Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform in 2022?

Sure, open-world adventure-loaded action video games rule the gaming industry, but the world isn’t over for the survival horror genre. In fact, games like Secret Neighbor – a survival horror depiction, offer thrill and excitement that keeps you on your toes every time you log in. Besides, it provides the perfect way of escaping the gunpowder-borne action games you’ve been playing all your life.

The Secret Neighbor game features a fine combination of survival and horror genres that keeps you immersed in the gameplay for hours. What puts this video game further ahead in its league is the online and offline multiplayer feature that lets you join your friends in the exhilarating gameplay in the Hello Neighbor universe.

Among others, a question that’s been asked and even debated recurrently is, “Is Secret Neighbor cross-platform in 2022?” Well, the short answer is, yes. Secret Neighbor does support Cross-Platform in 2022. However, before we get into the details, let’s unbox everything you need to know about Secret Neighbors gameplay instead.

Secret Neighbor – Background, Gameplay, and Storyline

The recent addition to the Hello Neighbor universe, Secret Neighbor was developed by Hologryph and launched by tinyBuild games in 2019. The tinyBuild games is a US-based company famous for publishing exciting adventure games like Graveyard Keeper and Guts and Glory.

The Secret Neighbor is a horror survival multiplayer video game featured in a social setting. The game presents six players that are on a mission to rescue an individual from the creepy basement of their neighbors. As one of the players, you are required to locate keys that open the locked basement door during the process.

Although the game allows offline and the online multiplayer setting`s across different platforms allowing players to either matchmake randomly or play with their squad. The voice chat system allows you to interact with other players on your way to the basement. For those of you who consider it just another boring quest game, Secret neighbor has something that keeps things spiced up.

While you are probing through the neighbor’s house in search of keys, he stays right beside you disguised as the sixth player on your team. You need to complete the mission discreetly enough to not be caught by the neighbor while you are sneaking through. If you have experience playing recent hits, Among Us, you will easily understand the dynamics of the game.

However, unlike Among US, Secret Neighbors exhibits far better graphics and an impressive storyline that keeps you hinged throughout the play. The play comprises four rounds, 15 minutes long each. You win the game if you figure out who the disguised neighbor is before the time runs out. The game has managed to build quite an audience from platforms like the play store and steam.

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform in 2022?

Secret Neighbor 2022 – Cross-Platform Situation

Fortunately, Secret Neighbor does provide cross-platform compatibility in 2022. The news would be no less than a treat to gamers who have been patiently waiting to hear positive remarks. Since the game is available on all major platforms, the cross-play feature has filled the gap between varying model frameworks.

Players from all platforms can now match and play the horror survival game with each other. For instance, if you are a PC gamer you can easily team up with your friends even if they are on consoles or any other supported platform.

What may come as a surprise is that Secret Neighbor has also added Android and iOS operating systems to their game-compatible platforms. This means you can now connect and play the intriguing game on your smartphone too. All you need is a group of friends who have the same taste in video games to enjoy this amazing masterpiece.

For those looking to get the best out of the horror gameplay, consider playing it at night when the lights are off. The music in the background keeps you immersed and hyped up in the horror gameplay.

Integrated cross-play into the game’s infrastructure has enabled tinyBuild to acquire an extensive and diverse gaming community. As the player base rose, the sales of the copies continued to climb as well. Thanks to this, Secret Neighbor has reported an increase in profit on the developer’s part.

Despite the striking benefits, cross-platform functionality presents certain issues that need to be addressed as well.

  • Instead of creating a master copy that is compatible with all platforms, developers have to launch the copy multiple times for each platform.
  • The cross-play game is comparatively more vulnerable to data theft and hacking compared to platform-specific ones.
  • Oftentimes, developers have a hard time maintaining the servers that enable the cross-play feature in the game. Any imbalance in the server standing affects the gameplay with glitches and lags.
  • Like another game, the performance of Secret Neighbor gameplay depends on the device or platforms it’s being operated on. Therefore, platforms with improved hardware fixtures have an upper hand in terms of smooth and quality gaming.

Nevertheless, the benefits of the technology simply outdo the shortcomings of the cross-play feature. Let’s go a little deeper to understand the cross-platform availability across different platforms.


Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform PS4 and PC?

Yes, Secret Neighbor ensures cross-platform compatibility between PS4 and PC. In addition to the game being available on both platforms, players from each platform can team up and play with each other. The horror adventure game has received widespread adaptability and popularity thanks to the cross-play feature. Now players do not have to shift on a platform similar to their friends to play with each other.

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Thankfully, yes. Secret Neighbor now supports cross-platform play between PC and Xbox. In simpler terms, if you love to play Secret Neighbor on your PC while your friend prefers a console specifically an Xbox, you can easily play with each other without having to shift devices.

The multiplayer online game offers the best experience when played with friends. With the onset of cross-play in the game, it has acquired a larger gaming audience than before.

Is Secret Neighbor cross platform PS4 and PC

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform Switch and PC?

Secret Neighbor supports cross-platform play between PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022. Despite a relatively shorter launch period, the developers of the game have incorporated cross-play technology into the game. Although it required extensive review and code from the developers, the wide adoption of the game made every effort worth it.

Thanks to the developer team on board, players can now match up, interact, and play with each other from PC and Nintendo Switch, without one needing to change their platform device.

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Fortunately, yes. Secret Neighbor has integrated cross-platform technology for PS4 and Xbox One play in 2022. This means that players who have a PS4 can have a smooth and interactive gameplay experience with their friends who are logged in from Xbox One.

There’s been a rivalry between the two platforms for the longest part preventing players to shift to the other platform to play platform-specific games. However, now players can team up in the social survival game from the platform that they own.

Is Secret Neighbor cross platform Switch

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform iOS and Android?

Yes, Secret Neighbor supports cross-play between iOS and Android (two different mobile operating systems.) While most cross-platform games are limited to consoles and PC, Secret Neighbor goes further by adding iOS and Android-enabled smartphones to the list.

Players who don’t have a specified gaming device can also join in on the fun as there is cross-play functionality in mainstream smartphone operating systems. So, if you have an apple-enabled device you can not only cross-play with android but also catch up with your squad on consoles and PC.

Is Secret Neighbor Crossplay FAQs

What kind of game is Secret Neighbor?

Secret Neighbor is an online and offline multiplayer game featuring social survival and horror genre. The game was designed by Holograph and published tinyBhuild in 2019 across all mainstream platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch Google Stadia, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android. Moreover, the game supports cross-play between all platforms it is available on.

How to invite a cross-platform Secret Neighbor?

You can invite your friend in cross-platform on Secret Neighbor in two simple steps:

  • Once you start the game open the “friends” tab located on the main menu.
  • Choose the friend you want to play with and send the invite.

In case you want to play with someone outside your friend list make sure you ask for their neighbor’s key.

Can you play Secret Neighbor on your smartphone?

Yes, you can play Secret Neighbor on your smartphone. Be it Android or iOS, you can easily team between both platforms. Even more, you can also team up with your friends on game-focused platforms from your smartphone.

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Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform Bottom Line

In the past couple of years, cross-platform functionality has been on an uptrend. While most online multiplayer games have integrated the technology into their framework, gamers want others to follow in their footsteps.

Released in 2019, Secret Neighbors join the list of games that support cross-platform play allowing players to team up, interact, and play with each other. Since the cross-platform compatibility extends all across the board such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, everyone can join in on the exciting and horror experience of the game.

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