Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform? (PS4, PS5, PC, XBOX)

As a fan of first-person shooter games, finding an action-filled title that you can enjoy with friends can be quite a task. To avoid that, you can explore the adventurous Far Cry 6 co-op modes.

The game is available on plenty of platforms that include both gaming systems as well as online platforms.

But is Far Cry 6 cross-platform?

This is the main concern for gamers these days. Cross-platform functioning allows the gamers to play along with their gaming partners from across the platforms. 

So, if you are wondering, is Far Cry 6 crossplay or not? Here is some help. This article discusses the crossplay feature of the game and which devices support it. Let’s figure it out!

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform

Far Cry 6 – Everything You Need to Know

Far Cry 6 is an action-filled first-person shooter game. It is the 6th main edition of the Far Cry gaming series and was released in 2021.

Ubisoft holds both its development as well as its publishing credits. The game has received a good response from the gaming community as it has covered some political themes like revolution, fascism, imperialism, and others.

Action in Far Cry 6 takes place on Yara island which is located somewhere in the Caribbean region. The story in the game revolves around the dictator Antón Castillo and his son, who is training him to become the next dictator. Castillo is confronted with rebellion from Guerilla fighters.

One of the main characters in the rebellion is Dani Rojas, who was once a Yaran soldier and now wants to escape Castillo’s dictatorship. 

Players in the game can take the role of Dani Roja and can select the gender of the character. 

Far Cry 6 has an open-world environment that allows you to explore the island on your own and indulge in some thrilling fights. Moreover, you will have some great weaponry, gadgets, and vehicles that make fights much more exciting. 

You can play the game on home gaming consoles which include PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Also, you can play it on PCs with Microsoft Windows. Besides that, it is available on two online platforms; Stadia and Luna. 

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform

Is Far Cry 6 Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 does not work as a cross-platform between different types of gaming systems.

It means you will be unable to partner up with someone who plays the game on a different gaming platform. The reason is that Far Cry 6 does not support crossplay between different versions of the game.

Nevertheless, Far Cry 6 does offer you cross-generation play functionality.

This functionality allows the gamers who own different generations of the same console brand to play with one another. It means that if you are a PS4 gamer and want to play the game alongside your PS5 gamer friend, Far Cry 6 would allow you to do so. This feature can be handy for crossplay between different console generations.

Among the gaming community, the cross-platform play has become an important feature of every game. This feature removes the restrictions of the multiplayer mode and enables everyone to join the game together. Moreover, there can be some added benefits of this feature for both gamers and game developers. These include:

  • It enables gamers from across the platforms to play the game together.
  • It allows more gamers to join the game, which increases the game population.
  • It reduces the waiting time for matchmaking. 
  • It will help developers to increase their revenue through the game.

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Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

No, Far Cry 6 is not a cross-platform between a PC and an Xbox One. The game does not support crossplay between PCs and consoles, so you would not be able to play the game between these two systems. To enjoy the crossplay feature, you must either have the same system or at least the consoles of the same brand.

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform PS4 and PC?

PlayStation 4 and PC crossplay is also not an option for the Far Cry 6 players. As Xbox One and PC gamers cannot join each other in the game, likewise, PS4 and PC gamers are unable to play it together. The reason is the unavailability of the cross-platform feature for the cross-play between PCs and consoles.  

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, it is cross-platform between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It means as a PS4 owner you can easily add your PS5 friends to the game. It will allow you to enjoy the cross-generation play between different generations of PlayStation consoles. 

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform PC and PS5?

No, Far Cry 6 does not operate as a cross-platform between PC and PS5. This type of crossplay is impossible on Far Cry 6 as both gaming systems use different versions of the game therefore, it cannot work as a cross-platform between the two. You must be using the same version of the game to crossplay on Far Cry 6.

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform Xbox and PS4?


Sadly, no, you do not have a cross-platform feature for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This means if you own an Xbox One and your gaming partner plays on a PS4, you would not be able to team up with them. This goes for PS5 and other Xbox consoles crossplay as well.

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

If you are an Xbox gamer and looking to add other teammates from different Xbox devices, you will have the crossplay feature. Far Cry 6 does work as a cross-platform between different generations of Xbox. This feature is enabled on the game because of the cross-gen play functionality which allows both Xbox and PlayStation. 

Is Far Cry 6 Cross-Platform FAQs

On which devices can I play Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 can be played on numerous platforms. These platforms include PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

Other than that, you can also enjoy the game on two cloud gaming platforms, Google Stadia and Amazon’s Luna.

Is Far Cry 6 multiplayer?

Yes, Far Cry 6 is a multiplayer game having co-op modes.

This means you can play the game with your gaming partners. However, your gaming systems should be from the same brand, and both should be using the same version of the game. 

Is Far Cry 6 cross-save and cross-progression?

Yes, Far Cry 6 supports cross-save and cross-progression in the game.

It means you will be able to save your in-game data on cloud servers to access it on different platforms.

However, you would need to manually save your in-game progress on the cloud server. You can easily do that by uploading it through the save upload option from the main menu. 


Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 is not a cross-platform between different gaming platforms.

This means you will be unable to play the game between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox devices. For crossplay, you would need the same version of the game on both devices.

Nevertheless, it does offer cross-gen play functioning, which helps you in playing the game between different generations of the same console brand.  

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