Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform? (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The gaming industry has gone through a handful of transformations in recent years. For instance, gamers have got lucky enough to enjoy the cross-platform feature. All credit goes to games like Fortnite and Call of Duty for igniting this debate.

Now, all the gamers want their favorite games to support cross-platform play. However, every game deals with this feature differently. Some games do not even provide cross-play functionality between different devices. 

It gets upsetting for fans when their favorite game does not have this feature. However, it may take some time to become mainstream.

So, what about your favorite game, Borderlands 2?

You might be thinking: Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform or not?

Let’s talk about it. 


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Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform

Borderlands 2 – A Quick Overview 

Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2k Games, Borderlands 2 is the second part of the franchise. This RPG first-person shooter game was released in the US on September 18, 2012, worldwide on September 21, 2012.

BL2 has garnered rave reviews. After all, who doesn’t love interactive looting and shooting games?

It is set five years after the events of Borderlands 1. Handsome Jack is the main antagonist of the game, who has taken over Hyperion Corporation. He has been credited for discovering the vault. 

In addition, Jack has declared himself the leader of Pandora.

Now, the news of the vault has spread across the universe. Now, the hunters, AKA, game players, are assigned to find the vault and restore Pandora’s peace, which is all the game is about. 

What Makes Borderlands 2 So Special? 

The journey of Borderlands 2 is filled with obstacles and intriguing challenges. It is designed with chaotic tendencies for devoted gaming lovers.

If you are new, you might assume both games are similar. However, it is not the case as both are targeted toward distinct demographics. 

Plus, BL2 has more variety in its content than BL1. Safe to say, if you are familiar with the first part, you will have a blast with the second part too. 

We don’t want to kill the suspense and want you to discover yourself. However, know what makes BL2 really special is its engaging nature and enriching graphics.

And some other factors to back our claim…

Enormous Weapon Collection 

You are borderlands 2 fans because you love role-playing shooting games. Probably, the integral components of these types of games are their weapons. 

With Borderlands 2, you will get a fantastic variety of guns and tools. Players will constantly feel like updating and replacing their weapons with other ones. 


Co-op Game-play

The option to do a player co-op is what makes this game a fan favorite. If you are looking forward to playing an exciting game with your friends, its four-player co-op gameplay makes it perfect to play in a group.

Also, playing in a group form is beneficial because the game is built that way. Not saying that you won’t be able to fight demons on your own, but you may have difficulty.

So, if you are struggling to accomplish your mission, you can ask three of your homies to buy this game and play with you. It will be a fun ride.


Despite being a game of serious nature, which involves vault hunting and fighting the antagonist, BL2 has fun elements, and it is humorous at times.

Enthralling Storyline

It is safe to say Borderlands 2 players are in for a treat. No spoilers!

It is an incredibly well-executed game. Despite its repetitive nature, it does not feel generic or boring. Intriguing elements, plot, and gameplay keep the tempo going. 

Several Hours of Game-play

Gamers love it when they have hundreds of hours of gameplay because it creates a routine with that game. It doesn’t matter how swiftly you go through the game to complete it. BL2 will require you to spend an average of 30 hours to finish the main plot.

Judging from this number, it might take you 300-400 hours to complete the entire game yourself.


Its unlimited replayability is one of the primary reasons it blew up. Players get different weapons and tools with each playthrough.

It is why you will see people spending hours playing this game. 

Enchanting Graphics 

The graphic content in this game is fantastic. If you are a fan of quirky art, you should definitely give this game a shot because of its cartoon-Esque aesthetic. 


Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform?

Borderlands 2 is a popular video game with a loyal fanbase. It is currently available on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360,  Android, OS X, Nintendo Switch, and Linux platforms.

As we mentioned earlier, you can play it with your friends as its four-player co-op gameplay is calling for it. 

But does it mean you can play it with your friends on different devices?

Unfortunately, no. Borderlands 2 is not cross-platform between different platforms. 

Therefore, PC, PS4, and PS5 players cannot play BL2 together. 

So, the only way you can play this game with your friends is when all of you have the same console.

Why Is Borderlands 2 Not Cross-platform?

Globally celebrated games like Fortnite and Call of Duty have paved the way for modern games to provide cross-play support. Gaming developers have started to acknowledge the need of the hour, and multiple modern games have come up with this feature. 

However, it is imperative to acknowledge that game development is an altogether challenging task, which requires several modifications before launch. Although users badly want cross-platform support, their wish has not been granted.

For that, there could be the following reasons:

  • When a game is supposed to be cross-platform, it has to be tested for every platform. The developers have to keep the budget and time frame in mind while trying to make the game interesting. 
  • Developing a game for console and PC is pretty different. You use a mouse and keyboard while playing on a PC, so there is that. Designing a game while keeping this factor in mind is overwhelming. Developers have to ensure every feature and element works the same on all platforms without lagging issues. So, it could be a lot.

What Do We Want to See In Borderland In The Future?

When it comes to updating a game, options are infinite. With Borderlands, fans expect more because it is a widely popular franchise. People have various suggestions to expand the fun and functionality of this game. 

So, here are a few upgrades we would like to see in Borderlands 2 sometime in the future:

  • Players can choose a character’s color palette and head cosmetics in Borderlands 2, which is fantastic. But creators should also have the ability to create their own levels and bosses. It won’t only extend the life of BL2 but make it more interesting.
  • It would be nice to have the ability to play as a past vault hunter. 
  • It would also be nice to be able to play with our pals who are on different gaming platforms. 
  • Borderlands 2 has a variety of weapons, guns to be specific. However, it would be nice to customize these elements on your own. We would like to see BL2 bringing an update where we can change parts of a weapon as per our liking. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I download Borderlands?

You can purchase this video game from various online sources. Apart from the official website, it is available on Amazon, Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle, and Xbox’s website.

Is borderlands 2 cross-play Xbox and PS4?

No, unfortunately, it is not the case. You can’t team up with your pals to play Borderlands 2 if all of you have different gaming devices. 

Why is Borderlands 2 better than Borderlands 3?

Although everyone has their own preferences, there are a few things that make Borderlands 2 better than not only BL1 but BL3 as well. 

Netizens think that the video series has gotten better with each update. We can say that BL3 is a wiser sister and an excellent performer in terms of locations, graphics, and weapons.

However, if you are in it for the storyline and plot, you will fall hard for Borderline 2. 

First of all, BL2 has the best antagonist of all time. Handsome Jack’s outrageous antics and persona empowers vault hunters to fight passionately like real players. 

Secondly, the temp is fun and effortless to maintain due to the interesting characters of the game. BL2 characters like Ronald and Kreig have become fan favorites and have gained massive attention.

Hence, despite the improvements in Borderlands 3, the main story failed to get off the ground.


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Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform Final Thoughts

We started with your question: Is Borderlands 2 cross-platform? And here we are with the answer that might be upsetting for the fans.

There is no denying BL2 is a fantastic game with numerous features and versions. It has gained immense popularity and gained a reputation over the years.

However, gamers have a few suggestions to elevate its functionality. We are not sure if the company will ever decide to accept them, but we are here for it.

That said, it is mandatory to acknowledge that game development is a time-consuming, inundating, and expensive procedure. We can hope for BL2 to take our suggestion while remaining patient and allowing them to take their time.

Neha Jamil is a 23-year-old gamer who is set on breaking stereotypes. Being a female pro, she understands the struggles of being underestimated. She intends to break this chain and help newbies discover the exciting world of gaming.

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