Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform? (PC, Xbox, And Playstation)

If you are reading this article, two cases are possible. First is that you have a luxurious taste in games, and you want to know about the extension of your favorite game, Gang Beasts. If not this case, you are surely a gaming enthusiast desiring to explore the wonderful experience of Gang Beasts. 

In both cases, you are at a place where you will find the best information to cater to your questions. 

No doubt, cross-platform games are booming in the current gaming era. It will not be unusual for you to ask about your favored game’s support for the cross-play feature. 

The best thing is that almost every developer knows the importance of cross-platform games, and they are contributing to it. Many huge game titles are releasing updates to cater modern needs of their gamers. 

With that being said, gamers are passionate about knowing the cross-play status of their favorite game. They ask, Is Gang Beasts cross-platform? Can they play this stunning and eye-catching game with their loved ones and friends across various platforms? Do they need to buy other devices to equalize their platforms for the gameplay? 

In this guide, you will get answers to these questions in detail. But before we jump into the explanatory section, it is necessary to draw your attention to Gang Beasts. It is in that case if you are unknown to this title!

This game, Gang Beasts, is among outlandish games, as the name indicates. It has been doing amazing since its creation. This game debuted as a PC version back in 2014. Its exciting nature and gameplay made it the talk of the town, and it embraced greater success. 

This success led to its launch for PS4 in late 2017 and early 2019 for Xbox One. Moreover, no one at that time has asked for a cross-platform feature. Today, we do. 

Here is a brief description of this concept for those who are novices to the term. Living today, you will see the craze for online games on the hype. Not just online, offline games are not behind in any field. With that said, the cross-play feature is intended to increase the hype even more. 

This feature lets many users play the same game on different platforms, only if it agrees with cross-platform. It implies that if you have a game with this feature, you are no more restricted to playing with anyone, no matter what hardware, Operating system, or software that person has. 

Suppose, you have a PC and your friend plays on PS5. You both compete in a game, say Rust. If your game versions support cross-play gameplay, you can play that game together. In simple words, the cross-platform means that the player on one console can play with the player on another console.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Gang Beasts – A Brief Overview

At first sight, the game may not seem to be a strong candidate for one of the world’s most hot online multiplayer games. After all, the game lacks the usual aspects like enormous sandbox geographies, complex skill trees, confusing descriptions, and treasure crates. So, why is Gang Beasts so hot right now?

The key secret may be latent in its simplicity – gelatinous, colorful figures beating the snot out of one other in physical combat. Its objective is to remove each other from the numerous perilous settings. It is set in the fictitious Beef City and depends on the players enjoying ludicrous battle scenes without any unnecessary narrative, competitiveness, or being on the same side.

The basic plan of the play is to use the character’s combat skills to incapacitate and faint the other player. And when they do this, their score drops.

Furthermore, you can design your character in melee mode, face online adversaries, and fight locally. 

Oppose with allies in the gang game mode against the Beef City’s crew. Furthermore, you may play with up to four people in local game modes and up to eight players in the game’s online mode.

Boneloaf is behind the creation of Gang Beasts, a tiny independent gaming company. It creates a series of unique multiplayer party games.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

The answer is no. Gang Beasts does not allow cross-platform play. You cannot play Gang Beasts on many platforms or consoles simultaneously. 

You can play Gang Beasts on the same console only. However, Gang Beasts players cannot play with their pals in multiplayer mode.

But that is not all. The Gang Beasts developers have promised that they will add cross-play compatibility in the future. In general, it is the finest knowledge for all Gang Beasts gamers.

Cross-Platform Of Gang Beasts Between Xbox One & PC

Cross-Platform play of Xbox One with PC is not supported in The Gang Beasts.

It implies that the Xbox One player will be unable to play Gang Beasts with the PC player.

It is restricted and limited in certain ways. You cannot play gang Beasts with pals. 

Cross-Platform Of Gang Beasts Between PS4 & PC

Unfortunately, you cannot play Gang Beasts on both the PS4 and the PC. This game does not support multiplayer. When playing on different consoles, PS4 and PC cannot cross-play.

You must purchase or acquire the Gang Beasts on both platforms. This way, cross-play has technical limitations in the PlayStation 4 and PC game editions. 

Is Gang Beasts cross platform PS4 and PC

Cross-Platform Of Gang Beasts Between Xbox One & PS4

Unfortunately, Gang Beasts does not support cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It implies that the Xbox One player cannot play Gang Beasts with the PS4 player. 

To play with friends, you will require identical gaming platforms. For example, if you and your friend have Xbox One, you can play together in multiplayer if you have the same version installed on your device. 

Cross-Platform Of Gang Beasts Between Xbox Series X/S & One

No, you cannot play Gang Beasts on both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. You wish to buy or acquire the game on both platforms so that you can play with your buddies. 

Cross-Platform Of Gang Beasts Between PS4 & PS5

Is Gang Beasts crossplay between Xbox and PC

Like other game versions, Gang Beasts does not enable cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PS 5. It does not support cross-play. Therefore gamers cannot play it on several devices. 

Instead, you can play on the same platform if you purchase Gang Beasts on your own or a friend’s device. 

Though the PS4 and PS5 are members of the same PSN family, the worst thing is that cross-platform play is still not available on PlayStation. 

Cross-Platform Of Gang Beasts Between Xbox and Steam

The same goes for Xbox and Steam as well. You can’t play Gang Beasts on different platforms, either. You have to match your devices before you plan to compete with your friends. 

Why Gang Beasts Doesn’t Support Cross-Play

Is Gang Beasts cross platform Xbox and Switch

In the game business, multiplatform is a one-of-a-kind feature. All games can operate with small code modifications across platforms, allowing cross-field play.

However, this requires time and, most importantly, money! Now, why should a studio invest additional effort in a completed game? Would it not cost them more?

Aside from that, console developers are not getting it simple. There have recently been speculations that these console makers are charging cross-platform royalties for their systems. It is an extra expense to operate a separate platform. Impossible in a gaming studio.

As you may be aware, the cross-platform capability is presently unavailable in Gang Beasts. But it will be shortly. Hence, hold on till the next update. You may enjoy cross-play Gang Beasts.

Perks Of Cross-Platforms

There are several advantages to having Game Beasts support cross-platform. And they are:

Liberty Of Playing With Friends

The most significant edge is that players will be able to play Gang Beasts with their friends on various devices.

Convenience For Gang Beasts Starters

The players would be willing to test Gang Beasts for the first time, but they are unsure of which system would be the most beneficial to them. With cross-platform, they can discover which system best meets their needs.

Additionally, they do not want to purchase separate hardware for multiple systems to save money.

Sharpened Competition

Gang Beasts players will be able to compete against one another across various platforms, making the game more competitive.

Increased Gameplay

If the game developer develops cross-platform gameplay for Gang Beasts, they will get an increase in gameplay. The reason is that users will have the liberty of playing with friends and kin. They will not need to spend deep pockets on devices and platforms to enjoy their time. This way, Gang Beasts will get more gamer’s loyalty. 

Convenience For Developers

They will not have to create different versions for each operating system, which will allow the developers to provide upgrades more swiftly in the future.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform FAQs

Can you cross-play Gang Beasts?

You cannot play Gang Beasts on more than one platform simultaneously. Gang Beasts do not support cross-platform play. Instead, you may use the same platform to run the Gang Beasts video game.

Are Gang Beasts available on PS4?

Yes, this game is available on the PlayStation 4. You may play with your pals on the same platform if you install it straight from the PS4. However, there is a limitation: you cannot play Gang Beasts on more than one platform simultaneously.

Will Gang Beasts support cross-play In the future?

As of now, we have no definite formal notification about Gang Beasts’ global cross-functionality. And, given the intrinsic disparities in the infrastructures of the various platforms and the financial barriers blocking the acceptance of cross-play, there is little likelihood of any change occurring anytime soon.

The addition of worldwide cross-play may not improve a game like Gang Beasts. Fans may continue to enjoy this amazing multiplayer gaming with other gamers on the same platform.

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Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform – Conclusion

The future of Gang Beasts appears bright. It’s due to the special fighting actions that are distinguishing this game. Also, you have unlimited chances to witness entertaining and delightful scenes during the gameplay. 

However, the answer is no when examining the game’s cross-platform functionality. You cannot play gang Beasts on several devices at the same time. 

So far, expectations for this functionality in future upgrades are high. If that occurs, it will amuse the gamers the most. In any case, the game has excellent gameplay and provides a multitude of delight and entertainment.

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