Is The Division 2 Crossplay? (Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch)

Remember when we had to spend a long time deciding between Xbox and PlayStation? It was imperative to buy the same gaming console your friends and cousins own to play together. 

Thankfully, we have come out of that era. Now you can actually play with anyone regardless of the device they use. 

It is what we call the wonders of cross-platform and cross-play games. Sometimes people use these terms interchangeably. 

It is critical to note that all cross-play games are qualified as cross-platform games. However, all cross-platform games are not cross-play games. 

So, what are some best cross-play games? 

Is the Division 2 crossplay?

Let’s find out.

Is The Division 2 Crossplay?

What Is Cross-play And Cross-platform In Video Gaming?

Is The Division 2 Crossplay

Cross-platform and cross-play are the terms that have become an integral part of gaming jargon. Although they are used interchangeably, knowing a precise definition might save you a lot of confusion. 

Cross-platform games are supported across multiple systems, including gaming consoles and PC. Simply put, you can play a cross-platform game whether you have a PlayStation, Xbox, or computer as they are compatible with multiple platforms.

Meanwhile, cross-play games are the ones that allow multiplayer mode regardless of the gaming device players are using. For instance, if you own a PlayStation and your gaming buddy has an Xbox, both can play together. 

Based on these definitions, a game that supports both features can be referred to as cross-platform play. The best cross-platform play games go beyond the confines of Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

And one of the most common examples is Fortnite. 

This widely popular game is available on PC, Mac, Android, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox one series, Nintendo Switch, and Switch Lite. Hence, you can have a fun, competitive round of gaming sessions with your buddies, whether they have Xbox One or PS4.

As I mentioned earlier, not all cross-platform games can be identified as cross-play games. However, most of the big gaming players are offering both features. So, in most games, you may get the best of both worlds.

Let’s see what Division 2 has in store for us now that we’re here to explore it and its cross-engagement features.

Division 2 – A Quick Overview

Developed by Massive Entertainment, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an online action role-playing game (ARPG). It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Windows on 15th March 2019.

Set in Washington DC, it provides 180 thrilling weapons. The format of this game is based on customizable agents. Players can customize their appearance, clothing, and gender. 

What is fantastic is that this game has a multiplayer mode. It means players can compete as agents with other players to win the battle. Armed with assault rifles, they fight to achieve the set goals first.

To move forward and complete the tasks, they can also make a group of four and accomplish everything as a team. The one who makes it by achieving the goal gets rewards.

Division 2 cross save

Is Division 2 Crossplay?

Yes, it is. But, it is a bit complicated.

In Division 2, the cross-play feature is enabled by default for PC players. However, only the players with PC and Stadia can play this game together. 

Other than that, Division 2 has no cross-play support for other platforms.

If you don’t enjoy multiplayer mode, you can disable this option by changing the settings.

Is Division 2 Cross-play Xbox and PS4?

Division 2 does offer cross-play support. However, this feature is only available for PC and Stadia users. If you play on the computer and your friend is a Stadia user, both can play Division 2 together. 

However, there are no such facilities for Xbox and PS4 players. It means, if your friend has a PlayStation, unfortunately, you can’t play together.

Is Division 2 Cross-platform PS4 and Xbox?

No, Division 2 is not cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox. The publishers of this game have limited the cross-platform play options for Stadia and PC users only. 

Hence, a PC user and a Stadia user can play alongside each other. But PS4 players can only play with other PS4 players. 

It might be disappointing for PlayStation and Xbox players. However, we can hope developers and publishers of the game will bring some flexibility in the future regarding cross-platform support. 

Division 2 crossplay PS5

Is Division 2 Cross-platform Xbox and PC?

No, cross-platform support does not apply between Xbox and PC users. Although the representatives of Division 2 have not said much regarding cross-platform situations, we can still hope for them to make the format more flexible. 

Why Are Not All Games Cross-play? 

Having the ability to play a video game with fellow gamers on different devices is fantastic. With this change, you will no longer have to worry about the same family of gaming consoles. Plus, you can actually save some money by sticking to your old gaming device.

So, what’s the deal with not every game being compatible with every platform? Why do they restrict your ability to play the same game with people on different gaming systems? 

It is because companies will lose money by decreased sales of consoles. 

For instance, video game company Nintendo develops its own video games and gaming consoles. Their widely popular action-adventure game “Super Mario Odyssey” is compatible with the Nintendo Switch console.

Now, if the game is compatible with multiple systems other than Nintendo Switch, their revenue will significantly drop as people won’t feel like buying it. The exclusivity of this game is what defines its business.

Needless to say, the impact on hardware sales is significant.

We believe the primary concern of brands should be customer satisfaction and comfort. However, they can’t deliver these results by risking their own revenue, which is fair enough.

What Is The Future of Cross-play?

Is The Division 2 Crossplay? (Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch)

In the past, cross-platform play was an enormous problem. Gaming brands had their own studios for consoles. Hence, we did not have many games available across more than one device.

However, there has been a noticeable shift in the last few years after the massive success of Fortnite and Call of Duty. Now, big industry players like Sony and Microsoft are taking the initiative to offer cross-play functionality. 

There are numerous opportunities to investigate cross-play integration, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Although we still have a long way to go as big companies like Nintendo are still stuck to the old format, it is a relief that the conversation has started. 

Brands and developers can now capitalize on customer needs as they are aware of their demands. As a result, we can anticipate several multiplayer games to include cross-play functionality in the future.

Does Division 2 has Cross-Save?

For players with multiple consoles, the cross-save feature allows them to pick up the game on one platform right where they left it on another platform. For example, if you were playing on PS4 in the morning and now want to continue at your Xbox then the cross-save feature makes it possible for you to continue with ease.

Is The Division 2 Crossplay? (Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch)

Is The Division 2 Crossplay Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Division 2 free?

Division 2 is available on PC, Uplay, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is not free of cost for ultimate use. However,  you can download the free trial version from Uplay, epic games store, PlayStation, and Xbox games store.

After downloading the free trial, you can play the game for eight hours. When your trial period expires, your progress will be carried over to the game if you decide to purchase it.

Why is Crossplay important?

Since times are changing, console manufacturers have given developers the go-ahead to create games that support cross-play dynamics. Apart from being a cost-efficient and convenient format, this feature is helpful for users in several manners. 

For instance, it must have happened to you that you accessed a game only to realize there are not enough players to compete with you. 

Cross-play functionality aims to fill the gap and promote community growth. When a game is cross-play, users don’t only have sufficient opponents, but they can communicate with them. It is one small example of how cross-play can benefit people around the globe.

Does Division 2 has Cross Generation Support?

Cross gen refers to the ability to play a game on different generation consoles of the same brand. Not having cross-generation support is the worst nightmare for any gamer. However, the good news is, that if you want to upgrade from your Xbox One to Series X, then Division 2 will not limit you in any way. You can play with your friends with older models.

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Is The Division 2 Crossplay Wrap Up

With the expansion of cross-play, game accessibility will increase while exclusivity will decrease. According to consumer demand, more brands are making their games less “exclusive” and more accessible to players across all platforms. 

Although there are challenges and legitimate concerns about brands, we can expect the results to outweigh them. Fortunately, companies like Sony are breaking with tradition and embracing cross-play functionality.

So, is Division 2 cross-play?

Currently, Division 2 supports cross-platform play between PC and Stadia users. Although the manufacturers and publishers have not hinted at a future upgrade, we hope that Division 2 will jump on the bandwagon soon to facilitate multiple gamers.

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