Is Paladins Crossplay in 2022? (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Among online hero shooter games, Paladins: Champions of the Realm is probably one of the most underrated ones. But, if you have played it you would know how exciting and fun the game’s different modes can be.

As an enjoyer of the game, you might want to introduce the game to your friends. For this reason, it is important to check the cross-platform compatibility so that you can play it with all your friends, even from different platforms. So, if you are wondering, is Paladins crossplay or not? You are at the right place.

The following article will walk you through which platforms Paladins allow crossplay and on which it doesn’t. Besides, we have discussed its cross-progression and cross-save features too.


Is Paladins Crossplay

Paladins: Champions of the Realm – A Quick Overview

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that is a relatively newer title in this genre. The game’s developer Evil Mojo released it in May 2018. It is set up in a fantasy ‘Realm’ combining the best of both science and fiction worlds. Along with that, its characters have a medieval appearance yet they are equipped with technologically advanced weapons. These weapons include everything from assault rifles to shotguns.

Gameplay and Plot

All the action in Paladins happens in the Realm. In this Realm, its two factions; Magistrate and Paladins are at odds for the conflict of controlling the use of magic. The Magistrate wants to restrict everyone from using it except for a few of its members. On the other hand, the Paladins are the resistance forces who strive for magic for everyone policy.

Meanwhile, a special force called ‘Champions’ is hired to control the regular soldiers’ casualties. This special force does not have a definite alliance with any of the two factions, rather they fight on contracts. However, some Champion fighters might be loyal to one of the factions and fight only for them. Apart from that, there are a few other groups who remain neutral in this war and they do not have a major role.

Paladins’ gameplay involves the two teams having five Champion playable characters fighting for different in-game goals. Each team has to choose five different characters who have distinct strengths and weapons.  These characters cannot be replaced during matches. However, they are completely customizable. You can do the personalization through either skin or cards.

In Paladins, the roster contains a variety of playable characters. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses. These characters are categorized into four different groups according to their capabilities. These groups include Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank. 


Game Modes

Paladins is quite an exciting game because of the range of modes it offers. These game modes include:

1. Siege

In Paladins, Siege is the most played game mode. It involves two teams of attackers and defenders. Both teams have five players each. They compete to take control of the capture point on the map. The goal is to raid the enemy’s base to get their payload and stall till the time is up.

2. Onslaught

In Onslaught mode, to win points, teams must control a large site of combat. Here, holding the site and killing enemies earns you points. The site can be under your team’s control as long as there is at least one member of your team there.

3. Team Deathmatch

Like most multiplayer games, it also has the team deathmatch (TDM). Here teams try to complete their 40 kills, whoever completes it first wins the match.

4. Ranked

The ranked mode is somewhat like the Siege mode. The difference here is that each team can ban three characters for the match for both of them. Also, each team is able to see the other team’s characters and can’t use similar ones. This mode will help you push your rank by earning you Triumph Points (TP).

Paladins Compatible Devices

Paladins: Champions of the Realm gives you a variety of options to play it on. Firstly, it was introduced on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. Later Paladins another version came for Nintendo Switch players too. And now you can play the game on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, macOS, and Xbox Series S.


Do Paladins Have Crossplay?

Crossplay has become one of the essential features of every online multiplayer game. This feature allows players from a variety of platforms to play the game together. Paladins is also available on numerous platforms, but does it support crossplay?

Fortunately, yes, you can team up with your friends from other platforms on Paladins too. This cross-play feature is supported by all the platforms on which the game is available. So, if you own an Xbox and your gaming partner is a PS5 player, you will be able to play alongside each other.

Is Paladins Crossplay Xbox PC?

Yes, the cross-play between PCs and gaming consoles is also an option in Paladins: Champions of the Realm. This implies Paladins crossplay Xbox PC is possible and a PC player can party up with their Xbox friends for the matches.

Is Paladins Cross Platform PS4 PC?

On consoles and PCs crossplay is supported by the game, you will also be able to team up with your friends who prefer playing on their PlayStation 4. Though initially, the cross-play feature was not available for PlayStation 4 players and it was introduced only two years ago. Now, Playstation 4 users are also a part of the Paladin cross-platform community and can match with players from any other platform.

Is Paladins Crossplay Switch and PC?

As the Xbox PC and PlayStation PC crossplay is supported by Paladins: Champions of the Realm., it is also cross-platform for the Nintendo Switch and PC users. This means you would not experience any trouble connecting and playing with your gaming partners on either PCs or Xbox devices.

Is Paladins CrossPlay Switch and Xbox One?

Paladins: Champions of the Realm allows the players with gaming consoles from two different brands to enjoy the game together. That’s why if you are a Nintendo Switch user and your gaming partner owns Xbox One or any other generation of Xbox, you will be able to play with them.

Do Paladins Support Rank Crossplay?

Luckily, you can also play ranked mode in Paladins with your friends from other platforms. The game supports crossplay in ranked games across all gaming platforms. However, you might face some restrictions with the crossplay in ranked games. As you will be limited to team up only with players using the same input method as you.

Paladins would not allow you to choose the ‘Allow All’ option in crossplay. That’s why if you are using the keyboard as your main input device, you will only be able to match with the players also using keyboards as an input method in ranked cross-play.

How to Enable Crossplay in Paladins?

Enabling crossplay on Paladin: Champions of the Realm is quite a straightforward task. Firstly, you would need to go to the settings on your current gaming system. Then go to the control tab and look for the crossplay option there. It will give you various other options for enabling cross-platform play.

These options might include Allow All/Keyboard Only/Gamepad Only options. The ‘Allow All’ option will enable you to cross-play with every type of device. Whereas, the other two options limit the matchmaking depending on the input method of the device.


How to Add Friends on Paladins Cross-Platform?

Adding your friends on Paladins from other platforms is also quite easy. All you will be required to do is go to the ‘Social’ tab. Open it and you will find the ‘Friends’ tab. There you can search for your gaming partner by typing their in-game name. Ensure that you use their in-game rather than their gamer tag.

Once you see their username on your screen, you can click on that to add them on Paladins. If you want to send them an invite to your team, you can go to the ‘Party’ tab and follow a similar procedure.

Is Paladins Cross Progression?

Along with the cross-play feature, another essential feature that the games today offer is cross-progression. Cross progression allows the players to save their progress in the games on a server. This enables the players to upgrade to new gaming devices easily without costing them any in-game data loss. From your progress to your avatar customization, all can be accessed the same way on another device because of the cross-progression feature.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm offers great cross-platform compatibility across a variety of platforms. But you might be wondering, is Paladin cross-progression too? Well, the short answer to that is also a yes. This means you can take your Paladins in-game progress to another gaming platform easily.

Paladins Cross Progression PS4 2022

The cross-progression feature in Paladins is available for platforms including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. But unfortunately, you will be unable to transfer your progress between PlayStation 4 and 5 or PlayStation from other platforms. This applies to both generations of PlayStation including PS4 and PS5. Nonetheless, other than PlayStation devices, you will be able to transfer your in-game progress and other details too.

Is Paladins Cross Generation?

Cross generation is a type of cross-play feature, through which you can team up with the players using different generations of the same gaming console brand you are using. This means you will be able to cross-play between PS4 and PS5.

Thankfully, Paladins: Champions of the Realm also support cross-generation play. So, if you are using a PS4, and your friend has a PS5, it will allow you to partner up for all the Paladins’ game modes. Apart from PlayStation, cross-generation play is also possible for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Is Paladins Cross-Save?

The Cross save feature in online games works the same way as a cross-progression feature. It saves the in-game data the save on the server as cross-progression does. However, the difference is that the cross-progression helps in moving from an older device to a new device permanently. On the other hand, the cross-save feature would enable you to hop from one device to another. This way, you can access your game from anywhere and at any time.

Like, cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression features, Paladins also give you the cross-save feature. This feature on Paladin will allow you to move from one device to another easily. So, if you are at your friend’s house and want to play the game with the same game progress and other details, you can use this feature.

However, Paladins would not allow the cross-save feature for PlayStation users. So, PS4 and PS5 users must have to stick with their devices.


Why is Cross-Play, Cross Progression, & Cross-Save Important?

Cross platform, cross-play, cross-progression, and cross-save – all have become must-have features for online games. There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, it brings the gaming community altogether by allowing players from different platforms to play the game together. As there are a variety of gaming platforms each offering different games, gamers’ choices would have been restricted without these features.

These features also help the game developers too, as they get an increased population in their games. It helps them in generating more revenue. Moreover, cross-progression makes upgrading devices much easier. Besides, gamers are not needed to buy multiple devices just to play a few games.

Apart from that, these features make the games more competitive as players from across all the formats can participate. Also, these features ensure the safety of your in-game data and help it remain intact, no matter what device you use.

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is Paladins crossplay Final Thoughts

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is one of the finest first-person hero shooter games. The game involves an engaging plot and quite fun gameplay. Also, the game’s numerous modes are what make it entertaining. But the title does not enjoy the same kind of popularity as some of the other titles enjoy.

So, if you are trying to introduce your friends to this thrilling game, you can definitely do that. The game is available on a variety of platforms and allows for cross-play too. Not only cross-play, but Paladins also have the cross-platform, cross-generation, cross-save, and cross-progression features too.

These features will not only allow you to party up with your cross-platform friends but also enables you to play on different platforms. This helps you in enjoying the game even if you are not at home. Along with that, you can easily upgrade your gaming devices too.

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