Is Fortnite Cross-Platform? / Is Fortnite Cross Play?

Fortnite is amongst the best games you can get your hands on today. Thanks to its impressive graphics and competitive gameplay, it is highly popular amongst the gaming community.

Millions of players are enjoying this game from Epic Games at a time. It lies in the battle royale category and gives its 350 million users endless opportunities to test their talents.

The question often asked by players is whether Fortnite is cross-platform or not. Gamers are in luck here, as Fortnite allows extensive cross-play support across several platforms. These platforms include smartphones (both iOS & Android), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and Windows.

For instance, if one of the players is on Xbox One and the other is on PlayStation, they can enjoy the game together while staying on their platforms.

Is Fortnite Cross-Platform

What is Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform is a generic term describing software that works across different platforms. Therefore, a cross-platform game can work on different platforms smoothly. We can safely say that Fortnite is a cross-platform game because different platforms support it.

There was a time when developers used to fight for exclusive access to certain platforms but not anymore. Gaming has become much more competitive, and developers want access to as many platforms as possible to earn maximum revenues.

It does not make much sense anymore to have the exclusive right to a single platform when many are available. Live gaming is part of this strategy where maximum numbers of users are brought into the fold.

Is Fortnite Cross Platform  Is Fortnite Cross Play

Which Platforms Support Fortnite?

The Party Finder option helps you search for your friends on all platforms that support Fortnite. Moreover, you can add and remove friends from the main menu too.

Mobile phones also support Fortnite gameplay so that you can enjoy cross-play Fortnite on mobiles too. On your smartphone, you can access the Epic Games account or other accounts on Facebook, Xbox Live, etc., to log in.

The Squad Fill option on mobiles helps you create a party, which you can use to have some cross-play experience. However, absence from a cross-platform party means you are competing against other players on mobile or your console. Xbox One provides a special feature for Fortnite, which you can use to block players using PC and mobile.

Cross-Play Fortnite on Mac & PC

Fortnite cross-platform on Mac and PC is different from other platforms, as you must first download the Epic Games launcher to play Fortnite. Once you have downloaded the launcher, it is time to sign in with your Epic account and enjoy the game.

When you play cross-platform Fortnite on Mac or PC, anyone using a mobile phone, Xbox One, or PS4 can play with you. However, if you want to avoid players from other platforms, you can always go Solo Mode, where you will only match against PC & Mac players.

One thing to note here is that activating the Squad Fill party option is impossible when you use the Squad Fill party option. Squad Fill is used to match you with players from the same system (Mac & PC in this case), while cross-platform is the opposite, so both cannot work simultaneously.

Therefore, those who want to avoid players from other platforms can always go with the Solo mode.

Fortnite Cross-Play Support on PS4

PS4 is also an excellent platform for playing Fortnite and provides great cross-platform support. To access cross-platform on PS4, you first need to link the Epic Games account with the Play Station account. After the 2018 update, playing with Xbox and Nintendo players is also possible.

For playing cross-platform Fortnite on PS4, you first need to add friends on the Epic Games launcher. You can do it through the main menu from PS4 or Epic Games Launcher on PC or Mac.

Setting the privacy to Public or Friends gives you two options, Duos or Squad. Once you have done that, your friends can now be part of the game.

Players who use PC or Mac need to be Epic friends with PS4 players to play Fortnite jointly. However, you need to keep privacy set to Friends or Public and not Solo if you want your friends to join your lobby without any issues.

Fortnite Cross-Platform on Xbox

Xbox also provides a brilliant environment to immerse yourself in Fortnite gameplay. Luckily, Xbox players can also play against players from other platforms such as PC, mobile, PS4, etc. However, you cannot do it if your Epic Games account is not linked with your Xbox One account.

Adding friends on Xbox One is quite similar to the one on PS4. Adding friends on Mac & PC is the most important step, after which you can start playing against them. Open the main menu on Xbox One, and you can manage your friend list from there.

Moreover, you can also do it from Epic Games Launcher on your Mac or PC. Your privacy settings should be either Public or Friends, which will allow you to compete against others.

Things change a bit if you play on your smartphone but want to enjoy a game with your friend who uses Xbox One. Linking Epic Games account to Xbox Live account is crucial to enjoying cross-platform between mobile & Xbox One.

Once you have done that, you can proceed to add friends from Epic Games Launcher. Ask your friend to set their privacy to Public or Friends so that both of you can find each other easily.

If you are a fan of notifications, Xbox provides you with one after launching Save the World, and someone joins your party using a smartphone or PC. However, you can always turn it off from the Game menu.

How to Enjoy Cross Platform Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch also allows you to play with others using PC, Xbox, etc. if your Nintendo account and Epic Games account is linked. Cross-play between Nintendo and PS4 was once restricted, but it is now allowed after the PS beta update.

After linking both accounts, you have to select your partners using the Epic Games Launcher or access the main menu on Nintendo Switch. Like other consoles, setting privacy to Public or Friends is critical as without it, you cannot have any cross-play. Once you select either Duos or Squad mode, you allow your friend to join your party.

Does Fortnite Support Cross Progression?

Cross progression is a valuable feature of any game, and Fortnite supports it. Cross progression means that you can automatically transfer your data from one platform to another if you switch.

Therefore, your progress isn’t affected, as none of the data is removed, and everything is transferred seamlessly to the new platform. For instance, if a player who has been playing on Xbox wants to switch to something else, such as a PC, they do not have to start from scratch and can continue from where they left the previous console or platform.

It is an excellent feature for those who want to make a switch between platforms but are afraid to lose their progress.

What is Cross-Play?

On the other hand, Cross-play games are something different, and people often confuse them with cross-platform games. Cross-play games allow players to have a multiplayer experience while playing on different platforms.

Someone using a PS4 can enjoy battles with a player using Xbox One. A game can be cross-platform and cross-play, but it does not need to be cross-play if it is cross-platform. The cross-play system resolves many headaches.

Previously, people had to tell their friends which console to buy so that everyone stayed on the same platform. Luckily, many multiplayer games now support cross-play to enhance user experience.

It is important to note here that people use cross-platform and cross-play casually and do not care about their exact meaning and the differences between them. Therefore, we will also be using these words interchangeably for a better and simpler reading experience.

Is Fortnite cross-platform PS4 and PC

Fortnite Matchmaking

Many gamers wonder how Fortnite matchmaking works and how they can access it without issues. The answer is that matchmaking depends upon the platform gamers use. The Fortnite cross-platform did not always work like this, and the gameplay was a bit different before the launch of version 3.4.

Matching players on other platforms before was possible only if you were part of the cross-platform party. Fortnite, by default, matches you with players from the same platform.

Fortnite crossplay

Epic Games Account

PC Fortnite gameplay is different from other platforms. There are two different modes on PC, cross-platform party and Solo. Fortnite matches you with players on PS4, Xbox One, etc, or with Solo PC players if you opt for the Solo mode.

Cross-play on Fortnite requires an Epic Games account, no matter which platform you use. You can create an Epic Games account on the official website. With an Epic account, you can access cross-play without any issues, as you can create a cross-platform party with it and enjoy it with your friends. However, that is not its only use.

Your Epic Games account also has your Fortnite information, which you can use to play on different platforms and carry across different platforms.

All players have to link their accounts on different platforms, such as PlayStation, iOS, Nintendo, etc., to Epic Games accounts to play across different platforms. However, those who have already created an Epic Games account can link Fortnite to their platform account to Epic Game account. Different platforms have different mechanisms to do it.

For instance, you have to log in to Nintendo when starting the game. Linking Fortnite to the Epic account does not require any extra step on Mac & PC. However, linking is not necessary on other platforms, as you can enjoy the game without cross-play. Beware that you will no longer be able to sync your progress across different platforms if you don’t link accounts.

Adding Friends for Fortnite Cross-Platform

Epic Games cross platform

All of your friend lists on different platforms are isolated, but the Epic Games account can merge them easily. Whether it is Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other platform, having an Epic Games account can break down the friend list barriers and let you enjoy Fortnite seamlessly.

After the account is created, no matter where you are playing Fortnite, you can add friends from any platform and enjoy cross-play. However, you must make a friend list with cross-platform friends and add people once you have linked Epic Games account to the platform account.

You can do it through Fortnite on Mac or PC and mobile Fortnite. Similarly, Fortnite main menu on different consoles allows you to manage your friend list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Fortnite Support Cross-Play on iOS, Mac, and Android?

Sadly, Mac & iOS no longer support cross-play Fortnite. Users who have iPhones, iPads, and Macs can only play against each other but not against players from other platforms. The reason behind this is the feud between Apple and Epic Games that dates back to 2020.

Epic Games launched its in-app payment system that threatened to reduce its profits of Apple. So, Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store. Something similar happened to Fortnite on Android too, where Google removed it from its Google Play.

Android users can still download and update it without using Google Play but Apple is stricter in this regard so you cannot do that on an Apple device. Players who use Apple devices can only play against each other and not against those coming from other platforms.

Is Fortnite Cross-Play on PS4 and Xbox?

Yes, you can enjoy cross-play on Xbox and PS4. So, if you and your friend use any of these platforms, you can play Fortnite whenever you desire.

Do PC and Xbox support Fortnite Cross-Play?

You can enjoy Fortnite cross-play on these platforms if you have an Epic Games account.

Do Play Station 4 and PC support Fortnite cross-play between them?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to enjoy Fortnite cross-play between Play Station 4 and PC.

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