Is the Forest Cross-Platform in 2022? (PC, Xbox, PS4)

The Forest is a multiplayer horror game that is highly popular and can be called a sleeper hit. The game is set up in a jungle where you have to fight humanoid creatures to survive. Since it is a survival game, the struggle is endless as you are constantly under attack and need to stay alive.

Fans have loved it over the years, and millions of people play it daily. Moreover, it has a great multiplayer system where you can team up against your friends for a fierce battle. So, the question arises: is the Forest cross-platform too, or only those can play it who are on the same platform?

Is the Forest Cross-Platform

Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

An Overview of the Forest

We can understand the gameplay of the Forest from its name. It is all about survival in this action-packed game. When in the jungle, you will encounter humanoids that are fearsome and can kill you anytime. To stay alive and make it to the next day, you will need to kill them.

You are wrong if you think your troubles are over with just humanoids. Both can be tough for you, whether it is the single-player mode or the multiplayer mode. It’s not only your life that is at risk; your possessions too are not safe and can be stolen anytime.

After surviving the plane crash as Eric LeBlanc, the tough island life starts where survival is everything.

Hunting, gathering, and weapon building are the main aspects of your island life. As you get accustomed to the new life, more maps show up, which take you further in your search.

If you are tired or afraid of playing against humanoids yourself, you can also try bringing in your friends and testing their skills. However, a game that isn’t cross-play can kill some of the fun.

Is The Forest crossplay

What is Cross-Platform/Cross-Play Gameplay?

Before we delve into the how’s and whys of the cross-platform of the Forest, we better know what cross-platform means in the first place. Talking about features is useless unless we understand them properly.

Usually, cross-platform and cross-play are used interchangeably, but they have some subtle differences. However, people often change them interchangeably.

So, a cross-platform game or software refers to something that can be played on different platforms at the same time without any issues. It does not require any special preparation. That is exactly why when you download a game such as Fortnite on your phone or PC; you can play it without any hiccups.

On the other hand, cross-play means you can play a game on different platforms at the same time where you can compete with other online users. For instance, playing on an Xbox can compete with your buddy rocking PS4 and the like.

Since the gaming community usually cross-play and cross-platform interchangeably, we will do the same in this piece.

Is The Forest cross platform PC and PS5

Is the Forest Cross-Platform?

We can play the Forest on multiple platforms such as Play Station 4, PC, etc. However, it still lacks cross-platform support, meaning someone playing on an Xbox with someone using a PC. If that is not enough, the game also does not support cross-progression.

It means that no matter where you are on one platform, if you change it, then all of your previous progress will be of no use. You will need to start from scratch in the Forest and cultivate a new profile.

There are multiple reasons behind the Forest not having cross-platform support. We will discuss some of them in detail here:

Maybe the developer is a bit resource-stricken because introducing cross-platform support requires exorbitant work and effort. You need to modify the base code to bring a major change, which is not an easy task.

Why Doesn’t the Forest Support Cross-Platform?

Software Differences

Moreover, different platforms have different types of software, so a change in software on one platform demands a change in software on other platforms.

Can’t Transfer Progress in the Forest

The second reason behind the lack of cross-platform is that you cannot carry your progress over to another platform if you decide to switch. Your previous progress remains on your older console, and you have to build everything from the grounds upon the new platform.

New Features Restrict Cross-Play

Another reason behind the Forest not being cross-play is that the developer is working on multiple new features. It isn’t easy to implement cross-platform support whenever a developer is working on new features.

Different Gameplay Experience

A problem that cross-platform games often face is that the experience is different on different platforms. For instance, if cross-platform is implemented today in the Forest, an Xbox player may have a completely different gameplay experience than a PS4 player. This discrepancy makes gameplay difficult and choppy, so cross-play is not a suitable option.

Different Policies

Usually, it is tough to implement a single policy across different platforms because of how different companies deal with online abuse. A player using Xbox is under different policy obligations than the one on a PC or Play Station. So, if abuse is committed on one platform, enforcing a different policy from another platform doesn’t work.

Server Issues in the Forest Gameplay

Whenever two players join a battle in cross-play, their data is now placed on a single server. Two servers can handle the load from two players, but one server handling the load is often a difficult affair. The gameplay can never be smooth if the server cannot handle the workload and the whole experience is ruined for both players.

Gameplay Issues in the Forest Cross-Platform

Cross-play can only be implemented if the gameplay is fully smooth on the original platforms. For instance, a single-player playing on Xbox should have a lag-free experience in the first place for cross-play to be implemented. However, that is not the case, so cross-play remains a pipedream for thousands of players.

Piracy Scare

The reason developers often don’t allow cross-play is that they want to prevent the piracy of the game. Unfortunately, piracy has become a serious issue in video games, and developers do not want valuable data compromised, so they don’t take the risk of cross-play.

“Unfair” Advantage

Some players intrinsically have what some would call an unfair advantage. Due to these advantages, the gameplay is imbalanced, which results in lopsided results.

For instance, PC players with a keyboard and mouse have a much more authentic experience than consoles. As a result, the gameplay for PC players is smoother and more accurate, giving them an advantage over their competitors.

Is The Forest cross-play between Xbox and PS4

Does the Forest Support Cross-Play Between PC and Xbox One?

No, as there’s no cross-play support on the Forest. A player using a PC cannot play with someone on Xbox One. Therefore, you can only play with your friends or strangers on the same platform. For instance, if you use Xbox, you can only play with those who also use Xbox.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy the Fire on different platforms, you will have to purchase different versions of the game that work on all the platforms you wish to use.

Is the Forest Crossplay Xbox and PS4?

Since PS4 and Xbox One are two different platforms, the Fire doesn’t support cross-play. The reason is that the game developer has restricted the mode and has no plans of implementing it anytime soon due to multiple reasons.

So, the only option left for players is to enjoy it on their platform, as going for cross-play is useless unless the developer does something about it and releases a relevant update.

Is the Forest Cross-Play Between PC & PS4?

The answer here is no again. The reason is that PC & PS4 are different platforms, and there’s no support from the developer. So, if you play on your PC, there is no way for you to enjoy it with a friend who rocks Play Station 4.

For you two to enjoy the Forest on both platforms, you will have to purchase another version of the game for the second platform. Being on the same platform is crucial for players to enjoy cross-play the Fire.

Is the Forest Cross-Play Between PS4 & PS5?

The answer to this question is finally yes. The Forest supports cross-play across the same platforms, Play Station 4 and Play Station 5.

So, if you play on PS 4 and your friend uses a PS5, you’re in luck, as you can both enjoy cross-play without any issues. Moreover, you do not have to purchase a different version of the game either, as the same version works on both platforms.

Is the Fire Cross-Play Supported on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S?

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are the same platforms, so they support cross-play between them for the Fire. So, a player playing on Xbox One can get into a battle with their friend using an Xbox Series X/S.

It is one of the most suitable platforms to enjoy the Fire with your friends. Luckily, you do not have to spend on a different version, as the same version will work on both platforms.

Is the Forest Cross Platform Xbox and PC?

Xbox and PC are two different platforms with different software, so cross-platform isn’t supported between them. It means if two players decide to feast on a gaming session and they’re on PC & Xbox, it’d be impossible for them to do that.

The reason behind this is that developer of the Forest has not released the support for cross-play gaming. So, either they can play the game separately on their platforms or join in on the same platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are still confused or unclear about something, we have prepared a detailed FAQs section. Here, you will find answers to your queries regarding the Forest cross-platform support.

Q. If I switch my platforms, can I transfer my progress from the previous platform to the new one?

A. Your progress is limited to one platform and cannot be transferred over to another. For instance, if you play the Forest on Xbox for a while and then switch to PS4, you will start from the ground up on the new platform. Your progress on Xbox will stay there and is of no use on PS4.

Q. What are the differences in gameplay between different platforms?

A. Your progress is limited to one platform and cannot be transferred over to another. For instance, if you play the Forest on Xbox for a while and then switch to PS4, you will start from the ground up on the new platform. Your progress on Xbox will stay there and is of no use on PS4.

Q. Is there any way to enjoy cross-play in the Forest?

A. No, there is no way for you to enjoy cross-platform gameplay on the Forest. The developer has never released any such update and does not seem to do so in the near future. Therefore, you have two options left to enjoy the game.

First, you play separately as a single player on your platform. And the second one is that you and your friend are on the same platform to have some cross-play experience.

Q. Why doesn’t the Forest support cross-platform gaming?

A. The Forest doesn’t have cross-platform support due to multiple reasons. These include piracy potential, software differences between platforms, restrictions on progress transfer, different policies, server issues, and unfair advantages to PC gamers.

Q. Is there any chance for the Forest to support cross-play in the future?

A. Currently, there is no such indication that the developer plans to release support for cross-play. So, you will have to rely on the same platforms if you want to play with your friends in multiplayer mode.

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Is the Forest Cross-Platform? The Bottom Line:

So, these are our thoughts about the Fire and its cross-platform support. It currently does not have any cross-play support and does not look like it is coming anytime soon. However, you can still play it as a single player on your platform or join others who use a similar platform.

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