Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform in 2022?

The gaming industry is growing exponentially with every passing day. The games we once used to play on small screens and VCD players can now be enjoyed on high-dimensional devices. The advent of smartphones and consoles has pushed the essence of playing video games a little behind. That said, the thrilling excitement of enjoying a game with your friends is still the same.

If you are up to date with games and sports then you must be familiar with the super famous gameplay, Elite Dangerous. It is a PC gameplay that gives you the experience of space simulation while also providing the experience of multiplayer games. And as the gaming world is changing rapidly, modern technology has made it extremely easy for gaming enthusiasts all over the world to connect and play together on different platforms. 

These communication platforms are based on various software. And one such software includes cross-platform. It enables the players to join together in a single game using different consoles. But this technology is still new and in the growing phase especially in the gaming industry. And when it comes to the original games like Elite Dangerous, the audience is still split on the cross-platform debate.

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform?

So today, we will learn everything about this new aspect of the gaming world. Along with that, we will also see whether it is an option for the all-time favorite game Elite Dangerous. Let’s discuss!

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform?

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform

History of Elite Dangerous 

Released on 16 December 2014, Elite Dangerous is a simulation game designed by Tom Kewell and his team. The prominent members of this group include David Braben, Sandro Sammarco, and Dan Davies. 

This game was introduced in the market when there weren’t many open-ended video games. At that time, all the games were limited to some levels. And because there was always an end to the games and after a certain level of experience, it would get boring. 

But with the release of Elite Dangerous, this problem was resolved once and for all. Being an open-ended option, this game wasn’t predictable at all. It just keeps on going level after level as you grow in experience.

Unlike its predecessors, Elite Dangerous keeps on getting more difficult as you move forward in the game. This explains why this gameplay received huge appreciation as soon as it was released in the market. Not only that but this innovation is also the reason why original gamers still have deep-rooted admiration for this game.

Featuring different player modes, Elite Dangerous is available on multiple gaming platforms. Some of them include PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Macintosh operating systems.

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform

Elite Dangerous- the Gameplay, Why is it so Popular?

Elite Dangerous is gameplay designed for gamers belonging to the age group of 12 years and above. It features a simulation where the player starts the game with very few resources, and he has to work with them to move forward in the game. 

The game features multiple tasks and competitions where you can compete and earn points. Also, you get to use the virtual wealth of the game and use it to improve your power and resources. And whenever you upgrade your resources, you get better chances of completing more tasks in the future. 

When you first enter the game, you become the commander of a spaceship that is present in our galaxy. There, you have to make decisions while exploring outer space and making decisions for the universe. You make your story and choose your path according to your priorities. You can buy spaceships for minings and use them to mine resources. On the contrary, you can purchase a space taxi and create your own hypothetical transport company. The point is, that you have unlimited options in this game.

Also, if we have failed to mention earlier, this game is not only open-ended but multiplayer too. Elite Dangerous also gives you the chance to battle with other players. You can get into a competition and work your way to be the best in the game. And since it is based on a celestial theme, you get to travel in the galaxy and explore the mysteries there. 

Some players like the game because it gives them the sense of traveling in space. Others like it for its accurate physics. Since the game is a simulation, it replicates the law of physics with certain accuracy. And people who are into the complex maths of celestial bodies, enjoy spending their time in that virtual space. 

Along with many unique features of Elite Dangerous, it is also the first game that gives you a chance to make an impact on other players’ performance. Because of this feature, anyone in the world can interact with your gameplay character and change your story accordingly. This gives you a sense of real-life experience without interacting with the players in the actual world. You can also say that Elite Dangerous is a lone game where you are always alone but never alone.

Other than its outstanding gaming aspects, Elite Dangerous is also popular for its amazing graphics. The way the game developers have emphasized this area is truly impeccable. From the real-looking space bodies to hyperrealistic simulations, this game really gives you goosebumps. This explains why space enthusiasts love to spend their time on this game enjoying the hypothetical idea of living in actual space.  

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform Xbox

What is cross-platform, and how does it work?

Cross-platform is a technology development that allows the users to use the exact same program through different devices. This means it gives you the chance to play your favorite game with anyone even when you don’t own the same gaming devices. For example, if you have an Xbox but your friend owns a PlayStation, cross-platform will help you bridge that gap and allow you to play together. 

Cross-platform has been around for a while now. In fact, most of the new games these days are released with this feature to allow a better gaming experience. Not only that but it also helps globalize the gaming industry significantly. With cross-platform, you can play on a global level and connect with the gaming industry all around the world. 

Moreover, cross-platform is playing a big role in strengthening the gaming industry. When a huge amount of people connect together on one game, it expands the need for servers. As a result, the developers are pushed to create more opportunities for the gamers hence improving the game itself. In turn, more gamers get the chance to play and connect through updated software. So if you think about it, cross-platform is making a difference for both gamers and developers. The gamers get to enjoy better gameplay, and the developers get more profit out of it. 

Now that we have established some general knowledge about cross-platform, let’s see if it is a feature of Elite Dangerous. 

Does Elite Dangerous have a cross-platform? 

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform PS4

As much as gaming enthusiasts want to hear this news, sadly, Elite Dangerous is still not cross-platform. The gaming software does not support cross-platform hence forcing the players to play on the same console. While it is a common technology seen in mostly all the games these days, it is surprising to see that Elite Dangerous is still against it. One would even say that for an advanced game like Elite Dangerous, lacking cross-platform seems like a technology lag.

That said, the makers of the game have their reasons behind this technology gap. They believe that by adding cross-platform, they would essentially erase the thrill of Elite Dangerous. The game’s core concept of an open-ended sequence of exploring the galaxies and fighting new challenges would vanish once you get the chance of playing the game separately with only virtual contact. ‘

And while a lot of gamers want Elite Dangerous to support cross-platform, we cannot deny that it will take away some of the fun. That said, we never know when the developers change their minds and actually consider this for an upgrade. Maybe in the coming years, we will get the chance to play Elite Dangerous on different consoles. But as far as 2022 is concerned, we won’t be getting any cross-platform upgrades for Elite Dangerous this year.   

Is Elite Dangerous Crossplay FAQs  

What is a space simulation game?

Simulation games are basically inspired by the real world. They are meant to recreate real-life experiences and provide the player with the feeling that he is living in the game. The space simulation games are generally derived with the design of giving such simulations in a space theme. An example of such space simulations is Elite Dangerous where the player gets to fly around the galaxy and explore it. The best part is, that these simulations are designed keeping in mind the complexities of physics law. That is why they appear so realistic to the gamers.

What is cross-save mean in gaming?

In the gaming world, cross-save implies the direct backup of your game progress. Meaning, that if you save your progress in your account, it will automatically upload to the backup. And when you log in to any other device, this backup data will restore, and you can continue the game without losing your progress. 

Is Elite Dangerous a good game?

Elite Dangerous is an amazing gameplay for gaming aspirants. It is a simulation game that is open-ended with endless possibilities. You get to survive with limited resources and explore new tasks. It is like living in a virtual space where you can buy and sell, work and upgrade, and pretty much do anything. The best part is, that it has amazing graphics to give you a more realistic experience. 

What is the age range for Elite Dangerous?

Elite Dangerous is thrilling gameplay with lots of tasks and in-game competitions. The suggested age range for this game is anyone above the age of 12 years. But if you’re a young gamer with tons of experience in the field, you can play it as well. The age limit is not necessarily about the game but more about the thinking that goes into it. So if you think you are smart and competitive, you can play the game even if you don’t qualify for the suggested age group.

Can you play Elite Dangerous on Xbox?

Yes, you can find Elite Dangerous on Xbox one easily. It is available in the all-in-one games section, and you can play it there. You would have to purchase a game that costs roughly 20 pounds. Other than that, you can freely enjoy your favorite game on your console. 

Is Elite Dangerous Odyssey available on PlayStation?

Frontier developments made Elite Dangerous compatible with PlayStation recently. But only the older but heavily famous version, Horizon, is available there. Contrary to that, the new version of the game called Odyssey is still not supported on console software. The developers just announced recently that they want to focus on PC software and keep the game running there. But who knows, maybe like its predecessor, Odyssey will be available in console version too.

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Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform Conclusion

Elite Dangerous is one of the first simulation games in the gaming industry. With its lifelike experiences and eye-catching graphics, it took over the world as soon as it hit the market. That said, it still doesn’t support cross-platform which is quite annoying for some users. Since we live in a constantly shifting world, it is hard to adjust to a game that doesn’t offer global communication. 

But while this amazing game is not cross-platform yet, we don’t know about its future of it. The developers of the game have kept their options open in this regard and asked the audience to do the same. And meanwhile, we wait for this software upgrade, we can all keep enjoying the ever so famous Elite Dangerous gameplay on our PCs.

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