Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform? Crossplay Status 2020

It will not be a false statement if we say that for the long-term success of games of recent games, cross-platform features have become a necessity.

Even games that have been around for a few years now like World of Tanks have to adapt and evolve if they want to stay relevant in the ever-changing gaming world. Which brings us to the crux of this article: Is World of Tanks cross-platform? 

And fortunately for all fans of the game, the creators of World of Tanks, Wargaming, just introduced cross-platform play in the game in the latest update. 

However, there are a few caveats associated with its cross-platform gaming capabilities because the game does not support it completely on all of the platforms.

What are these caveats? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in the rest of this article. 

So, if you want to know more about how exactly World of Tanks is cross-platform then just stay tuned to the rest of this article. 

Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform?


World of Tanks at its inception was released on the PC, specifically Microsoft Windows PCs, and android mobile devices. However, during its boom period, the game has been released on consoles too which include the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the Nintendo Switch. 

Furthermore, just recently the game was released on the next-gen consoles as well which Wargaming announced with their most recent update. 

Thus, the game is available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as well. So, keeping in mind all the platforms it has been released on up until this point in mind, let’s take a look at how exactly the game works across all of them. 

We should point out first though, that the android version of the game is fully non-cross platform so we haven’t included it in the list.

Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform PC and Xbox

In this modern age, the lines that separate gaming platforms are getting increasingly blurred out as gamers are looking for ways to play with the entire community regardless of their platform. 

And that applies to PC and Xbox players as well who admittedly have had a good relationship over the years when it comes to cross-platform play. 

However, the creators of World of Tanks, Wargaming, have made a conscious decision to not include any opportunity for cross-play between PC and Xbox players and we think we’ve deciphered why. 

Playing on a PC has always been easier than on a console regardless of the game being played as the fluidity of movement using a mouse and keyboard just can’t be matched by a controller. 

Hence why we believe that seeing as the PC players would be at an overwhelming advantage, the creators decided to not include any cross-platform functionality between the PC and Xbox.

Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform PC and PS4/PS5

PC and PS4/PS5 players have always had an estranged relationship when it comes to cross-platform gaming and that relationship has seemingly continued with World of Tanks as up till now the game has no cross-platform functionality when it comes to the PC and PS4/PS5. 

And before we go any further we would like to make it clear, that’s not because the creators could not implement cross-platform gaming between the two platforms, it’s more like they didn’t choose to as the PC players would have had an overwhelming advantage over PS4/PS5 players. 

Which is something we’ve gone into more detail about in the previous section. Also, there hasn’t been any announcement as of yet by Wargaming if they are thinking of including cross-platform play between the PS4/PS5 and PC in the future so unfortunately all you players can do at the moment is sit tight and wait.

Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 and Xbox

We think we’ve given you enough bad news in regards to cross-platform play, so it’s time for some good news. World of Tanks players on consoles can finally rejoice as the game is fully cross-platform between the PS4/PS5 and Xbox. 

This recent gem of a feature was announced just recently by Wargaming themselves and was introduced in the large-scale 5.0 update to the game which saw PS4/PS5 players finally have the ability to face their Xbox rivals in all-out tank battles to the death. 

Honestly, with this new update, we can see the game rising in popularity even more as the total number of players increased along with the awareness of the game in general.


Is World of Tanks Cross Gen?

Seeing as the game was just recently released on the next-gen platforms it is quite astonishing that the game already supports cross-gen play and judging from the reviews it has received by experienced gamers, the game runs extremely smoothly even when playing across generations. 

This effectively means PS4 players can play with PS5 players and even play with Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S players as the game had cross-platform gaming capabilities as well which is a huge feat considering the game came out in 2015. 

But since then Wargaming has ensured that they stay up to date with the latest developments in the gaming world and make sure the game continues to evolve as time passes by.

World of Tanks Gameplay

For those of you who don’t know the basic premise of the game, it’s simple: take a first-person shooting game for instance and replace all the playable characters with tanks, replace the narrow crevices and alleys with large open fields, and replace the range of weapons available with more tanks. 

In all honesty, tank warfare is totally a battle of attrition as we feel World of Tanks has nailed that as it provides players with an array of massive, lumbering, almost indestructible tanks, a world of them actually, which they can use in session-based combat with other players just like Call of Duty or Counterstrike. 

Furthermore, the built-in arenas themselves are incredibly huge, beautiful, and well detailed which makes them perfect for the ultimate tank battle to the death. 

We should also tell you that the game itself is a freemium game as it’s free to play originally but if you want to access the premium features you need to pay a small fee which in all honesty is pretty low compared to the features you get.

Top Twitch Streamers

Seeing the gameplay of a game with your own eyes is always a good idea especially if you’re seriously interested in buying that game. 

So, keeping that in mind, allow us to present to you a list of the most popular World of Tanks Twitch streamers that provide the best quality of gameplay day in and day out. 

  1. QuickyBaby
  2. WorldofTanks
  3. skill4ltu
  4. mailand

Pros of World of Tanks Being Cross-Platform


We’ve already mentioned how cross-platform gaming is the new norm in the gaming world these days and how gamers prefer to almost exclusively play cross-platform games only. 

However, we haven’t really dived into the why, why is cross-platform gaming so important to gamers all of a sudden? and what advantages does it offer a game in particular? 

Well, in this section that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing as we’ve created a list that contains all the pros of World of Tanks being a cross-platform which will hopefully make understanding the importance of cross-platform gaming easier.  

  • The popularity of the game will inevitably increase as the number of players playing the game increases.
  • More players with different skill levels mean more competitive gameplay and that’s always important for a Massively multiplayer online game like World of Tanks to thrive. 
  • Players won’t have to wait in the lobby for long as matchmaking is much quicker due to the sharp increase in players from different platforms.
  • An increase in the total number of players may cause the developers of the game to think of new innovations and updates they can include in the game like maybe some chat support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does World of Tanks Have Free Dual Entitlement?

Unfortunately for all World of Tanks players that have just bought a next-gen console and are eagerly waiting to play the game on their new console, World of Tanks does not offer free dual entitlement. 

This essentially means that if you want to play the game on a next-gen console you will have to buy a separate copy of the game, specific to that console. 

This may be a bummer for all of you next-gen console players but you should also keep in mind that the game was just recently released on the next-gen platforms so it will take a little more time for the game to adjust and for the developers to come up with a way to make the game have free dual entitlement. 

All we can say is don’t lose hope as Wargaming may come up with yet another update for the game in the future. 

Is World of Tanks Cross Progression?

Ask any real gamer and they’ll tell you how bad of a nightmare is to lose all your progress and start from scratch all again.

And with a massively multiplayer online game like World of Tanks where you can only face the best of the best if you have the best quality tanks, progressing becomes even more important. 

Thus, asking if the game is indeed cross-progression is extremely necessary. And the good news is that yes the game is indeed cross-progression, so if you do decide to switch the platform you’re playing on, you continue your progress from where you last left it on the other platform. 

Just keep in mind that you’ll need your Wargaming ID and Password to log in to your account on the other platform and continue your progress from where you last left off. 

What Genre Does World of Tanks Belong to?

Even though most people agree that the game has plenty of first-person shooter elements, the game is technically classified as a massively multiplayer online or MMO game. 

That’s mainly because the game has no offline capabilities and can only be played by players who have an active connection to the internet. 

However, unlike other massively multiplayer games, World of Tanks is not an open-world game and basically functions as a closed-world game with multiple large-scale servers that host hundreds of thousands of players which is why it’s earned its name as an MMO game. 

So, the purpose of telling you all this information is to make sure you know what you’re getting into when you buy the game. 


Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform Conclusion

And that brings us to the end of our article. We hope you enjoyed this enormous dump of information about World of Tanks and exactly how cross-platform capable the game is. 

Furthermore, we also hope you enjoyed our breakdown of its gameplay and why it’s so compelling for new players who just get sucked into playing due to the sheer scale of the game. 

Moreover, before we eventually wrap up this article we’d just like to give our verdict on the game and if it’s worth your time. 

First of all, we’d like to point out that the initial version of the game is free to play so even if you’re hesitant about buying the premium version you can still check out the gameplay for yourself which is honestly a big plus of getting this game. 

Secondly, the creators, Wargaming, just recently introduced cross-platform functionality into the game, between console players at least, so this is probably the best time to try the game out for yourself. 

Lastly, if you want to talk about the gameplay itself, it is absolutely phenomenal in our opinion, and the total number of tanks available to the players, which is over 4000 by the way, will make sure you don’t grow bored of the game for some time to come.

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