Is Rust Cross-Platform in 2022? (PC, Xbox & PlayStation)

If you are new to this survival masterpiece or a seasoned player with a thorough grasp of the game, this question may hit your mind. Is Rust cross-platform?

Rust is a popular game with a concept about living in a post-apocalyptic world. This game has several obstacles, and people have shared their thrilling experiences. Another plus is that Rust is a multi-player game, which adds to its growing popularity.

Given Rust’s current prominence in the survival genre, it is a reasonable question. It competes with games such as DayZ and State of Decay 2.

Facepunch Studios released a complete version of the game in February 2018 for Windows and macOS after being released in Early Access in 2013. Face punch’s cooperation with Double Eleven resulted in console versions being released in May 2021. What began as a DayZ clone eventually added Minecraft and other survival games components.

Rust is well-known for its Player vs. Player and PvE storyline. However, It is often chastised for its elevated learning curve and tough effort for supplies.

With that said, we are taking you to the best guide to answer your question and uplift your understanding of the cross-platform Rust on various gaming devices. Let’s get started without any more ado!

Is Rust Cross-Platform?

Overview Of Rust – Top-Rated Steam’s Survival Game

Is Rust Cross-Platform (PC, Xbox & PlayStation)

Rust has routinely led Steam rankings because of its unique combination of survival and crafting aspects. DayZ and Minecraft have greatly contributed to its development in terms of inspiration.

Rust step down into the gaming industry from Steam Early Access back in late 2013. Its development lasted almost five years. The developers modified the game engine from Unity 4 to 5. This led to the replacement of zombies with deadly fauna.

The game place the players on a harsh, disastrous planet wrecked by an unknown disaster and must face the elements in a randomly generated area. Wild creatures such as wolves and bears are a constant danger. However other players, your enemies, are a concern too

The remaining gameplay features are mining and crafting, which provide players with the tools needed to construct weapons and survival gear. PvP combat feels new. That is with the addition of bows and craftable firearms that discharge ballistic rounds rather than straight shots. 

Also, players can construct bases and must keep an eye out for airdrops bringing essential supplies.

Cross-Platform Play – Overview

Is Rust Cross-Platform (PC, Xbox & PlayStation)

In context, ‘Cross-platform’ means “across devices or platforms.” Hence cross-platform play directs to a game that you can play on numerous platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. 

The cross-platform feature allows gamers to play with those who are using a different platform than their own. A cross-play enabled game, for example, would allow PC users to compete with friends who are enjoying the game on a different device.

Even in 2022, unfortunately, cross-platform gaming is still uncommon in the video game business. Only a few large publishers have made this functionality available for their flagship titles. A few names of the cross-platform games include Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and many more.

These games provide players with a vast range of gamers to contest with, and they are not confined to one type of platform. Furthermore, it saves your buddies the trouble of obtaining an additional gadget so that you can play together.

Is Rust Cross-Play? 

Is Rust cross-platform

With Rust’s growing popularity in recent years, many gamers may be asking whether it is cross-platform compatible. The possibility to play Rust with friends and strangers across consoles and PC is actually thrilling.

Is Rust a cross-platform game? To answer your question, it is almost a YES. However, there is a pitfall.

In Rust, cross-play is possible, albeit only in a few restricted combinations. All consoles are completely cross-platform compatible with the Rust console edition. It implies that gamers who log in from their consoles may interact with players from other consoles.

However, those in the PC version are exclusively available to other PC users. As a result, gamers on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S may compete with those on the PS4 or PS5. 

Regardless, PC gamers are unable to play with their cross-platform buddies. It implies that if you have a PC, you will be able to interact with other individuals who are playing this game on their computers.

Cross-Platform Gaming Devices

We have enlisted a few gaming devices where Rust is cross-play. Here to check them out:

Is Rust Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One

The answer to the question of whether PS4 and Xbox One gamers may play Rust on the same server is yes. Yes, PS4 and Xbox One users may play the same game simultaneously.

Simply add your cross-platform buddies to your friends’ list using the in-game options, and you will be ready to drop and start looting and slaughtering. The game edition of PS4 and Xbox One are also cross-play compatible with the Xbox Series X/S.

The two main console communities are often at odds, arguing about which of the two systems is better. They may now bring their disputes to blow up the in-game chat as well.

Is Rust Cross-Platform PS4 & PS5

Expectations were high when the next-generation PlayStation 5 was released last year. Albeit the Rust console version is experiencing stability difficulties on the PS5, there is still good news. You don’t need to panic since Rust players can continue playing with their pals on the same server using the PS4.

Fortunately, this implies that PlayStation fans who are still on edge about purchasing the PS5 or can not locate one in stock will not have to be concerned about being capable of playing with their friends on the next-generation PlayStation platform.

Is Rust Cross-Platform PS5 & Xbox One

If you are fond of the greatness of this game, you can still have some reservations like the rest of us. For example, you may be wondering if the Rust console version for Xbox One is cross-play interoperable with the next-generation PS5.

Facepunch has heard your requests, and the Rust on the PS5 and Xbox One is cross-play compatible with one another, and also with the next-generation Xbox Series X/S, as long as everyone is on the same server.

Is Rust Cross-Platform Consoles & PC

Now comes the pitfall that we said before. Gamers playing Rust on their PC cannot play with those on the alternative consoles. It is due to the fact that the Rust console model is not supporting cross-play with the PC version. It abandons PC gamers in the lurch.

It is because PC gamers have an innate edge over console players owing to keyboard and mouse controllers providing substantially greater gameplay compared to Xbox and PlayStation console controllers.

Reason Behind No Cross-Play Compatibility Of PC

Is Rust cross platform PS4 and PC

Fans have long asked whether Facepunch Studios would provide cross-play for PC gamers. Though we still await the official confirmation or even a hint from the studio as to whether or not Rust seems to have cross-play compatibility in the near future. However, it is still uncertain. 

After all, COD: Warzone, a darling game for most gamers, including you, enables PC and console players to compete against each other. But does the Rust team seek cross-platform development across PC and consoles?

Cross-platform may seem like a fantastic concept, but it is occasionally left out due to limits. And it is really preferable that way.

Rust is a game that will take time and talent to learn, and as any gamer knows, the mouse and keyboard configuration is the best method to play games like Rust.

As a result, the players were opposed to permitting cross-platform play among console and PC players since the PC players would have had an unfair edge over the console gamers who are limited to their controllers.

If the majority of players do not desire a feature like this, why would the creators try a different approach to make it a reality? It is not going to make sense. As a result, it is in most users’ best interests that Rust is how it is. That is, not supporting cross-platform between consoles and PC.

Practical Steps To Set Up Cross-Platform In Rust

Is Rust cross platform PS5 and PC

When it comes to building the cross-play in the game, many gamers find it tricky. It is effortless if you have the right tactics in mind. Here we have enlisted a few steps to follow for a facile cross-play and enjoy competing against your kins. 

  • Prior to anything else, make certain that both players are using systems that are capable of supporting cross-play compatibility. If you have a PC, you can avoid the rest of this section.
  • Then, on the Console Version of this game, go to the server selection screen and make your decision. There you can discover a thorough list of servers that you can currently access.
  • Identify the servers by looking for the CP symbol next to their names. The CP sign indicates that these servers are accessible for cross-player interaction with other players.
  • If you are unable to discover a server, you need to apply a filter for specific results.

Difference Between Cross-Platform And Multiplatform

People often mix up these two words. While cross-platform provides the opportunity to play a game on many devices, multiplatform generally references that a game is playable on various platforms. The vast majority of games published nowadays have computer and console versions collectively, regardless of whether or not they are cross-playable.

Console-exclusive games, whether on the PlayStation or Xbox, are an exception to this rule. On the PlayStation platform, console-defining exclusives include Spider-Man, the Uncharted series, etc. The Xbox camp includes titles such as the Forza Motorsport series, the Forza Horizon series, and a few more.

It is noteworthy that the Xbox games are also available for PC. PS titles, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, etc., have gradually made their way to PC as well.

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Is Rust Cross-Platform Wrapping Up

Rust has the ability to make gamers spend a great deal of their time with it. It’s because of the game’s survival antics where you create buildings and strongholds, devise weapons, and ultimately engage in conflict with other players on your server.  

The cross-platform is an essential technology that lets you enjoy game time with your buddies. Now that you have read our guide, you have got help understanding where Rust is compatible with cross-play and where not. Happy gaming!

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