Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform in 2022?

is Far Cry 5 cross-platform in 2022?

Despite making its way through most online games, cross-platform is still a relatively newer technology.

Making no distinction between players based on their platforms, the technology facilitates inter-platform connection.

While most game developing companies have started incorporating advanced tech into their game development framework, others are yet to leap in that direction.

With no clear indication from the Far Cry developers (Ubisoft), gamers are uncertain if the Far Cry 5 cross-platform is available or not. But before we jump into the cross-play structure of Far Cry 5, let’s explore its breathtaking open-world gameplay.

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Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform

Far Cry 5 – What You Need to Know

Developed and published by Ubisoft in 2018, Far Cry 5 is an open-world action-adventure shooting game. The gameplay features a fictional region – Hope County located in Montana, United States. The storyline revolves around a doomsday cult “The Project at Eden’s Gate” led by Joseph Seed.

Joseph Seed calls himself the “chosen one” to protect and lead his followers from catastrophic events that are bound to unfold in the future. You play the game as Deputy, who’s bestowed with the mission to battle the rising influence of the cult and Joseph over the Hope County region.

As a Deputy, you ally with certain resistance groups to liberate society from occult practices. Rescuing outposts from the cult presence gains resistance points that help leap forward in the game.

The gameplay features RPG elements that exhibit character development as he explores and combats the game.

What keeps the players immersed in the game throughout, is the vague sense of game objectives.

You are to explore and find new objectives as you roam about in the game. Apart from the main plot structure, there are additional branching storylines and side quests that allow players to explore the open world to greater lengths.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform

Co-Op Play

While you can enjoy the exciting gameplay as a solo player, Far Cry 5 also offers a multiplayer mode as co-operative play.

In the co-op feature, you can match up and play campaigns with up to four players simultaneously.

If you are combating the cult outposts, use the ‘friend for hire’ option in the settings. You can select anyone from your friend list as a custom player, who can assist you complete your co-op missions.

The voice chat support in the co-op mode makes the game more interactive and engaging for both players.

Apart from sharing your thoughts, you can also share guns, ammo, and medical supplies with your partner.

Although co-operative play provides most of the multiplayer accessibility in the game, there are some shortcomings to it as well. Unlike a standard multiplayer option, players matching through the co-op feature cannot fulfill missions simultaneously.

To put it simply, only the host player gets to keep the progress achieved in the game. Whereas, your partner can only gain progression elements from the mission including, perks, loot, guns, and ammo.

Since there is no major incentive for the co-operative play for unknown players, the mode does not allow random matchmaking support. Therefore, you can only rely on someone from your friend list to help you get through.

In case you want to experience custom gameplay, you can access the Far Cry Arcade mode. The mode was released in the fifth and most recent installment of the game.

It allows players to not only match up with each other but share custom-built maps to try out, making the play more exciting. You can activate the mode from the main menu or through specified locations in the story campaign.

Far Cry 5 cross-platform Situation in 2022

No, Far Cry 5 does not support cross-platform play in 2022. Indicating that players from platforms cannot match up and play with each other.

Although the game is available across all major platforms including consoles and PC, it restricts you from playing with your friend who has a platform different from yours.

While the exciting action-induced gameplay offers multiplayer features via the co-op mode, no players with contradicting platforms can play with each other. You cannot enjoy multiplayer gaming unless a game server features a multiplayer session in one of its upgraded versions.

From harboring an extensive gaming community to diversity in the players, cross-play has a range of advantages.

Players, who are otherwise confined to playing with friends from the same platform as theirs’ can experience the first-person shooting with their partners online.

The technology sounds nothing but advantageous and exciting until you start perceiving it from the developer’s point of view.

Certain limitations and shortcomings discourage developers from instating cross-platform gaming into the game’s infrastructure. Here are some downsides of allowing cross-play gaming:

Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform

Inefficient Performance

Most games like Far Cry 5 are designed for single platform gaming that doesn’t compromise the gameplay performance. However, expanding the compatibility to different platforms may take a toll on the performance of the game altogether. The code design may not be sufficient to prevent any loopholes or glitches in the game.


Cross-platform being a relatively recent phenomenon is still in its pilot phase. While it may work smoothly for many high-end games, most games have difficulty overcoming the loopholes in the technology.

Complicated Program Development

Making a video game compatible with more than one platform requires hard-core and advanced coding. This puts extra pressure on the developer team as well as the investors of the company since it requires formidable amounts of money and time to allow cross-play gaming.

Inadequate Response Time

Since the technology is quite new, bugs, errors, and glitches are bound to come. However, unlike solo platform games, finding and removing bugs from the code of games that support cross-platform takes extensive time and effort. Every code fix goes through testing on each platform to ensure the updated or remastered version words better on all.


Is Far Cry 5 cross-platform PC and PS4/PS5?

Unluckily no, Far Cry 5 does not allow cross-play between PC and PS4/PS5.

This implies that players with different platforms can not match up and play with each other due to the current cross-play situation of the game. Although co-op play is functional in the game, players need to have the same platform to play with each other.

Is Far Cry 5 cross-platform Xbox and PS4?

No, Far Cry 5 does not have cross-platform availability on Xbox and PS4.

If you have one of the two consoles and wish to play with your friend who is online on the other, you might want to wait until the developers allow cross-play. As it appears, cross-platform gaming for Far Cry 5 is not on the priority list of developers at Ubisoft.

Is Far Cry 5 cross-platform PS4 and PS5?

Unfortunately no, Far Cry 5 is yet to add cross-platform support between PS4 and PS5.

Despite being designed on the same network model, gamers with two different versions of the PlayStation cannot play with each other yet. Unless players have the same PlayStation model, cross-playing Far Cry 5 is a far-fetched dream.

Is Far Cry 5 cross-platform PC and Xbox One?

Sadly no, Far Cry 5 does not support cross-platform compatibility between PC and Xbox.

Even though the game is available on both platforms separately, players cannot play with each other due to cross-platform unavailability. Since integrating cross-play into the game requires severe effort, there is no clear indication if the developers will introduce cross-play in Far Cry 4.


Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform FAQs

What type of game is Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 is an open-world adventure video game that exhibits first-person shooting action. The game is developed and published by Ubisoft, featuring an offline and online storyline. The game also has RPG elements that closely depict the real world in terms of character development.

Does Far Cry 5 have cross-progression?

No, Far Cry 5 does not allow any cross-progression. This prevents people from continuing their progress in the game on a different platform.

What is a co-op in Far Cry 5?

Co-operative is a type of multiplayer gaming technology that allows two or more people to play collaboratively with each other and not against each other. Players work as a team to achieve a unified objective. While Far Cry 5 does not provide cross-platform multiplayer gaming, players with the same platform can play simultaneously via co-op.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform Final Thoughts

Far Cry 5 has received worldwide popularity due to its engaging storyline, immersive graphic visuals, and smoother gameplay. The game launched in 2018 across all major platforms boasts of a unique selling point that is, the co-op feature. While the online multiplayer game offers a voice chat interaction medium, the answer to; “is Far Cry 5 cross-platform” is still negative. Not to mention, there are no signs that developers will introduce the cross-play feature in the game code.

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