Is NZXT Good? A Comprehensive Brand Review In 2022

is NZXT Good

NZXT is a Los Angeles-based computer hardware company that provides computer cases, components, and accessories. It was founded in 2004 with the vision to facilitate the DIY PC-building community, mostly involving gamers.

Today, they supply a variety of computer hardware and equipment such as cooling, motherboards, power supplies, and streaming devices. In spite of all that, one might wonder, is NZXT good or just overhyped. Let us look at some of their products and services to determine whether they are a trustworthy company or not.

Gaming PCs

The claim to fame for NZXT lies in gaming PCs. With years of experience in the industry, they have launched several models based on everyone’s needs and budget. Gamers love to use them as a base and modify them. But is NZXT prebuilt good? Let’s find out.

  • The Foundation PC

The most basic PC they sell is their Foundation PC, which introduces users to the gaming world. With an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G running the show, the PC can handle almost every modern title you throw at it. 

You don’t have to purchase a separated graphics card (GPU) for enhanced performance, as NZXT integrates graphics for a streamlined experience. 

The best thing about the Foundation PC is that it is not limited in any way. You can upgrade it whenever you want, getting the required components from NZXT.

  • The Starter PC

Next comes the Starter PC, a step above the Foundation PC. It is produced to give gamers a slight advantage while playing their favorite titles. It has WIFI and Bluetooth to enhance connectivity. And do not worry if you grow tired, as you can always upgrade it.

Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare at 80 fps, Fortnite at 134 fps, Minecraft at 53 fps, and Grand Theft Auto at 66 fps – all at 1080p resolution. The CPU powering it is Intel’s Core i5, a 6-core processor. The GPU is Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3050.

The 16 GB Team Force Vulcan 3200 MHz handles everything smoothly and doesn’t skip a beat. The storage offered is 512 GB, which is a bit limited, given its capabilities.

  • The Creator Series

If you want a computer for creative needs, the Creator Series is the best option for you. Aspiring artists, as well as veterans, can both utilize this platform to unleash their creativity. It uses the NVIDIA GPU to handle everything from VR to 8k video without breaking a sweat.

  • The Streaming Series

Then comes the gamers’ dream, the Streaming Series. It is meant to stream, and run the most demanding and popular games smoothly. It is also perfect for editing and rendering high-quality videos.

  • The H1

If you are looking for a mini computing companion, you can never go wrong with the H1 Mini PC Series. It is enclosed in an NZXT H1 case. Despite having a smaller footprint, it has excellent cooling capabilities and offers top-notch performance.

The BLD Kit for Building Your PC

If you are itching for an adventure and want to build a PC yourself, it is time for the NZXT BLD kit. Different kits are available, and customers can get their hands on a kit of their choice. You get the following components in the box: Case, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, SSD, PSU, Air Cooler, AIO cooler, GPU, and Wi-Fi.

The BLD kits available are:

  • Streaming Pro BLD Kit
  • Streaming Plus BLD Kit
  • Starter Pro BLD Kit

However, there are some limitations to the BLD series, as there is no car reading option, and the cases have some sharp corners.

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NZXT also offers a variety of components including cases, cooling, etc.


NZXT provides five types of cases:

  1. The H710 Series
    The H710 Series offers the largest cases, which can house multiple components at once because of ample space. The front side offers two USB ports, USB 3.1 and USB 3.2, where you can connect all the modern devices effortlessly.

    Moreover, you can control the lighting and cooling of your PC and customize them using the NZXT Cam. The series is a bit expensive, and the fans need some improvement.
  2. The H510 Series
    The H510 Series is slightly more compact but still offers enough space to house any component you want to use. It has a tempered glass panel on the side for a clean view of the internals and sports ports on the top. 

    To have a refined look, cables are routed in a way that does not interfere with the view of the internal components. You also get a cable routing kit to organize cables whenever needed. It has an efficient cooling system to keep the internals running at their best.
  3. The H210 & the H1 Cases
    The H210 is the mini counterpart of the more spacious cases and is meant to house mini PCs. Similar to it is the H1, a vertical and compact case for smaller PCs. It has many internals pre-installed, such as Fan Controller, 750W PSU, Gen 4 Riser Card, Integrated AIO, and pre-routed cables.

    Its design allows it to take air from both sides, enhancing its cooling capabilities. So, no matter how heavy a load you are putting on it, it will still perform well. And, do not worry about the space, as it has enough of it to house your NVIDIAs and AMDs.
  4. The CRFT Collection
    These limited edition cases are the coolest that NZXT sells. They are a gamer’s dream, as they offer themes based on different games.

    The cases sold in this series are: H710i Cyberpunk, Mass Effect Puck, H510 Valhalla, H510i Mass Effect, H510 Siege, H510 Alliance, H510 Horde, H500 Vault Boy, H700 Nuka Cola, H700 PUBG, and the Pan Puck (a pan shaped headset cable solution)

The Cooling Equipment

The first series in the cooling department is the Kraken Z Series. It has different models such as, Kraken Z73 RGB & Karken Z73, Kraken Z63 RGB & Kraken Z63, Kraken Z53 RGB & Karekn Z53, and Kraken G12.

It comes with a customizable LCD displaying temperature, custom images, or animated GIFs. It uses the Aer radiators that keep the PC even at higher loads and ensure excellent performance throughout the session.

The Kraken X Series also comes with different models such as Kraken X73 RGB, Kraken X73, Kraken X63 RGB, Kraken X63, Karken X53 RGB, and Kraken X53. It has an infinity mirror display for providing excellent visuals.

The Kraken 120 Series comes with two models, Kraken 120 and Kraken M22, which also feature an infinity mirror display.

The Aer Series offers high-performing RGB fans such as Aer RGB 140mm Twin Starter Pack, Aer RGB 2 120mm Triple Starter Pack, Aer RGB 2 140mm, Aer RGB 2 120mm, Aer F 140mm, Aer F 120mm, Aer P 140mm, Aer P 120mm, Aer Trim 140mm, Aer Trim 120mm, and an Internal USB Hub (3rd gen).

They are the best-performing fans from NZXT, having an optimal blade design for maximum performance. The fluid dynamic bearings ensure the fans are regularly lubricated, guaranteeing an enhanced lifespan.

The case backplate is made of plastic that does not feel premium and raises questions about durability.

The Peripherals

Want to communicate while streaming? No worries, as NZXT has got you covered by Capsule and Boom Arm, its two high-quality microphones. They are plug-n-play devices with latency and offer excellent sound quality.

However, there is no software support, and NZXT should work on it to provide a better user experience.

What Do I Like About NZXT?

Awesome built: All of their products are built with high-quality material that gives a good expression on first look.  

Durable Components: NZXT uses fine quality components in their PCs. They sell the components independently as well. This makes them a beacon for gamers looking to build their own gaming PC. 

Customer Service: During my experience with them, I found their customer service quite good. I was looking to make a custom PC, and they were amicable in providing me with the exact custom parts I needed. 

What Didn’t I Like About NZXT?

Pricey: I am pretty thrifty, and their prices were enough to make me a little hesitant before making the purchase. On top of that, their PC came with some hidden charges as well. I had to pay 300$ for delivery. They are not as expensive as some high-end brands on the market. However, their components do not come cheap as well. 

Minor Discrepancies: During my experience with NZXT, I have found the quality and durability of their components to be the finest. However, lots of times, I found discrepancies, and I dug in and found out that I was not alone. I was customizing the PC, and screws were so tight that I could not open them despite having professional equipment. The light on the fans remains on even after switching off the PC. These might not be significant problems, but they were annoying to deal with. 

Verdict: Is NZXT Good?

YES, they are. NZXT has built a stellar reputation since its inception, and for good reason. They have improved over the years and now offer everything from high-performing PCs to great-sounding microphones.

Their products have some minor drawbacks, but overall they are excellent purchases. You can expect them to last a long time without compromising on performance.

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