Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play? (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Is Human Fall Flat cross-play?

One game that’s been recently receiving a lot of praise from all corners of the gaming community is Human Fall Flat and the creators of the game in turn have lapped up all the praise and have come up with a new update to further entice gamers into playing the game. 

And yes they have worked on improving the cross-platform functionality of the game in the update as well. 

So, first of all, let’s begin by telling you the good news that yes indeed the game is now cross-platform which means players of the game on various platforms can now play with each other online. 

Now, what exactly does that entail for every single platform the game is released on as of yet? And how smoothly does the game run during online play across platforms? 

These are all questions that we’ll be paying close attention to in the rest of this article. 

Just a word of advice before we begin, make sure to go through the entire article because we will be giving our final verdict on the game at the end.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play?

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play

Even before the update came out, Human Fall Flat was one of the most popular games going around at the moment as it gave gamers a chance to play a stress-free game where they could partake in shenanigans with their friends. 

However, now that the update has come out, players on PC, android, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S can all have a fun time together.

But are there any restrictions when it comes to cross-playing on any of these platforms? 

That’s what we are going to be looking into in the sections below as we talk about how cross-play works across the PC, Xbox, and Playstation consoles. 

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play PC and Xbox

PC players have always claimed superiority over console players since the dawn of gaming or we should say the introduction of consoles as PCs came first (you can probably guess which side we’re on). 

Some PC players even go as far as to say that the PC is the only real gaming platform. 

However, a game like Human Fall Flat has the ability to induce cooperation even between stubborn PC and Xbox players which is exactly what it has been doing since the new update came out and introduced full cross-play capability between the PC and Xbox. 

Players on both sides of the spectrum have as yet no complaints about the game’s cross-play capability and have even given glowing reviews about how smoothly the game runs when playing across the two platforms. 

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play PC and PS4/PS5

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play

Just like all of the Xbox consoles, most PC gamers have a bone to pick with Playstation consoles as well although they do go a little easier on the fan-favorite platform compared to the others. 

However, Human Fall Flat has played no part in reducing the friendly animosity between the PC and PS4/PS5 players as they have done for the Xbox and PC players as the game are not cross-platform between the PC and PS4/PS5. 

Human Fall Flat is the type of game that really inspires teamwork and working together, but unfortunately, PS4/PS5 players are going to have to wait a little longer to play together with PC players. 

Still, we can still hold out hope that the creators of the game, No Brakes games, quickly derive a way to allow PC and PS4/PS5 players to play together.    

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play PS4/PS5 and Xbox

Console players have always had a less intense relationship with each other than with PC players as players on both the PS4/PS5 console and Xbox console are said to be more cordial towards each other. 

The consoles themselves have had a pretty healthy relationship with each other, as well as most online games released on either of the two devices, have had the feature of cross-play between the two consoles. 

Despite this fact, all you gamers will be pretty disappointed to find out that there is still no possibility of cross-playing Human Fall Flat between the Xbox and PS4/PS5. 

The only reason we can think of that the creators didn’t include this feature in their latest update was because the Xbox and PS4/PS5 version of the game is still relatively new and just doesn’t possess enough functionality as the PC version. 

So, all we can do for now is hope the feature is introduced sometime in the future.


What Other Features Did the Latest 2022 Update Contain?

As you would’ve already surmised from the previous sections of this article, the new Human Fall Flat update only affected the PC, Xbox, and Android versions of the game as the PS4/PS5 players of the game were left high and dry for now. 

Apart from the cross-platform functionality, PC players, in particular, received some exciting new content as well which includes a whole new desert-themed playground with a total of 20 different levels. 

Therefore, whether you’re going at it solo, in a duo, or in a full-fledged 8-man team, you’re going to have to find a whole bunch of unique ways to get through this huge obstacle course. 

PC players aren’t the only players who received new content though as the Android or APK version of the game received some sweet upgrades as well. 

Firstly, the graphics and physics of the game have received a much-needed full overhaul and the game now runs much smoother even at higher ping. 

Android players are now also able to play with each other on any device they wish which wasn’t the case before as the game was released on a few specific devices.  

Human Fall Flat Gameplay

Since the world was struck by the pandemic, stupid, dumb but fun games like Human Fall Flat have really risen in popularity. 

As the stuck-at-home public found the easy-to-play game incredibly entertaining as they could fool around with their friends and get their quota of human interaction while working together to solve a puzzle and fall off the edge of the world. 

But what is it about the game that makes it so interesting as an online multiplayer game? Well, firstly the intentionally wacky and wonky character physics, for example, the extraordinary jelly legs and wavy arms, are enough to make anyone laugh. 

Secondly, for a game as wacky as this, the physics-based puzzles a player or team of players have to solve are incredibly detailed and make sure that passing each level doesn’t become too easy. 

Overall though, we would say that the game is more enjoyable to watch than it is to play as the klutzy controls that are supposed to make you audibly laugh out loud as you see your character contort his body into different shapes, can get quite frustrating when you’re actually trying to complete the mission. 

However, we do have to say if you want a game to play with your friends online that is stress-free and entertaining then Human Fall Flat is a game you should definitely consider. 

Top Twitch Streamers

We did say that the game might be more enjoyable to watch than it is to play. Well, allow us to double down and actually share a list of the top Human Fall Flat Twitch streamers with you so that you may experience the gameplay for yourself and understand exactly what we’re talking about. 

Fair warning though that these streamers are pretty good at the game already so just don’t develop any misconceptions about the difficulty of the game. 

  1. TheStrangeRebel
  2. AGhostyTSQ
  3. zziroo1
  4. EnableDisabled

Games like Human Fall Flat That are Also Cross-Platform


Unfortunately for all of you PS4/PS5 gamers and even Xbox gamers who wanted to play Human Fall Flat with your PS4/PS5 friends, Human Fall Flat has no cross-platform capabilities between these two consoles. 

However, that shouldn’t stop you from playing with your friends as there are plenty of other games that offer similar gameplay as Human Fall Flat but unlike Human Fall flat, they are fully cross-platform. 

To name a few there is Among Us, another game that rose to popularity in the pandemic in which you play with a bunch of players online and all of you have to deduce who the imposter/killer is among you according to the events that occur. 

The game is fully cross-platform compatible on IOS, Android, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles. 

Secondly, there is also Fall Guys, another super famous game that earned most of its fame during, you guessed it, the pandemic. 

The game itself is a sort of online battle royale where the person that successfully passes each challenge and lasts till the end wins. 

Furthermore, the creators of the game just announced that the game is now cross platform between the PC and PlayStation which effectively makes it fully cross-platform.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play FAQs

Does Human Fall Flat have Dual Entitlement?

This is actually the perfect time to ask this question because the creators of the game just announced a PS5 version of the game. 

But the real icing on the cake is that the game has a free dual entitlement feature. This essentially means that players who are switching to a next-gen console don’t need to buy a different copy of the game as their previous-gen copy will automatically work on their next-gen console. 

Unlike some of the other games, you don’t have to buy a different edition of the game either as even the standard edition supports this feature. 

However, there are other perks you could avail of if you do decide to buy the Ultimate edition of the game. 

Is Human Fall Flat Cross Gen?


The introduction of next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has changed the landscape of the gaming world entirely and game developers are left scrambling to make their games cross-gen compatible. 

Luckily for all you gamers thinking of getting Human Fall Flat for yourselves, No Brakes Gaming just made the game fully cross-gen. What this exactly means is that you can now play with your friends on previous-gen consoles or next-gen consoles depending on which console you’re on obviously. 

If this awesome feature doesn’t sell you on the worth of this game then we don’t know what will. 

What Genre Does Human Fall Flat Belong to?

Players who play the game have categorized Human Fall Flat into many genres, some call it an obstacle course type game, whereas some proclaim it to be a platform game which is true as well as players do have to go through multiple levels to win. 

However, we would term it as a physics based online puzzle game as a single-player or team of players have to use technical thinking to solve each level’s puzzle to progress to the next section. 

If you want to get really technical though, then you could say it’s a puzzle-platform game. 

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Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Play Conclusion

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, that was our detailed explanation on whether or not Human Fall Flat is cross-platform. 

That said, we’d still like to reiterate once again that the game is only partially cross-platform in the latest update to the game, the developers made the game cross-platform between the PC and Xbox but it as yet does not have any cross-platform functionality between the PC and PS4/PS5 or between the PS4/PS5 and Xbox consoles. 

Moving on though, we did say that we’d be giving our final verdict on the game in the conclusion so here it goes. To sum up, if you’re looking for a good time playing stress-free games with your squad then this is by far the best game for you. 

And even though it’s not fully cross-platform, the value the game has to offer is still huge. Hence, if you do decide to suck it up and play the game with your friends on the same platform then we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed and by the end, you’ll be left wanting more.

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