15 Minecraft Treehouse Ideas – Cool and Simple Builds

There is arguably no other game that tests your creativity and innovativeness quite like Minecraft. This sandbox game allows you to create a litany of structures using multiple different types of blocks.

And whether you’re playing in survival mode trying to fend off hordes of enemies or in creative mode trying to test out your building prowess, building your own base is still considered the most enjoyable aspect of the game.

When it comes to bases though, the beauty and majestic nature of treehouse bases is something we can’t deny.

Even if you take their beauty out of the question, we consider tree house bases to be the best in terms of utility as well.

Plus, they can be created with one of the most readily available materials in the game, wood.

Therefore, considering our love for treehouses, we’ve come up with a list of more than 15 Minecraft treehouse ideas that look effortlessly cool and are incredibly simple to construct.

So, follow along as we present you with each idea and provide you with your dream base.

13 Minecraft Treehouse Ideas

minecraft treehouse ideas

1. Dual Attached Treehouses

Minecraft treehouse ideas

If you’ve decided on building a treehouse for yourself, why not double down and create two of them and attach them to each other to show off to your friends.

Luckily for you, that is the exact premise of the video tutorial below created by Typface.

To sum up, what you must do is to first find a forest that contains a variety of different types of trees like spruce and dark oak and then cut them down to use their wood to design two interconnected trees to build a dual treehouse.

The basic concept behind the build is to use a combination of slabs, stairs, and trap doors to give your tree the most unique design possible.

Finally, add a bit of interior decoration and voila your beautiful beginner dual treehouse is complete. Now, you can customize this further to take it to the next level of beauty but that is of course your choice.

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2. Simple Jungle Treehouse

modern minecraft treehouse ideas

This may be the easiest treehouse build on the list but that’s not to say it isn’t beautiful. In fact, Mr. Mirror’s clever use of camera angles, in his video tutorial, makes it seem almost as high as the clouds and overlooks the trees which makes it look extra mesmerizing.

In terms of materials, you’ll need some slabs, stairs, and planks of wood along with some wines to access the treehouse from the ground.

Now the addition to wines really gives the house a natural look and feel like the people who use them will feel like they’re living in an actual jungle.

The interior and balcony design are impeccable as well and really give the house a complete and more natural look and feel.

Rest assured, if you’re a beginner who’s concerned about where to start when building a treehouse this is the design to follow.

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3.      Minimalistic Modern Treehouse

treehouse ideas minecraft

We reckon some of you must be pretty concerned about how to exactly start creating your own tree house if you’ve never done it before.

And making it for the first time using actual trees in the wilderness that is survival mode can be a pretty daunting thought.

This is why we present to you this Smithers Boss video tutorial on how to create a modern-looking Minecraft treehouse in creative mode to eliminate the hassle of creating this masterpiece while being surrounded by a bunch of mobs in survival mode.

Now the treehouse itself is pretty simple as well and probably not as detailed as some of the others on this list.

But for beginners of Minecraft looking to build their first treehouse, this is definitely the tutorial you want to start with.

As a bonus, you also get a treehouse with a modern style design which is pretty difficult to make even for seasoned Minecraft players.

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4.      Elevated Treehouse

minecraft treehouse designs

Next up is another creative mode masterpiece built by Lex the builder and is probably the most detailed tutorial on how to make a treehouse in Minecraft which is why we included it in the list.

From the amount and types of materials required to the detailed building process, Lex the Builder has covered all of it in detail in his video tutorial.

Furthermore, just like the previous entry on this list, you can take your time and construct the treehouse with as much customization as you want as you’ll be building in creative mode.

But now let’s talk about the build in particular. What impressed us most about it was the small water elevator that brings you up from the first level to the second level where all the rooms are situated and the multiple door entrance.

However, we do have to say that you need considerable skill if you’re going to attempt to create this structure in survival mode so make sure you get plenty of practice before attempting that.

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5.      Giant Survival Treehouse

cool minecraft treehouse

This video tutorial on how to make a Minecraft treehouse, a survival treehouse, in particular, is incredibly unique in its style and presentation.

Unlike many of the other tutorials on this list, BlueBits has divided the video into sections and while each section is playing the materials required for that section of build are listed in the top left corner.

Thus, with the total material list being as huge as it is, this method shows the viewers exactly what they’ll need every step of the way and removes the need to memorize anything.

Moving on to the actual structure of the treehouse, on the outside, it is relatively simple with an entrance at the base of the tree and a small room in the middle that has a ladder connecting it to the room on top.

However, the reason it stands out is due to the additional room connected to the right of the middle portion of the tree because the chains on its roof which connect it to the tallest branch give it a sort of hanging look that looks gorgeous.

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6.      Ultimate Modern Treehouse with Elevator

Minecraft treehouse step by step

Redstone contraptions can be pretty difficult to understand and use for some people, that’s why a sort of mild hate has developed among Minecraft players for Redstone in general.

However, if you follow 6tenstudio’s incredibly detailed video tutorial on how to build the most modern-looking tree house Minecraft that uses a Redstone-powered elevator that works with the push of a button, then we guarantee you’ll start thinking about Redstone differently.

Even the other aspects of the tree have that contemporary and modern style feel to them mostly because of the classic white blocks and slabs used for the walls along with large glass panes for the windows.

Moreover, it’s a proper two-story house with rooms on both floors in addition to lanterns and other little trinkets that contribute to the beauty of the entire house.

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7.      Forest Treehouse Observatory

Big Minecraft treehouse tutorial

This upcoming treehouse design is our personal favorite on this entire list of 15+ Minecraft treehouses and after you watch the video tutorial created by Goldrobin we reckon it’ll become your favorite too.

Goldrobin himself is a pretty recognized Minecraft YouTuber and one of the most creative people on the platform so when he makes a treehouse you better take notice.

The design itself is not too out of this world as he’s kept it relatively simple with one door at the entrance and a middle platform that houses all his supplies and chests.

But the platform on top is what caught our eye, it’s virtually just a cleverly designed circle with some edges, wood pillars, and white tempered glass panes.

But after completion, it gives off an observatory-style look that just won our hearts.

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8.      Nether Treehouse

Minecraft treehouse farm

There used to be a time that even the most seasoned Minecraft players were afraid to go into the nether even though it has always contained valuable materials and items (blaze rods) that are required if you want to progress in the game.

But with successive updates, the nether has become increasingly accessible and with the introduction of the Minecraft 1.16 update which introduced two special types of wood only available in the nether, making your own base has become a viable option.

Jumping on this chance to create a new build, YouTuber Mythical Sausage has come up with his very own tutorial on how to build a Minecraft treehouse in the nether, and not only is it functional it’s also quite beautiful in its own way.

The main materials used to build the house were crimson hyphae and red nether bricks along with some weeping wines and Shroomlights in the interior. So, just get right to it and start building your own safe haven amidst this chaos.

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9.      Hobbit Hole Treehouse

Minecraft treehouse seed

Continuing on our quest to bring you the most creative looking but simple to make treehouses is this The Hobbit-inspired hobbit hole treehouse.

This specific build is special for other reasons as well, so let us list them down for you right here and now.

Firstly, Youtuber Cortezerino in his video tutorial explains how this tree is created by combining the trunks of 4 jungle trees and creating one single extra thick trunk that contains two small rooms and one large hobbit hole at the top with two large windows made from glass panes.

Secondly, if you’re someone who considers themselves not a creative person then this build will work perfectly for you because there is just one specific way to line up the blocks to create the room inside which will be explained by Cortezerino himself so just follow his build to a T. 

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10.  Dark Oak Treehouse

Minecraft treehouse small

Minecraft is a game of great variety and that variety extends to the types of wood available in the game. As such many players like creating structures using just one type of block, slab, or stairs.

And when it comes to creating tree houses, using just one type of wood has its own pleasure and gives your tree that aesthetic look.

Well, our guess is that’s exactly what Mythical Sausage was going for when he created his own Minecraft treehouse using only dark oak wood.

To see exactly how he went about setting his base up, watch the video tutorial down below. Also, make sure to watch it all the way through at least once because he tends to tinker with the design plenty of times while building so if you leave off at some point you may miss some crucial steps.

Other than that, from a design and structure point of view, it is absolutely mesmerizing and also simple to make for beginners.

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11.  Simple Treehouse

Cool Minecraft treehouse ideas

Minecraft is such a vast open-world sandbox game that there are an endless amount of things you can do in-game.

Considering all these activities, some players don’t prefer wasting time building increasingly intricate structures for their base because they want to explore all the other facets of the game like fighting mobs, meeting and trading with villagers, and trying to find the ender dragon to end the game.

That’s actually a reason why people opt to make tree houses because they’re easy and quick to make and to tailor to those people Nuec has created his own video tutorial to guide you through the simplest Minecraft treehouse build in the list.

All you’d have to do is remove the blocks from the middle of a tree’s trunk, make and expand a platform and then set your bed and crafting table down to the finish. But of course don’t take our word for it, go and watch the tutorial!

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12.  Spruce Treehouse

easy minecraft-treehouse ideas

Spruce is one of the most readily available types of wood in Minecraft. As a matter of fact, it can also be grown when you plant a spruce sapling in a 2×2 square of dirt.

And it grows to become a gigantic tree as well.

Thus, knowing how to build a Minecraft treehouse in spruce is extra important for beginners as well as regular players and as a result, we’ve included an absolutely excellent spruce treehouse design by Spudetti as our next entry on the list.

Whether you’re testing your skills in survival mode, skyblock, or creative mode, this video tutorial will teach you how to create a brilliantly aesthetic-looking open window treehouse that you can use as your official base of operations.

Spudetting herself has always created exceptional-looking designs and this one’s no different. You should note though that before you get into this build you’ll need to grow the 2nd spruce on top of the first one to reach the height required.

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13.  Cottagecore Treehouse

cool minecraft treehouse designs

Lately, any and all Minecraft players have become obsessed with cottage core builds, and for that reason, we could think of no better treehouse to end on than this absolutely gorgeous looking cottage core Minecraft tree house created by Youtuber LubovLC.

In the following video tutorial, LubovLC creates a Fairy-type beachside multiple-story treehouse that spans a huge distance into the sea.

On top of that, it includes vines, lanterns, and other small materials that really make it the most aesthetically pleasing treehouse on this list.

Frankly, words don’t do it justice so you’d be better off just watching the video and seeing this masterpiece for yourself. Just be sure to carry all the materials you need before you start building if you’re building it in survival mode.

On the other hand, if you’re in creative mode then go really wild and try to add some sick customizations according to your taste.

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14.  Giant Tree Base

minecraft treehouse easy

Throughout this list, we’ve talked a lot about the beauty of customizing a tree by creating multiple platforms on it to convert them into different rooms on the tree to turn it into the perfect Minecraft treehouse.

However, the Youtuber GlitchNOut decided to take a completely out-of-the-box approach to build a treehouse in his video tutorial down below.

He has created his own giant tree from scratch which is as enormous and spacious from the outside as it is from the inside.

Moreover. he’s opted to place all the rooms inside of the giant tree which is quite a unique take of building a treehouse.

Honestly though describing it with words doesn’t do this freak build any justice so we’d advise you to just go watch the tutorial and follow along.

Just make sure to take a huge amount of materials with you because this is an insanely large build.

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15.  Basic Treehouse

easy minecraft-treehouse ideas

Last but not least, we decided to include an easier option when it comes to treehouses for the Minecraft beginners and when we say beginners we mean beginners.

You could also consider this the basic blueprint of all treehouses upon which further customizations can be made to convert it into the treehouse of your design.

Basically, the Youtuber Folli in his video tutorial down below tried to build the most basic but elegant looking treehouse to help you build your own starter base when you load into the server and need a place to live away from the mobs in survival mode.

The house itself takes a ridiculously short time to build considering there’s quite a lot of detail, especially when you get to the room on top and start adding the leaves in the floor.

Thus, if there are any beginners reading this we would highly recommend checking this build out before you move on to the others to better understand the structure of a treehouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do You Build a Jungle Treehouse in Minecraft?

Creating your own Minecraft treehouse in the middle of the jungle really can be exciting, especially in survival mode with lots of mobs lurking around.

But for those of you who are new to it, we’d recommend watching Mr. Mirror’s video tutorial on how to create a beautiful yet simple treehouse.

2. How to Decorate your Minecraft Treehouse?

Well, there are plenty of decorative items in Minecraft that include flowers, lanterns, torches, and even Redstone.

Hell, you could even make your own mini water source. The best way to decide what decorations to use though is to check the surrounding area and use decorations that adapt with it.

3. How Do You Make a Good Treehouse in Minecraft?

Well, that’s probably the easiest question yet. The official answer is to go check out the list above as it contains numerous video tutorials on how to make an excellent Minecraft treehouse.

The unofficial answer though and our personal opinion is to be creative and use plenty of different types of blocks, slabs, trapdoors, and planks to give it that unique look and feel.


And that concludes our list of some of the best Minecraft treehouse ideas floating around these days.

We hope at least one of these was helpful and allowed you to create your very own treehouse or improve upon your original by getting inspiration from the above videos.

With that said, we hope you have a grand old time punching some trees.

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