Is Red Dead Online Cross-platform in 2022? (Xbox, PC, PS)

Cross-platform functionality has given us all gamers a big favor. 

We are no longer restricted to playing a game from any device. Games are available across multiple platforms, and we can play with our friends without worrying about console family. 

However, the gaming industry still has a long way to go, and many games are still not cross-platform due to multiple reasons. So, what are the games that facilitate us, users? 

Is Red dead online cross-platform?

Does it make it to the list? Let’s catch up with everything related to this game and answer your hot question.

Is Red Dead Online Cross-platform?

No, red dead online does not support cross-platform functionality in the traditional sense. 

This game still divides players into different groups as only the players within the same console family can play together. PC gamers can only play with PC gamers, and Xbox users can play with Xbox users.

It is disappointing for some fans as red dead online does not support cross-platform between Xbox and PS or PS and PC. However, several modern games lack this feature, and we can hope for it to change in the future.

Red Dead Online – A Quick Overview


Developed and published by Rockstar games, red dead online (RDO) is one of the most anticipated games of 2018-19. It is a highly immersive multiplayer game with an action-adventure backdrop where gamers can play in collaboration with each of their friends to hunt animals and beat robbers.

The game is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Microsoft Windows as a stand-alone purchase.

What Are The Challenges of Cross-platform Gaming?

Software development is an altogether difficult job. Despite recent technological advancements, the gaming industry still has a long way to go. 

Gaming developers and designers are aware of the challenges of developing a cross-platform game in particular. It is why we still lack games that offer cross-platform support. 

The intensity of a challenge depends on the nature and design of a game. There are a few primary challenges that developers typically face:

It is Time-consuming to Create and Test Multiple Versions of an App


Game creation is a long-running procedure. Whether it is a simple 2d game or a fully immersive RPG game, it will take time.

Firstly, you have to start with creating a prototype, graphic designing, menus, characters, and storyline creation. Then the time-consuming process of coding, testing, and debugging begins.

After rigorous quality assurance test phases, your game gets ready for a market launch. However, when creating a game for multiple platforms, you must conduct separate tests for each one.

The enormous variety of Android devices is a challenge on another level. So, one can assume how long that can take.

Technical Limitations Can Be Overwhelming

Developing a game for multiple devices can be a challenging experience. 

Firstly, developers have to make it device friendly, such as customizing parameters, screen size, resolution, functionality, and much more. Sometimes, it might be a problem to implement PC-friendly game features in the Android version.

Secondly, it is never a single test. They might have to show their creation to fellow developers to seek their opinion. And it could also lead to new modifications and quality tests, which is a lot.

Varying Input Styles

It might be another grandiose issue. The mouse and keyboard give input to PCs. 

Mobiles receive input through the user’s touch. 

Meanwhile, consoles have controllers. 

Creating a game that supports all these input styles can be tricky, which is another reason most games are not cross-platform.

Hardware Sales Will be Impacted 


When a game is supported across multiple platforms, many people don’t find the need to buy specific gaming devices. 

It is safe to say that no one would buy Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey if it is available on systems other than the Nintendo Switch console. 

Therefore, many brands are reluctant to bring cross-play functionality due to revenue loss concerns.

Certification Requirements

Every device has some policies and requirements that game developers have to meet.  Otherwise, their games can’t be released on a platform. 

It means that developers have to pay meticulous attention to every area, which can be inundating.

Will Red Dead Online Ever Become Cross-platform?

Many gaming enthusiasts were disappointed when the company released red dead online. According to the rule, only the players within the same console family can play together. Nothing more than that.

If you have an Xbox One and want to play with a friend who is a PlayStation owner, you are out of luck. However, you can play with a friend who has the Xbox series x/s. 

Needless to say, multiple gamers want the manufacturers to enable cross-play features. Red dead online has not officially addressed these concerns or responded to any of them.

We are still unsure if they will ever acknowledge this genuine demand or not.

What’s Next for Red Dead Online? 

Red Dead Online is praised for its enriching graphics and game mechanics. The problem everyone has is with the lack of content in the game. 

Despite numerous customer requests, red dead online has not upgraded its gaming modules since 2019. 

The game has a loyal fanbase, which is still willing to stick. According to Steam, 3000+ players play this game in a day. However, the number of its fans can be doubled if the manufacturers decide to be a bit more flexible and give consumers what they are asking for.

As a result, we looked at users’ opinions regarding red dead online’s future and got some intriguing takes. We will share some of them with you in this section.

According to red dead online users, the following additions might add a lot more value to the game. These updates would put a stop to its decline and allow it to reach its full potential.

Bring Era-appropriate Costumes 


When it comes to updating requirements, RDO stans have plenty of them. One of the features we saw many people talking about is wardrobe upgrades.

Characters in this game have clothes that look too tacky and sometimes boring. Users have been asking to bring innovation with era-appropriate clothing. 

They think that developers should give them enough liberty to customize the appearance of their characters.

Introduce More Weapons 

The majority loves variety. 

Users grow bored of playing with the same weapons each time. One of the easiest ways to hook their attention is to keep introducing unique weapons here and there. 

Although there is no shortage of weapons in the game, the manufacturers could add more revolvers and rifles to bring a new twist. After all, it could help reduce the repetition factor.

Invest Money in This Game

The first two points depict the most basic level requirements. There is actually much more to the picture. 

Shared by several gamers, RDO needs to invest in this game and bring new content that users can buy. As well as boosting the company’s revenue, it will also add value to gamers. 

In all, opportunities are endless, and the developers need to capitalize on them.

Is Red Dead Online Cross-platform FAQs

Are cross-platform and cross-play games the same?

These two terms are often used interchangeably. The difference between the two terms is not massive, but understanding them individually will avoid confusion.

Cross-platform games are available across multiple systems, such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Android. Being available on multiple platforms does not imply that you can play these games with your pals on different devices than yours.

It is something that a cross-play feature decides. It implies that you can only play with your friends on different devices if a game is cross-platform.

Most of the time, gamers are surfing the Internet for cross-play games. However, they end up getting results for cross-platform games. 

Although many games have started to offer both features, it is still not the case with every game. Therefore, knowing and understanding the terminologies will save plenty of time.

Is red dead online cross-play Xbox and PS4?

Unfortunately, no. Red dead online only allows cross-platform play between the same console environment. Xbox and PlayStation users can not play this game with each other. 

Do I need Red Dead 2 to play online?

Like all online games, you need to have a gaming console to play this game. If you own Dead Redemption 2, you can play RDO for free.

Is red dead online free to play? 


Red Dead Online is available as a stand-alone purchase. With a retail price of $20, RDO is an affordable option for enthusiasts.

To entice those who want to give this game a shot, it is available for $5 on the epic games, steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation digital stores. 

Can you play Red Dead Online on Xbox One?

Yes, you can. The game was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in May 2019.

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Is Red Dead Online Cross-platform Conclusion

So back to the original query: Is red dead online cross-platform? Err, no

So, is it worth playing in 2022? Yes.

There is no denying numerous gamers have admired the immersive nature and premium-quality graphics of RDO. Still, some valid criticisms should be taken seriously.

Fans were initially disappointed in the absence of cross-play functionality, which is justified on both sides. However, there are multiple other suggestions regarding the performance and modules of the game that need manufacturers’ attention.

We hope to see more innovative updates in this game in the future because their fans deserve it.

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