Is Cold War Cross-Platform? 2022 Cross-Play Status

We’re sure even the non-gamers who haven’t played a game in all their life know about the Call of Duty franchise.

Thus, you can imagine that when the latest installment in the COD Black Ops series arrived, it caught a lot of people’s attention. 

And the most imminent question people had was: is the Cold War cross-platform?

Well, fortunately for all cross-platform players around the world, the Cold War is fully cross-platform between all the platforms it has been released on until now. 

But oftentimes when a massively multiplayer first-person shooting game, like Cold War, allows cross-platform play, the feature comes with some caveats. 

So, in this article, we’ll be discussing if Cold War’s crossplay features come with a few caveats, whether the game is cross-gen in addition to being cross-platform, and the overall gameplay of the game. So, just make sure you stay tuned.

Cold War - Cross Gen Bundle

Is Cold War Cross-Platform?

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War was first released on the 13th of November on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. 

Even before its release, the creators of the game, Treyarch, announced that the game would be cross-platform on all these platforms. 

Keeping all this information in mind, let’s take a look at how crossplay works exactly across all these different platforms. 

Is Cold War Cross-Platform PC and Xbox

Consoles may have gained more popularity in recent times, especially the Xbox but when it comes to playing FPS games but we still believe that the PC is the preferred option to play Cold War or any other FPS game for that matter. 

Thus, the need for crossplay between the PC and Xbox is never-ending and the creators of Cold War understand that and have fully obliged by implementing increasingly smooth and hassle-free cross-play between the platforms. 

There aren’t any overarching requirements either, all you have to do is turn the game on, enter your COD account and start playing. 

Is Cold War Crossplay PC and PS4/PS5

The PC and PS4/PS5 have been like estranged cousins when it comes to cross-platform play as Sony itself has said on multiple occasions that they aren’t very interested in developing the cross-platform gaming potential of the Playstation. 

However, like most popular first-person shooting titles, Cold War offers full crossplay between the PC and PS4/PS5 and judging from the glowing reviews the game is receiving online, it’s safe to say that the crossplay works pretty well. 

Is Cold War Crossplay PS4/PS5 and Xbox

Consoles have always had a special relationship with each other when it comes to cross-playing games and that relationship has continued to blossom with the introduction of Cold War as the game comes with full crossplay capabilities between the PS4/PS5 and Xbox. 

Furthermore, the process itself isn’t complicated either as all new players have to do when they play the game for the first time is create the COD account that is used to identify them across platforms instead of their PS4/PS5 or Xbox account. 

Is Cold War cross platform PS4 and Xbox

Is Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cross Gen?

The introduction of next-gen consoles really has made life difficult for developers of first-person shooting games, especially as the players that play these games are mostly the ones asking the question: Is Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cross gen?

Well, the developers of Cold War are absolutely outstanding as in addition to implementing cross-platform gaming capabilities, they have implemented cross-gen gaming capabilities in the game as well. 

Thus, those of you who’ve moved on to next-gen consoles can now play freely with your friends still on previous-gen consoles. 

This means that PS5 players can play with PS4 players and Xbox Series X|S players can play with Xbox One players without any noticeable lag or latency. 

However, we should tell you that this might be the last Call of Duty game that gets released on the previous-gen consoles so you would do well to get yourself a next-gen console too if you haven’t already. 

Call of Duty Cold War Gameplay

IsCold War Cross -Platform

The primary reason the Call of Duty franchise rose to stardom was because of its revolutionary and extremely fast-paced first-person gameplay that has actually inspired the birth of many other first-person shooting franchises like Battlefield. 

Even with their newest release, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, the franchise has kept its standards of quality up and introduced a plethora of new features in the process. 

To start with, let’s get into the single-player campaign. 

The story itself is still around that six-ish hours long like all the other Black Ops games but the quieter time and detective work in between all the fights has been far more detailed giving the story some room to breathe instead of just jumping from one battle to another. Now let’s get into the changes in the multiplayer mode. 

This specific model has been quite underwhelming for us in all honesty as the archaic map designs and slow shooting mechanics make it feel like an old-school game more than anything.

 Last but not least the Zombie mode is still absolutely horrific and terrifying, especially with the upgrade in graphics, which is exactly what it should be! 

The gameplay itself is a definite step up from its predecessors especially due to the new animations and easier lock-on system.

Top Cold War Twitch Streamers

Is Cold War Cross Platform

Talking about how good the gameplay is is one thing but experiencing the gameplay for yourself and making your own decision is the thing that really matters, at least to us. 

And if you’re still unsure about getting the game for yourself and want to see how smooth and crisp the gameplay is before you pick it up, then make sure you check out the list down below which contains some of the most popular Cold War Twitch streamers in the world to witness gameplay of the highest order. 

  1. BAMS
  2. DMNCW
  3. KF3Gaming
  4. vStract

Pros of Cold War Being Cross-Platform

Cod Cold War crossplay PC

Due to the fierce competition between gaming platforms these days, gamers across all platforms have been clamoring for more cross-platform games so that they can play with their friends across platforms. 

However, that isn’t the only advantage a cross-platform game has over non-cross-platform games.

Hence, we’ve listed a few of the most important ones down below.

  • Matchmaking is much quicker as the total number of players in the game you can play with are greater.
  • Cross-platform games develop a sort of community around them of like-minded players whereas this is less of an option in non-cross platform games.
  • A cross-platform game stays relevant and popular for a longer time period than a non-cross-platform game.


Does Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War have Free Dual Entitlement?

Cold War Cross gen Bundle Xbox

The introduction of the next-gen consoles has caused quite a stir in the gaming world as gamers are calling for these newer games to have a free dual entitlement feature. 

Many franchises have obliged and added a free dual entitlement feature but the more high-profile franchises like Call of Duty haven’t been so generous. 

However, that’s not to say Cold War doesn’t have any Dual Entitlement feature as if you buy the Ultimate Edition of the game for your console or purchase the cross-gen bundle then the game does come with two digital copies, one for the PS4 and the other for the PS5, both of which will be downloaded immediately. 

The same situation applies if you have an Xbox console as buying the ultimate edition will provide you with two copies of the game, one for Xbox Series X|S and the other for Xbox one.

Is Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cross-Progression?

One of the most frequent questions that accompany the cross-platform question is the cross-progression question and the answer to this question almost always lies in the answer to the cross-platform question. 

Therefore, as Cold War is fully cross-platform it also has cross-progression functionality which plainly means that if you’re playing the game on one platform and save the game to access it from another platform, the save file will always be there provided you’re playing from the same COD account as that’s how you’ll be identified across platforms. 

Do I Have to Get a Different Copy of the Game to Play on Different Platforms?

Even some semi-cross platform games require players to use a different copy of the game to play across platforms so this one’s a pretty valid question. 

And thankfully, the answer is no you won’t have to spend your hard-earned dollars to buy a different copy of the game to play across platforms. 

That’s because Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is completely cross-platform so all you need is to buy the game once, either on the PC, Playstation, or Xbox and you’ll be able to play on all platforms using the copy provided you remember the details of your COD account. 

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Is Cold War Cross-Platform Conclusion

So there you have it folks just like most of its previous titles, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is also a cross-platform game and a pretty good one at that, as according to the experience of most players, the gameplay across platforms is incredibly smooth without any noticeable lag or delay. 

Moreover, if you’re on the next-gen console you can easily play Cold War with your friends on previous-gen consoles. But the question still remains: Should you pick the game up? 

Well, in our personal opinion, if you’re a fan of Call of Duty’s unique take on first-person shooting games and are searching for an excellent online multiplayer game to play with your friends, Cold War is certainly one of the best options you could go for. 

The revamp in graphics alone from previous titles is extraordinary and should be enough to entice you into picking up the game. 

Lastly, the upgraded gameplay is also something to look out for especially if you’re more interested in the Multiplayer aspect of the game. 

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