on more platforms such as Android, IOS, Nintendo switch, and much more. Whenever a game is launched on different platforms overtimes, it is a sign that the evolution is still taking place, and the players can hope for new features.

The most attractive feature of this game is the different kinds of Maps where you can play, such as deserts, jungles, cities, and much more. Your main interest is survival. You have to make yourself strong enough to survive on a remote island all by yourself. 

Challenges such as fighting with dinosaurs, spiderman, other creatures, weather effects, and collecting tools for survival give a natural look to the game.

Due to the thrilling and life-surviving features of the Ark, millions of people find this game interesting. Also, people love to watch the live stream and enjoy other players’ games.

Is Ark Cross-play?

Yes, Ark cross-play platform but with certain limitations. People from different browsers and servers can play together, but this is limited to the IOS and Android, Xbox, and Windows 11 users.

Suppose! If you want to play on the PlayStation, Ark will not allow you to play with your friends. So, to make an adventure by using Ark cross-play, you must fulfill its requirements.

Ark cross-platform features allow you to play with your friends and spend time with them virtually. When you fight together, survive together, and pass different levels, dominating the region feels like a real-life fight. 

The main benefit of Ark cross-play is the ease of invitation. You can effortlessly invite your friends and play with them. But the disadvantage of Ark cross-play is that you cannot enjoy it across every platform. You can enjoy cross-play between IOS, Android, Xbox, and Windows 11 only. 

So, make sure that if you want to buy a PC for cross-play of Ark, you will use Windows 11 or Xbox.


Is Ark Cross-platform Xbox and PC?

Yes! If you want to cross-play with Xbox and Pc, you can enjoy Ark as a cross-platform. So, if you have a PC and your friend is on Xbox, you can become the emperor of Ark island with your friend by playing together.

Several types of consoles are available for the Xbox and PC, but it’s a fantastic effort of the Ark cross-platform developers that you can get the specifications of certain types, which match your console, and you can enjoy it on any platform. The main aim of most people using Xbox and PC for playing Ark is to get enjoyment from the adventure on a big screen.

However, when you are playing Ark cross-platform with your friends, it might be possible that Windows and Xbox graphics don’t show compatibility. As both platforms have their own specifications, the quality might suffer during synchronization.


Is Ark Cross-play Xbox and PS4?

PS4 is one of the most popular video gaming consoles. Also, Xbox is used for playing different kinds of games. But, unfortunately, Ark cross-play Xbox and PS4 are not possible. The compatibility for the Ark cross-platform between the Xbox and PS4 is not yet approved by the developers of the game.

In the case of PS4 and Xbox, we also do not know whether it’s due to the company’s limitation that created the PS4 or it is the technical incompetence of game developers. Besides, there is no news from the developers whether Ark cross-play PS4 and Xbox will be aired for the players.

Is Ark Cross-play Xbox and Mobile?

Another possibility is that your friend has an Xbox, but you have a mobile, and you want to play with them. There is bad news for you! Ark cannot support cross-play between mobile and Xbox. You have to buy an Xbox or PC if you want to play Ark with your friends. 

As mentioned before, Ark is cross-platform but with limitations. There is another reason, mobile and Xbox are not the same consoles, so compatibility problems occur. Their display size and configuration vary greatly. So, if you need to play Ark with your friends, buy a device that supports Ark cross-play.


Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions that might arise in your mind if you are interested in Ark cross-platform. 

Is Ark-cross platform for every platform?

No, Ark is cross-platform but with limitations. Ark cross-platform is only compatible with Android and IOS, PC, and Xbox. So, if you want to play Ark with other platforms such as PC and Android, it will not be possible. 

Are there any tactics to play the Ark-cross platform on PS4 and PC?

Sorry, there are no shortcuts or tactics to play Ark cross-platform between the PS4 and PC. If you have a PS4/5 and your friend has a PC, you cannot enjoy cross-play because the developers of Ark don’t support these platforms. 

Can Ark console players Play with PC?

As mentioned, Art cross-play has certain drawbacks. Players having PlayStation or Nintendo switch will not be able to play with a PC. But, if you have Xbox, you can easily play this Ark with your friends.

What are the benefits of playing Ark cross-play?

Ark cross-play comes with numerous interesting and interactive features. Ark cross-play lets you chat with your friends in an adventurous environment. Also, you can collect resources with your friends.

Can you make money from Ark cross-play?

Yes, you can make money by collaborating with your friends and reaching a higher level in this game. When you dominate in Ark with your friends, you can list your account in the right place and generate revenue from it.

How to play with friends on Ark’s private server?

If you are looking to play Ark cross-platform on a private server, you can follow these steps that will help you play on a private server. First, open the Ark and select the option “HOST LOCAL.” Now a screen will come in front of you where you can change the server settings. Here, you can enable mods and change the options according to your desires.

How to rent the Nitrado Ark server on Xbox?

To get the Nitrado Ark server go to the Microsoft Store and install the Nitrado app on Xbox. After installing the application, log in with the Nitrado account. After logging in, you can select the order page and install your Nitrado Ark server.

Can I buy a server from Ark?

The game developers have made Ark servers officially available. You can go to the Nitrado app on Xbox and PC. Then, you can install the server easily.


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Is Ark Cross-Platform Wrapping Up!

Until now, you must have gathered all the necessary information related to the question, is Ark cross-platform. Now, you must be well aware of the devices and platforms on which Ark cross-platform works. So, let the game begin.

Though there are several limitations, those players who can enjoy Ark cross-platform really enjoy it. So, if you are a big fan of Ark and want to give it a try with your friends, make sure you have the appropriate platform. You must have IoS, Android, Xbox, or PC to play Ark cross-platform. 

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