Is World War Z Cross-Platform/Crossplay in 2022?

In addition to the powerful performance, immersive graphics, and an engaging storyline, most modern multiplayer video games have one thing in common – cross-platform compatibility. If you are new to the sector, cross-platform is a recently developed multiplayer functionality that enables players to play or compete with each other regardless of the device they have.

As the trend picks up pace, more and more game developing companies are pouring resources to rank their product higher in terms of market capitalization. Sure, gameplay and graphics create an eye-catching appeal for a game, it’s the multiplayer compatibility that steals the show. In fact, most gamers would prefer games that support cross-play over the ones that have catching storylines.  

While it is difficult for average game development companies to integrate the technology, larger corporations have a better way of pulling it off. The same is the case with World War Z – a survival shooting video game developed by Saber Interactive – An American Indie video game company operational since 2001.

Although the post-apocalyptic storyline and immersive graphics caught attention worldwide, gamers have one question on their minds – “Is World War Z cross-platform?” Before we move on to answer the widely anticipated question, let’s walk you through the introduction, gameplay, and storyline of World War Z. Keep the Suspense Boiling!


Is World War Z Cross-Platform

World War Z – Everything You Need to Know

Zombie apocalypses are hyped. The very thought of an apocalypse intrigues people’s fantasies. “How would a zombie apocalypse feel like?” There are countless films, TV shows, and video games illustrating a zombie apocalypse but among those rising to prominence, World War Z is a name that counts. The game is inspired by the original World War Z movie that premiered in 2013.

World War Z is an action-packed third-person survival shooting game, depicting the aftermath of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. Although the game was developed by Saber Interactive, it was Mad Dog Games that launched and published it in 2019.


As human life is slowly drifting away at the hands of the deadly zombie virus, a group of survivors appears on the screen. As humanity’s final hope, you assume the role of one of the 24 survivors who are on a mission to protect citizens from the zombies as well as to find a cure for the ‘disease’.

The plot of the game is set in five different cities across the world including Jerusalem, Tokyo, New York, Marseille, and Moscow. All the playable characters are categorized into seven classes distinguished on the bases of their skillset and abilities. The categories include; gunslinger, hellraiser, medic, fixer, slasher exterminator, and drone master.

Overall, the gameplay is featured in super-realistic graphics with a ting of cartoonish appearances of zombies being killed, enough to keep you hooked to the game. As featured in movies, zombies travel in the form of large swarms with thousands of undead bodies. However, don’t worry because the game provides just as badass weapons that let you exterminate your enemies to the core.

Play Modes

Playing solo is no bigger deal but if the swarms of enemies become too overwhelming for you to handle alone, shift to multiplayer mode. You can launch into battle against the half-dead as a squad of four thanks to the co-op feature. As a matter of fact, the dynamics of the game are better suited to multiplayer mode, as you can easily bring survivors to safety as your friends hold the front line against the infected.

If fighting zombies in the open world aren’t such a thrill for you, there are five additional multiplayer modes in the gameplay designed for people like you. These modes include; player vs player, player vs zombie, swarm deathmatch, swarm domination, and king of the hell. Since these modes are differentiated based on difficulty, playing them would help you evaluate your skills in the game.


World War Z Cross-Platform Situation in 2022

Great tidings to gamers around the world as World War Z offers cross-platform support in 2022. Saber Interactive and Mad Dogs have ensured that players from all platforms and devices can come together and experience the post-apocalyptic thrill, World War Z brings to the table. As of 2022, the game has made it to all mainstream platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch enabling cross-play across the board.

Players no longer have to choose between shifting platforms or sticking with solo because the multiplayer option extends across all compatible platforms. To put it simply, if you have a PlayStation or Xbox while your friend plays on PC, you can both team up and play with each other. Here are some positive outcomes of enabling cross-play in World War Z.

Freedom to choose the desired platform – In addition to being compatible with all devices, World War Z allows cross-play between them. You don’t necessarily have to choose a specific device to participate in a multiplayer play considering your current one already supports inter-platform with other devices.

Widespread adoption – Since there are no limitations to who can access or participate in the game, players from across the board join in on the fun resulting in a higher adoption rate.

Regular and continuous updates – Cross-platform games usually bring in higher traffic compared to conventional multiplayer games. In order to retain the inflow and increase visibility, developers are required to renew the content with newer and better updates.

Despite the multiple benefits it provides, cross-play functionality does have some downsides to it as well. However, given the technology is still in the developing stage, let’s spare some room for innovation and betterment.

Is World War Z Cross-Platform PC and PS4?


Yes, World War Z supports cross-platform play between PC and PS4 in 2022. In other words, PC and PlayStation gamers can participate in the apocalyptic gameplay, even though their devices are largely different from each other.

However, critics believe that enabling cross-platform play could lead to irregularities and foul play in the game. PC gamers usually have an edge over consoles due to better hardware specs which result in smoother gameplay.

Is World War Z Cross-Platform between Xbox and PS4?

Of course, Yes. In 2022, World War Z enables cross-platform compatibility between Xbox and PS4 games. To make it simpler, if you have a PS wishing to play with your friends on a platform different than yours, there’s no holding you back.

Considering PS and Xbox as two extensively adopted consoles taking up a massive chunk of the entire console market. If there had been no cross-play such a large audience that World War Z has acquired over the years wouldn’t exist at all.

Is World War Z Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Definitely yes. World War Z enables cross-play between PS4 and PS5 allowing users from both platforms to participate in a game. The best thing about the feature is that players with an older version of the platform wouldn’t feel left out nor would they needlessly have to overspend their budget. As a PS4 user, you can play with your friend who has PS5 thanks to cross-play.


Is World War Z Crossplay PC and Xbox One?

Fortunately, yes. As of 2022, World War Z supports cross-platform gameplay between PC and Xbox. In fact, PC and Xbox are among the pioneers when it comes to cross-platform compatibility. It was PC and Xbox that initially received the cross-platform feature update before it the functionality expanded to other online platforms as well.

Is World War Z Cross-Platform Nintendo Switch and PC?

Yes, World War Z offers cross-platform functionality between Nintendo Switch and PC. Unlike PC, the game was recently released to Nintendo switch and enabled cross-play even later. This implies that you can enjoy the multiplayer combat with your friend irrespective of the platforms you currently own.

Is World War Z Crossplay FAQs

What type of game is World War Z?

World War Z is an open-world third-person survival shooting game that features a zombie outbreak in various parts of the world. Players can either play solo or multiplayer with the squad while the objective is to clear the path and prevent humanity from the deadly virus.

Is there cross-progression in World War Z?

No, there is no cross-progression functionality in World War Z in 2022. Cross-progression is a feature that allows a player to continue the progress they made on other platforms.

Is World War Z cross-play between steam and epic?

In addition to the mainstream platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, World War Z provides cross-play steam and Epic. Players from all these platforms can avail of cross-play functionality.


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Is World War Z Cross-Platform Conclusion

While answering your query regarding; “Is World War Z cross-platform?” we have discussed everything about the game from start to finish. The game has striking and high-quality visuals coupled with a powerful and engaging storyline, World War Z won’t let you get bored easily.

The game is available on all platforms including PC, consoles (PS and Xbox) and Nintendo switch allowing cross-platform between them. Looking to keep your dopamine levels high with equal amounts of fun and excitement, World War Z is the way forward!

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