Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform in 2022? (PS4, PS5, PC, XBOX)

In addition to the story mode, Rockstar games released an online version of the game compatible with all major devices including Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows PC. While the online multiplayer mode of GTA 5 allows up to 30 players, people are still finding answers about; “is GTA 5 cross-platform in 2022?”

The cross-platform functionality allows players with different setups or hardware platforms to participate in an online multiplayer game.

The widespread adoption of cross-play technology throughout different genres of games makes it no less than a necessity. Before we settle your agitation about GTA 5 being cross-play let’s know a bit more about the game.

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform

GTA 5 – An Introduction to Gameplay and Storyline

Anyone familiar with video games must have heard the glories of GTA 5. The fantastic open-world masterpiece developed by Rockstar games – Grand Theft Auto 5 is quite synonymous with the term gaming itself. The popularity of the video game series goes beyond GTA 5, originating with the launch of its first part.

Although Rockstar games had earned credibility in the game development industry has created previous hits like Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, the fanbase for Grand Theft Auto was peculiarly special. With the release of GTA 5, the company developed an even more far-reaching and loyal fanbase that continues to grow even after a decade after its launch.

GTA 5 is the 5th addition to the famous open-world action-adventure video game series Grand Theft Auto developed and published by Rockstar Games. Starting from 1997 to 2013, the franchise has released 5 editions of the game, each being largely upgraded from the previous entrants, in terms of graphics, gameplay performance, and game modes. The world-famous video game series has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.


The action-adventure gameplay is set in a countryside city San Andreas along with a fictional depiction of Los Angeles termed Los Santos. The fifth edition of the game features a much larger area you can explore via first-person and third-person perspectives. Players are required to fulfill missions with objectives set linearly with the storyline of the game.

The open-world scenario of the game lets you roam around the city aimlessly without requiring you to fulfill missions. Characters in the gameplay can walk, run, swim, drive vehicles, and fight enemies using a range of weapons. The game feature almost real-world physics where you have to keep your health status intact to keep experiencing the gameplay.


In GTA 5, players can assume three different characters – Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton. The three criminals have interrelated storylines involving gangs, cops, and much more. You can switch between the three players and complete missions while you steer each one through character development.

Each protagonist has a unique set of abilities as well as a special skill, you would need to master as you move forward in the game. Apart from the playable characters, players do require the help of in-game AI bots to complete missions. GTA 5 offers a single-player offline mode as well as an online multiplayer mode.

Is GTA 5 cross platform PS4 and PC

GTA 5 Online

Unlike most other games, the online compatible version of GTA 5 was launched alongside the initial release of the game in 2013. The mode was integrated to provide players with a separate but more immersive and thrilling experience than the story mode. The development team continued to launch updates and fix errors and bugs to make the gameplay more player-friendly.

A total of 30 players can enter the game lobby at once where they can participate in story-centric cooperative and competitive modes.

You can join online crews and participate in multiplayer matches for a leaderboard position. Steering your experience to the next level, GTA 5 offers a perfect way for gamers to maximize their creativity. Players can create custom jobs like building racetracks through content creator toolsets.

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform in 2022?

GTA 5 does not support cross-platform in 2022. So, people with different or opposite devices cannot involve in a multiplayer game with each other. The online multiplayer gameplay is only limited to platforms with identical hardware setups and restricts players from other platforms from joining in.

Despite a decade after its initial launch and release on platforms like PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/s, players are still hoping to land the base with their friends online. However, hoping for GTA 5 cross-platform release date still seems a far-fetched idea. Because unlike what we have seen with Fortnite and Call of Duty, Rockstar is still hesitant to introduce the functionality in GTA 5.

Why GTA 5 is not a Cross-Platform?

GTA 5 was launched in an era when consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were nearing their end and ready to be taken over by their future models. While rockstar managed to make the game available on newer versions of these consoles, they failed to integrate cross-play into the system.

As games like Fortnite set the stage for advanced online multiplayer compatibility named cross-play, many newly developed games joined the bandwagon. As for GTA 5, the developers are highly concerned and there are quite a few reasons for that:

  • The network architecture of one platform is different from the other. They have distinctive game engine APIs meaning developers would need to make changes in code to enhance the game compatibility with more than one platform.
  • Making a game cross-play compatible requires severe coding and continuous updates required to fix errors and loopholes.
  • Game developing companies sometimes sign exclusive licenses with platforms that prevent them from releasing the game on other competitive platforms.
Will GTA 5 be cross platform on PS5

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Grand Theft Auto 5 does not provide cross-platform support between PC and Xbox One. Since the two devices have different game engine APIs (Application Programming Interface), no two players from different platforms can access the game’s multiplayer version.

In other words, if you are online from an Xbox One, you cannot play with your friend who prefers the Windows PC version. Any cross-play between the two devices would give PC gamers an advantage in the gameplay due to a better hardware setup compared to a console.

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform PC and PS4/PS5?

No, there is no GTA 5 cross-platform availability between PC and PS4/PS5 in 2022. This prevents PC gamers from participating in an online multiplayer game in GTA 5 with friends who play on PS4/PS5 consoles.

Both platforms have different network architectures where games with a single-platform functionality cannot operate. If you want to join a crew in GTA 5 online version, you’d need to shift to the same platforms as your friends to enter the lobby.

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 and Xbox One?

Unfortunately, no. As of 2022, GTA 5 does not ensure cross-platform compatibility between Xbox One and PS4/PS5. The two platforms do not only have different architecture but feature conflicting game engine APIs. So, GTA 5 lacks cross-play compatibility between any two devices.

Considering the game hasn’t released a cross-play version even after 10 years of its launch, the chances are slim for the future as well. If you want to explore the open-world theme in Los Santos, you may want to replace your setup or wait for an announcement by Rockstar Games.

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Surprisingly, yes. GTA 5 does allow cross-platform play between PS4 and PS5. The compatibility between the two devices seems no big deal since they are both linked to the same architecture. However, there aren’t many non-cross-platform games that support the same platform compatibility.

Therefore, you no longer need to upgrade your device to the next model to enjoy GTA 5 multiplayer with your friends. Regardless of your PlayStation console, you won’t have trouble accessing the online multiplayer feature.

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

GTA 5 offers cross-play functionality between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The news is no less than music to the ears for people who own an Xbox console. Even though players connected to an Xbox can only access a single saved file on the Microsoft servers, the game does offer cross-play between two different models of the same platform. Finally, you can participate in a cross-play game with your friends on Xbox and explore the action-adventure themes of the game.

Is GTA 5 cross platform Xbox and PC

Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform FAQs

Is GTA 5 popular?

Grand Theft Auto is a world-famous open-world action-adventure game franchise originating in 1997. The franchise encompasses 5 parts and has sold more than 150 million copies to date. As for GTA 5, the game harbors more than 158 thousand online players on steam. In 2020, GTA 5 broke all records by entertaining over 220 thousand players online.

Will GTA 5 get cross-play functionality?

Although most GTA 5 enthusiasts are hoping against hope regarding the release of an online cross-play, the chances seem slim if not insignificant. Since the game was launched a decade before, Rockstar developers are paying more attention to the upcoming part – GTA 6. As most critics believe, GTA 6 will hopefully introduce a cross-play feature for the first time in Grand Theft Auto’s history.

Does GTA 5 allow cross-progression?

Unfortunately, no. GTA 5 does not provide cross-progression. The feature is closely dependent on cross-platform compatibility. The feature allows users to continue their progress on a different device.

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Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform In a Nutshell

Is GTA 5 cross-platform in 2022” might be the widely asked question in the gaming world this year.

The widely grossing game throughout its decade-long tenure has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide.

GTA 5 has been released on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC but does not provide cross-platform functionality in 2022. Nevertheless, the story mode offers you much thrill and excitement that keeps you immersed in the game for hours.

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