Is Warface Crossplay in 2022?

If you are a first-person shooter games fan, you must have played or at least heard about Warface. Warface is a popular title among online shooter games. The best thing about the game is that it is free to play on a range of gaming platforms.

The cross-platform feature is a necessity for all online multiplayer video games now. This feature allows you to enjoy the game with your gaming partners, even if they own a different gaming system. That’s the reason you might be thinking, is Warface crossplay in 2022?’ 

Well, there have been several updates related to Warface Cross-Platform feature for the game. However, players are still unsure whether Warface supports the feature across different platforms or not. 

To help you figure out answers to all the questions related to the Warface cross-platform feature, this article discusses them in detail here. Let’s dive in!

Is Warface Crossplay

Is Warface Cross-Platform in 2022?

Since Warface is available on a variety of platforms it was inevitable for the game to not introduce the cross-platform feature. So, yes, Warface is cross-platform in 2022, but only for console users. Whether you own a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox you will be able to enjoy the game with other console users without any glitches. 

However, it does not allow the same cross-play for PCs. That’s why if you are a PC gamer, you can only play along with other PC gamers. This can be quite frustrating as it limits the game population and you would need to wait much longer for matchmaking. So, even though its PC version might seem more dynamic to you, it is not as interesting as console versions because of this one lacking. 

The cross-platform feature can bring numerous benefits for the gamers and the developers too. Here are a few:

  • It enables gamers from across the platforms to play together.
  • Crossplay helps in shaping diverse gaming communities worldwide.
  • It increases the game population, so the developers can increase their revenue.
  • You do not have to spend on a pricey console just to enjoy a game. 
  • There is no need to buy versions of the same game for different platforms.
Is Warface Crossplay

Is Warface Cross-Platform with PS4 and PC?

As Warface does not support the cross-play for PCs, it is not a cross-platform between PlayStations and PCs.

This means that even if one of you is playing the game on PC you will not be able to team up on Warface. PC users are only allowed to play alongside other PC users.

Is Warface Cross-Platform with PS4 and Xbox One?

Luckily, yes, Warface is cross-platform between the players of PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2022.

No matter if you own a PS4 or a PS5 you will be able to crossplay with Xbox One players. This crossplay feature was not available before and was introduced only last year in January.  With that update, different brands’ console players are able to play with each other.

Is Warface Cross-Platform with PS4 and Switch?

Cross play is also possible between the PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch players. So, if you own a PS4 or PS5, you will be able to match up with the players from the Nintendo Switch console.

In the first crossplay update, only PS4 and Xbox One players were able to play each other. However, in the second quarter of 2021, another crossplay update came for the Nintendo Switch users. This update enabled the Nintendo Switch users to enjoy the cross-play across different consoles. 

Is Warface Crossplay with PC and Switch?

Though Warface on Nintendo Switch is cross-play compatible with other consoles, you will be unable to play alongside PC users. The reason is that the PC version of Warface uses quite different technology than the console versions, so they are not compatible with each other. 

That’s why PC users can only team up with other PC users while Switch users will be able to play with Xbox and PlayStation players. 

Is Warface Crossplay with PC and Xbox One?

As PCs do not support Warface cross-play with PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, likewise it is not a cross-platform between PC and Xbox One. However, Xbox consoles can make match the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles.

So, if you own an Xbox and your gaming partner is on PC you will not be able to play the game together. 

Is Warface Cross-Platform with Xbox One and Switch?

Xbox One and Switch, both are consoles which means the cross-play between these two is possible for Warface. This implies that the gaming partners having these two consoles will be able to play with one another. 

Is Warface cross platform with PS4 and PC

Warface – Everything You Want to Know

Before we get to the details about its cross-play functionality, it is important to know the game first. Warface is an online game of the first-person shooter genre.

Its developers are Crytek Kiev and its co-producers are Crytek Seoul. The game was published in 2018 by The game has become quite popular because of its wide range of modes and fun gameplay.

The military shooter, Warface, combines satisfying gunplay and character moves with vivid visuals. It involves both player vs. player (PvP) as well as player vs. environment games. The characters in the game are soldiers of five categories having different skills and strengths. So, for your soldier, you have the options of Sniper, Engineer, Rifleman, Medic, or SED. All have different weapons and distinctive capabilities that help in defeating the enemies.

In PvE, it offers some thrilling missions where you have to combat in a specific situation. These situations can be heists, sieges, defending bases against attacks, and others.

On the other hand, there are PvP modes that include battles between players. Both types of matches can earn you ‘experience points’ that will help push your level.  

Though there are numerous shooter games, this one has gained popularity as it is accessible to every gamer. It is an online free-to-play game that is supported by various gaming consoles and PCs too. 

Warface’s original version was only for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. But through the years, the game has introduced versions for a variety of gaming systems. Now, it is available on PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, iOS/macOS, and Androids too. That’s why Warface can cover almost the entire gaming community. 

Is Warface Cross-Platform in 2022

Is Warface Crossplay FAQs

1. Does Warface allow crossplay?

Yes, now Warface features the crossplay functionality for a variety of gaming console players. These include Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox consoles. However, if you are a PC gamer, you would need to wait a bit more to enjoy this feature, as Warface does not support crossplay on PCs.

2. Where can I play Warface?

You can get the thrill of Warface on numerous gaming platforms. So, whether you own a console from Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation, you will be able to enjoy the game. Also, as it is an online free-to-play game, you can try the game on your PCs, whether it is Microsoft Windows or macOS. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the game on your phone because of iOS and Android versions.

3. How to play Warface cross platform?

To play Warface cross platform, you do not have to manually enable the feature on PC and Xbox one as it is enabled in the default settings. However, if you are a PlayStation user, you would need to enable it through the settings. 

Firstly, on your PS4/5 settings menu, go to the ‘Account Management’ tab and find the cross platform section. Here you will see a toggle for ‘PlayStation Network’ to ensure that it is ‘On.’

4. How to add friends on Warface cross platform?

The cross platform mode is by default enabled on Warface, so you do not have to manage further settings before inviting your friends. If you are signed in with the Microsoft account, you can directly go to the ‘Friends’ tab on the right side. Then click on the ‘Add Friend’ option and finally search for them by typing their Gamertags on Microsoft. 

5. Is Warface cross-progression and cross-generation?

Cross progression and cross generation are also useful features like cross play. Former lets you take your in-game progress to another device. While the latter allows cross play between different consoles of the same company. 

Unfortunately, Warface is not cross progression which means you will be unable to upgrade to a new console. However, it does allow cross-gen play among different Xbox consoles and different PlayStation consoles.  

Is Warface cross platform with PS4 and Xbox

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Is Warface Crossplay Final Thoughts

Warface is a highly impressive online first-person shooter game. It’s free to play and is available on numerous platforms, and it also offers a somewhat limited cross-play feature. This means if you ask, ‘is Warface cross-platform in 2022?’ The answer would depend on the gaming system you own. So, if you are a Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox user, you can play with other console gamers. However, there’s no such feature for PC gamers, and they can only play with other PC gamers.   

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