Is Outriders Crossplay in 2022? (PS4, PS5, PC, XBOX)

FPS games provide next-level fun and excitement when you get to play them with your friends. If you are looking to multiply your excitement in the first-person shooting game,

“is Outriders crossplay in 2022?”

would be the first question you ask. While the game does actually support cross-play, we’ll get into that later. In the meantime, let’s learn a thing or two about Outriders itself.

If there’s one thing that keeps you immersed in a video game from start to end, is the multiplayer support. In fact, as a gamer, nothing beats the thrill and enthusiasm; you get from playing action-loaded first-person shooting games.

Although there’s no denying that everyone has their own interest, RPG shooting games remain the most sought-after video game genre.

In case you are on the lookout for an action-based multiplayer game that keeps your passion running, Outriders fit the scenario perfectly. Despite its fresh launch, the game became a sensation across the board. It’s not just the smooth gameplay performance or interesting storyline that keeps you hooked but it is the online multiplayer feature that has brought a gaming audience on board.

Unlike the standard multiplayer option of the game, what most players are concerned about is the game’s cross-platform compatibility these days. To put it more simply, games that support cross-platform play between all major platforms are more widely adopted.

Since it unites players from all major platforms regardless of their devices, the technology has become quite popular.

Is Outriders crossplay

Outriders – Background, Gameplay, and Storyline

Outriders is an action-packed role-playing shooting game developed by PeopleCanFly and later published by Square Enix in 2021.

If you are familiar with team-based FPS games like Overwatch and Paladins, Outriders is a fairly recent entrant in the league. However, the game is available on devices including PC, Stadia, Xbox One/Series X, and PS4/PS5.

Leaping one step ahead of the competition, the game features RPG elements. In other words, you not only have more than characters at your disposal but you can also upgrade and amplify their skills along the way.

The characters are categorized into three classes – Assault, Engineer, Medic – so, you can select one based on their particular skillset.

While you can choose between characters like; Trickster, Pyromancer, Devestor, and Technomancer, their abilities can be upgraded up to seven levels.

As for the weapons, their extensive range will keep you busy for a while. Pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and SMGs you name it, Outriders has got it covered.

Outriders’ storyline evolves as the player assumes the role of an Outrider and is sent on an interplanetary mission. Being a one-man-army, your mission is to probe the disappearance of scientists sent to the planet Adelpha in search of a mysterious object called Fulcrum.

As you must’ve already discussed, the mission has something to do with aliens. While on the mission, you are to eliminate the impending threat of an alien invasion.

While exploring the open-world scenario of Adelpha and fulfilling the task, players can utilize tactics, be involved in combat, and use different weapons and abilities. As you climb up the levels, be ready for even complicated and complex gameplay.

To enable diverse gameplay, Outriders provides single-player and multiplayer gaming options. While the storyline keeps you engaged in the game as a solo player, the multiplayer option gives you a chance of interacting and playing with your friends.

But to what extent? Can you play Outriders cross-platform in 2022? Let’s find out.

Is Outriders Crossplay

Is Outriders Cross-Platform in 2022?

Yes, Outriders is cross-platform in 2022. The game developers intend to create a level playing field for players from all major platforms to enjoy the gameplay with their friends. Besides, considering how most game developing companies are investing in the technology, cross-platform availability has become a need of the hour.

Besides what good an online multiplayer game is if it does not support players from different platforms from participating. Partnering with Unity Games streamlined the process of integrating cross-play functionality in the game.

Unlike a decade before, most gamers rely on more than one gaming device. One cannot rank a device above the other in terms of how suitable it is for a game.

Plus, there’s also a factor of rivalry between different platform gamers preventing them to accept or adopt a platform different from theirs.

Since gamers from across the board can experience the action in Outriders, the popularity and adoption skyrockets. Thus, enabling cross-platform functionality allowed Square Enix to acquire and build an extensive fan base for the game.

But is cross-play that beneficial? Are there any downsides to this technology?

Well, yes. Despite how fast technology is evolving in recent times, there are still some limitations to the cross-platform technology for different games. That is what prevents most games from adopting the path of cross-play integration in their modules.  

  • Since there’s one server in place for the entire audience, moments of high traffic inflow can cause slowness and lag in the gameplay.
  • Considering the number of manpower resources and budget required to enable cross-play, the games with an integrating option don’t come cheap. Therefore, limiting a certain amount of the audience from accessing the game.
  • Regardless of the improvements in the internet security sectors, there are still some programs and games vulnerable to online theft and hacking. Hence, there’s a potential for hacking if the cross-play feature is active.
  • The hardware specifications of a platform determine the quality and performance of the game being played. In such scenarios, PCs have the leading edge over consoles as you can amplify the specs of the device to your requirements.

Nevertheless, the positive elements of cross-platform gaming certainly outweigh the disadvantages in terms of higher inflow traffic that generates excessive revenue.


Is Outriders Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

Yes, Outriders supports cross-platform compatibility between PS4 and PC. Putting an end to the otherwise tussle between console and PC gamers, the game allows players from both platforms to connect and play with their friends.

While Outsiders provides an engaging storyline for a solo player, most gamers prefer exploring the interplanetary space with their friends. Make sure you have a fast-paced and static internet connection that provides an uninterrupted experience on either platform.

Is Outriders Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Luckily, yes. Outriders do allow cross-platform play between Xbox One and PS4 consoles. You no longer have to worry about your friend being an Xbox gamer anymore. If you want to enjoy the action-induced gameplay while interacting with your friend, you can certainly do so! Regardless of what device you use.

Unlike most online multiplayer games, you don’t have to rely on random match-making to experience interactive gameplay. Rather you can simply play with your friend even if he is on a platform different than yours.

Is Outriders Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Of course, yes. Outsiders provide cross-platform functionality between PS4 and PS5. Although the two are different models of the same company, players cannot experience the multiplayer feature unless the game allows cross-play. And fortunately, it does!

Despite the recent launch of the game in 2021, Outriders is not simply available on different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC but also enables players to engage in cross-platform play from different devices.

Is Outriders Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC?

Affirmative! Outriders provide cross-play functionality between Xbox One and PC. As we have already discussed, since the game has made its debut across all major platforms it was only a time before it introduced the cross-play feature between different platforms.

However, Outriders did it before than others. Months after the launch of the game, players could match up and play with each other. This resulted in widespread popularity and adoption of the game.

Is Outriders Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, Outriders allows cross-platform play between Xbox models it is available on. In simpler terms, you don’t need to go into battle and launch attacks on hordes of enemies alone when you can team up with your friends. As an Xbox One player, you can play the thrilling RPG game with your friends while they are on the Xbox series.

While cross-play helped Outriders entice a larger audience in the game, it certainly pressurized the game server. Although engineers and developers are looking for ways to eliminate or even minimize that, there are still issues of a slow and lagged gameplay at the time of writing.  


Is Outriders crossplay FAQs

What is an RPG game?

A game that allows players to assume the role of a character in the game is term as an RPG or role-playing game. The feature is mainly used in games with a storyline that features a character as they move towards the end of the game. Although the character is designed to follow a predefined path, players are the ones that steer it through to the end.

Is Outsiders a popular game?

Even a year after its launch, Outsiders remains a popular game widely talked about in gaming communities. Leaping from a 1,293 per day peak to an enormous 6,617 the game featured a 400% increase in player inflow as the new update was released in November 2021.

Does Outriders provide Cross-Save functionality?

Yes, Outsiders is one of those online multiplayer games that offer cross-save functionality. In other words, you can continue your progress in the game on another platform or device. For instance, if you are upgrading to the newer version of your console, you can simply transfer the progress you have made so far in the game.

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Is Outriders Cross-Platform Final Verdict

In the short tenure of the game since its launch in 2021, Outriders has expanded its compatibility to all major platforms and enabled cross-play features across the board. Players from different platforms can team up in the open-world game and continue their batter against the inter-planetary life.

Although it may be hectic for developers to keep up with the rising inflow of players without compromising on the performance, cross-platform functionality has helped multiply the revenue with a larger fan base. So, if you are searching for a new RPG shooting game that supports cross-platform, Outriders is certainly the one you should try out.   

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