Is DayZ Cross-Platform? (PC, Xbox & PlayStation)

Is DayZ cross-platform?

That is what everyone asks these days on our Youtube channel and Discord. No worries, because we have answered everything about it in detail.

Want to kill zombies left, right, and center? If your answer is yes, then a game like DayZ must be under your radar. DayZ is one of the most popular and thrilling games you can play today. It is a post-apocalyptic-themed survival game that supports a multiplayer component.

Those who play it know it is more realistic and action-packed than Left or Dead, another popular zombie shooting game. It is immersive and certainly enthralls you in its action-packed visuals. The game takes place in a fictional 225 km territory of the Soviet Union called Chernarus.

It was developed by Bohemia Interactive and released in 2018 on computers. Later in 2019, it was released for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

With its extensive support for all platforms, enjoying it on your preferred medium is not difficult. However, the question is, can you play DayZ cross-platform, or are you limited in some ways?


Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, DayZ currently does not support cross-platform gaming. So, you cannot play against your friends if they use a different platform. For example, if you play DayZ on your computer and someone from your friends & family uses an Xbox or PS4, you cannot play the game together on different platforms for a quick battle.

Now, why is that the case? The first and the primary reason is that developer itself has not provided the support. There is no native support for cross-play in DayZ, which means the game is DESIGNED not to be played on different platforms together no matter what the players do. In short, players can’t join a battle since the developer doesn’t want that to happen.

What is Cross-Platform Gaming?

Cross-platform is a general term describing software that’s usable on different platforms. The gaming community is well-aware of this term as gamers often play cross-platform games, also known as cross-play. Even though both of these terms are different, they are used interchangeably. 

The games you can play on different operating systems are called cross-platform games. There is no adverse effect on the gameplay despite the operating system differences. These platforms include computers, consoles, smartphones, etc.

Why does DayZ not have Cross-Platform Support?

There can be more than one reason why the developer hasn’t allowed this support on DayZ. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Piracy Issues

Usually, when cross-platform support is blocked, it is because the developer wants to stop the piracy of the game and wants to protect users’ privacy.

Separate Gameplay

Secondly, players still face issues when they are playing separately on their own platforms. Unless those issues are fully resolved, having playing DayZ cross-platform remains a pipedream. 


Operating System Differences

Different operating systems have different gameplay requirements. For instance, Windows may have a different hardware requirement than PlayStation. The game version being played on all the platforms must support a similar version for cross-platform to work smoothly.

Server Endurance

When players join a battle cross-platform, they join a single server instead of staying on two different servers. The new joint server must be able to manage the load coming from both platforms for the game to work seamlessly. Otherwise, the game keeps lagging, and there’s no fun in playing it.

Gameplay Imbalances

There is already a lot of imbalance between different players. Those imbalances hinder smooth gameplay if the support is extended across different platforms. For instance, those who play using a keyboard and mouse have an advantage over the controllers players.

Late Introduction of Cross-Platform

If cross-platform is not supported during a game’s inception, introducing it at a later stage requires a lot of time, and the gameplay is severely affected.

Policy Enforcement

Policy enforcement is another major issue why there is no cross-platform support in DayZ. Usually, companies have different policies for dealing with online a use so enforcing those policies across different platforms is impractical. For instance, if one player commits abuse on their platform, taking action against them from another platform may be impossible.


Platform Restrictions

Console players also restrict cross-platform gameplay for business and exclusivity. When a game is restricted to a particular platform, others are forced to purchase that console, pumping sales. 

Does DayZ have Cross-Platform Support on PC and Xbox?

No, DayZ doesn’t support cross-platform on PC and Xbox One. If you play on a PC and your friend uses Xbox One, there is no way for you two to join the game and play it together using your different platforms. It is a bummer. Let us hope the developer releases cross-platform support for Xbox One & PC soon. 

Is DayZ Cross-Platform PC and PS-4?

No, there is no cross-platform support for PC & PS-4 because they are two different platforms. There is no native cross-platform support from the developer so it’s impossible for us to enjoy cross-platform battles with our friends & family on DayZ. Therefore, if you want to enjoy DayZ, you have to do it separately on your PC or PS-4.

Is DayZ Crossplay Xbox and PS4?

No, there is no native cross-platform support from the developer here. So, while playing DayZ on different platforms it is impossible for two players to join a battle and enjoy some leisure time. You can enjoy the game on your own playing on your device separately, however.

A single server doesn’t handle the traffic coming from two different devices/servers if there is no native cross-platform support built in the game.


DayZ Xbox One & Xbox X/S Cross-Platform Support

Till now we have been telling you that DayZ doesn’t support cross-platform gaming. We still stand by that. However, what’s interesting is that you can play cross-platform if the other player is on the same or a different version of the same platform.

For instance, if you are on PS4 and your friend is on PS5, you can enjoy a battle against each other without facing any issues. The developer has built-in support for this type of cross-platform gameplay so you can go on and kill some zombies ruthlessly.

DayZ Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Cross-Platform Support

Yes, there is some good news here. You can indeed cross-play on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S because both are similar platforms. When you play DayZ on similar platforms, the game runs on the same server. So, there is no difference between the server and the platforms, making it easier for your friend and you to enjoy a fierce DayZ battle.

Is DayZ Crossplay Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play DayZ with my friends by utilizing various stages?

No, you cannot utilize various stages and play with your friends at this stage. It means that you are while you play on your PC, your friend will be on a similar stage on a different platform. The game doesn’t offer such support.

Why isn’t DayZ cross-platform?

A. DayZ isn’t cross-platform for multiple reasons. These include excessive load on the joint server, piracy of the game, different platforms having different policies, differences between operating systems, gameplay imbalances, etc.

Are there any chances of DayZ going cross-platform?

A. No, currently, there is no indication that DayZ intends to go cross-platform in the near future. Players have asked the company multiple times on social media about it. However, the company has made it clear that it does not plan to do that.

Do DayZ community servers support cross-platform?

A. The answer to this question is no. The DayZ community servers do not support cross-platform. It means that if you are playing on your Xbox or PlayStation, you will have to stick to the same platform as your friends to enjoy the game.

Let’s suppose I am playing DayZ on Xbox and my friend is also playing the same version of the game but on a different platform like PlayStation. Can we still play the game together?

It will not be a success. The reason behind it is that DayZ just doesn’t support cross-platform. So, if you two are on different platforms, dreaming of cross-platform adventures is useless. 

Are DayZ group servers cross-stage?

No, your servers cannot speak to each other. Hence, there is no point in consolidating different gameplays for having a battle with your friend. If you intend to play with your friend who is on Xbox or PS4, you need to be on the same stage as them and stay on it when you connect with the server.

None of its works, so it becomes impossible for players to use group severs cross-stage. 


Can we enjoy a battle together if I am playing on Xbox One and my friend is using Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, you can enjoy DayZ with your friend if you use Xbox One and your friend uses Xbox Series X/S. The answer may come as a surprise because you can confuse complete cross-platform with partial. You see, Xbox One and Xbox X/S have lots of similarities, like similar control centers.

Commonalities like these make it possible for players to enjoy cross-platform gaming. However, this support does not extend to different platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation. 

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