Is Terraria Cross-Platform in 2022? PC, Mobile, Xbox, PS

Is Terraria Cross-Platform?

Check out this article for the answer and some helpful tidbits. 

Terraria is a popular video game that entered the scene almost a decade ago and won gamers’ hearts. The multiplayer mode of the game, which lets you play with your friends, is one of its major selling points.

Currently, Terraria is available on multiple platforms, such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOs, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch. 

So, it is a multiplayer game available on numerous platforms. It fuels our curiosity and makes us question a few things: Can we play Terraria with our friends using different consoles than us?

Is Terraria cross platform PS4 Xbox one

Is Terraria Cross-Platform

Yes, but not completely. Terraria supports cross-platform play, but this feature is not available for all devices. 

However, there is hope for the future. Apparently, the developers are willing to bring cross-platform support for all devices in the future. 

So, keep your fingers crossed, gamers.

In the meantime, let’s explore the devices with Terraria’s cross-play feature.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform Xbox and PlayStation 

Unfortunately, no. It simply means if you play Terraria on Xbox One and your friend has a PS4 or PS5, you can not play with them. 

So, if you want to play this game with your pals, you will have to get the console they are using and buy the game on it. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform Xbox and PC

The answer to this question is also no. Although the game is available on both platforms, players using these devices can not play with each other. 

However, don’t be disappointed because developers are willing to make Terraria cross-platform compatible sometime in the future. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform PC and Mobile

Yes, cross-platform compatibility is available between PC and mobile.

It means if you are playing on your computer, and your friends have the game on their mobile phones, all of you can play together. Just make sure that everyone has the same version of the game, and you are all set.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch

Cross-play feature is not available between PC and Nintendo Switch, and there is no future possibility for that.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform PC and PlayStation

No, cross-play functionality is not available between computers and consoles.

So, if you have Terraria on PS4/5 and your friends have Terraria on their computers, you can’t play with them.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform IOS and Android

Fortunately, yes. It means Android and iPhone users can have a fun round of Terraria together.

What is fantastic is that gamers can download this game for free on their cell phones.

Additionally, ensure that everyone has the same version of the game installed before starting to play.

Is Terraria Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5

The answer is absolute yes.

You can join your friends to play this game even if you are not using the same console generation. It doesn’t matter whether you use PS4 or PS5 and your friend uses PS3; you can play along.

Terraria – A Quick Overview

Terraria is a 2D sandbox video game with action-adventure and open environment elements. It is developed by Re-logic and was released back in 2011. Initially, it was available for MS Windows but is compatible with numerous platforms now. 

Since Terraria is an open-world game, it is perfect for players who like to have more control and define their own goals in the game. Anyone who loves a good adventure game should give it a shot. 

The game’s theme is exploring, mining, crafting, building, fighting with nemesis, and surviving

Players can build items, and structures, mine caves, and fight with enemies and bosses throughout the game. The journey commences in a fictional world where users control their characters. 

Players have a few tools that help them achieve their goals in the game. For instance, they can cut down trees for wood. They can also obtain dirt and rock by digging into the ground.

Exploration and resource gathering is the game’s core attractions, but it is much more than that. For instance, the game has enormous combat potential if you try to explore the game by experimenting with weapons and beating bosses. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform Between PC, Mobile, Xbox, PS4, And Nintendo Switch?

How to Enable Cross-platform Between PC and Mobile in Terraria?

Cross-play is available between computers and mobiles. If you don’t know how to activate this feature, we are here to help. 

It is how you can do it:

  • Firstly, make sure that mobile and computer users have the same version of Terraria. It is always ideal to go for the latest version.
  • Then, make sure that users on both devices have a server to get connected to. For instance, you can visit the official website of Penguin Games to obtain the port and IP address for the cross-play server.
  • Next, launch the game on your devices.
  • Select the multiplayer option.
  • The next step is to choose the character you wish to play.
  • Then, enter the server’s port and IP address you collected.
  • Click on the play button. Cross-play functionality is enabled now.

How to Activate Cross-play Between IOS and Android in Terraria?

When will Terraria be cross platform

Cross-platform play is available between different mobile phones, like iPhones and Android. The good news is that you do not need to do anything complicated to avail this feature.

All you have to do is make sure that all users are on the same game version and have selected the multiplayer game option. Then, you are ready to have all the fun.

Why Is Terraria Not Cross-platform?

Terraria’s developers have shown willingness to work on cross-play functionality and make this game accessible for everyone. Having your game available on multiple platforms can result in a substantial increase in revenue. So, reaching out to a wider audience is a fantastic business move as well.

However, there could be a hundred limitations in their way. 

So, there is no one ultimate answer to why Terraria does not support this feature till now. It could be any of the following reasons:

Gaming on PC Is Smoother

No offense to console fans, but PC gaming is much more entertaining. The use of a keyboard and mouse gives more control, which comes in handy during interactive and adventurous video games.

PC gamers can play with controllers if they want. Plus, they get a better visual experience. So, there is much more freedom on that side. 

Now, visualize a multiplayer session between PC and console users. Console users will have a hard time keeping up with PC gamers. 

We reckon that it could be one of the many reasons that developers do not include cross-play features between PC and consoles. 

Is Terraria cross-platform PS4 mobile

Unstable Performance and Lagging

While the idea of having a game that transcends device boundaries and connects everyone seems perfect for us, it is not always simple for game developers.

Unlike platform-specific apps, cross-platform applications struggle to integrate seamlessly across all systems. And it leads to slow performance, glitching, screen freezing, extra time loading, and more. 

Maintaining it all is not only difficult for developers, but it will also affect users. For instance, the game might be working perfectly well on your system but not on your friend’s device. 

Budget Constraints 

Along with technical restrictions, we can not forget financial limitations. Game creation is a long process going from design to testing. Needless to say, it could be hectic and financially challenging.

Hence, it is a solid reason because sometimes gaming companies and developers don’t have sufficient funds for it.

Certification Requirements 

Certification requirements can be tricky. These are the rules and regulations of every platform that a developer has to follow. 

Understanding these policies can be time-consuming. Plus, they vary from device to device.

Terraria Reception

Since the time of its release, Terraria has collected rave reviews from fans, critics, and media outlets.

The essence of the game and exploration elements are admired by GameSpot. The game piqued IGN’s curiosity because it placed a stronger emphasis on battle and exploration.

You can tell people were invested in the game by the fact that the game sold over 200,000 copies in its first release week and approximately 432,000 in the first month

By 2015, this number increased to over 12 million copies sold across all platforms and 35 million by 2020.

Speaking of comparisons, Terraria is often compared to Minecraft. There might be some similarities in the basic survival aspect. However, they are both different games with distinct features.

Furthermore, On IndieDB, Terraria was voted #1 for 2011 Indie of the Year Player Choice. Terraria’s accomplishments do not end here. Fast forward to 2021, and the game has been awarded “Labor of love” by Steam Awards.

What Is The Future of Terraria?

Re-logic crew members keep updating fans through social media about future possibilities and new features. Currently, fans are waiting for the latest update: 1.4.4.

The Terraria team released their final update in May 2020 by the name of Journey’s end. A few months later, they came back with another release called Journey’s actual end. 

Funnily enough, it didn’t stop there, and they came up with a crossover update in 2021. And now, the makers have announced yet another fresh release called 1.4.4.

Moreover, there is a parity update in progress to offer more control between all devices. A lot of new items are coming our way. Various loot sources are expected to become generous.

Apart from that, the representatives have announced that tModLoader 1.4 alpha experience will be split between two branches: 1.4 previews and 1.4 stable. 

Developers have also shown interest in making the multiplayer mode compatible between PC, mobiles, and consoles.

It is safe to say that we have our hopes high. Since Terraria is a popular and well-received game, we hope that these updates never stop coming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Terraria like Minecraft?

If you are a Terraria player or planning to buy this game, brace yourself because you will stumble upon this question a million times. 

Yes, there are some basic similarities like resource gathering, collecting wood, mining, building, surviving, etc. Apart from that, Terraria is different because it is more combat and content-oriented. 

Terraria has more items, enemies, guns, bosses, blocks, materials, and better fishing. Meanwhile, Minecraft is pretty bland in survival mode with not much content. 

Another fundamental difference is that Terraria is 2D, and Minecraft is a 3D game. Minecraft has a wide multiplay and offers more flexibility to users, which Terraria lacks.

If you are someone who wants to get creative in an uncomplicated universe, Minecraft is perfect for you. It gives you a more relaxed environment to play. Meanwhile, the adventure and action enthusiasts should go for Terraria. 

2. Can iOS and Android play Terraria together?

Yes, they can, as the cross-play support is available between these two devices. Hence, if you are an iPhone user and your friend has an Android phone, you can hop on your respective devices and play together

3. When will Terraria be cross-platform?

Terraria’s cross-platform support is available between PC and mobile and iOs and Android. This feature is unavailable to console owners, and they want it so that they can play with their friends no matter what their device is.

Although we know that the makers of Terraria have hinted about bringing this feature in the future, we are not sure when exactly this will happen. 

4. Is Terraria multiplayer?

Terraria Multiplayer is a game option in which you can play with or against other internet players. Terraria has both single-player and multiplayer modes. Users can enable anything as per their preference.

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Is Terraria Cross-Platform Final Thoughts

So back to the question where it all began: Is Terraria cross-platform? 

Yes, it is. But this function is not available for console users. As a PC or cell phone gamer, you can not play Terraria with your friends who are on Xbox, PlayStation, or other gaming consoles. 

However, there is a possibility that these limitations will be eliminated in the future with new updates. 

Terraria has established a dedicated fandom and garnered immense love globally. We believe the makers don’t take any of it for granted and will work on clients’ requests.

So, stay tuned, fellas.

Neha Jamil is a 23-year-old gamer who is set on breaking stereotypes. Being a female pro, she understands the struggles of being underestimated. She intends to break this chain and help newbies discover the exciting world of gaming.

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