Overwatch Tier List 2022- All Characters Ranked

In this article, you will learn about the Overwatch tier list (all the characters).

Like any other game, you need to be extra competitive to win in Overwatch. It would be best if you had top-tier players to have a chance at winning. Otherwise, your competitors would just shove you under the rug.

But how do you even know you are picking the right player who could help you win the Overwatch game? Keep reading because we have jotted down the list of all the characters, from the best to the worst.

Overwatch Tier List

A Sneak Peek at Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch has 32 heroes in total, and each one of them has its unique and distinctive qualities, making them super resourceful in certain conditions. But, you need to know precisely when you need to use a particular hero, and for that, you need to know each of their qualities.

However, it is not necessarily true for all heroes to be equally powerful because some outshine others. Still, it is the format of competitive games because without this extra kick, would it be interesting anymore?

The way all the characters are judged is also pretty standard because of their efficiency, chances of winning the game, their role in the game, and compatibility with the team; everything is analyzed before giving them certain positions.

We have used the same method and have divided all the players into different tiers. These tiers will help you decide which player you should pick according to your situation during the game. So, let’s get into it and find out more about each player in detail.

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Overwatch Tier List


S-Tier literally has the finest of heroes you can get your hands on because they can fit in any team and are hella efficient. The winning rate of S-tier players is also very high, and they are most likely to be picked by professional gamers because of their efficiency.

If you get your hands on an S-tier hero, you are bound to create problems for your opposing team because it will not be easy to win from someone who is playing with the most powerful character in the game.

Let’s find out more about all the characters and their tiers:

Hanzo AttackerIf you learn to use Hanzo’s powers at the right time, you will be unbeatable. Hanzo is a very efficient hero and does significant damage to the enemy. Also, he has sonic arrows, which are the best quality for attacking. Hanzo can do everything you need to win a game which proves that he deserves a place on this top-tier list.
McCreeAttackerIf you are looking for a hero for close combat, you have landed at the right place. McCree has a pretty sharp set of skills and attacks the opponent’s weak links immediately. Also, you need to have a good aim if you like to discover the real potential of this hero because if you have a grip on aim, McCree can take you places for sure.
MoiraSupportMoira’s excellent mobility and potential make her worthy of the S tier, and it fights quite efficiently too. Moira can heal the members of his team, which is a much-needed skill when you are in serious combats. In addition, Moira is highly compatible with other members and becomes even more efficient when paired with them.
BaptisteSupportWhen you are in need of support, you have to go for Baptiste because you can quite easily prevent your team from dying with the help of Baptiste. He is pretty efficient at the game too, but you need to know how to use its powers.
Wrecking BallTankIf you want to make your game slightly different, go for wrecking ball because he does not work like a traditional Overwatch hero. Though you need to get used to his skill set, once you are a pro, he really is worth it.
D.VaTankD.Va comes in two different forms, so using her during combat can benefit you as she has different kinds of abilities and styles which could surprise your opponents. While fighting, D.Va could be an asset to the team, and you would have more chances of winning if she is on your team.

The S-tier characters in Overwatch are pretty complicated too, and you have to learn the art of mastering them, or you are most likely to waste their powers. So, it is better to know why each of the heroes is known so you can use its powers in a better way.


Overwatch Characters Tier List

Though the A-Tier heroes are not as good as S-tier they are still pretty efficient. These heroes have pretty impressive rates at winning and would most probably help you win too.

You can totally rely on these heroes, and they are worth a try because if you know how to use them, they can be just as good as the S-tier ones.

EchoAttackerMost people do not pick Echo mainly because of her unique set of skills that most people don’t get used to it easily. Her potential to totally destroy the opponent and her mobility cannot be questioned at all. Also, she has the duplicate skill, which by far is the finest and most intricate skill if you know how to use it properly.
AsheAttackerAshe can cause quite a lot of damage to the enemies quickly, which is why most people love her in duels and fights. The only problem with Ashe is that her mobility is relatively weaker; otherwise, she would have ranked in the S tier list.
ReaperAttackerReaper is your best pick in close combat, and he also has a lifesteal passive skill. Though he has a few shortcomings, his health is quite poor. But with Reaper’s two guns, you can intimidate any enemy you want.
AnaSupportPeople love to pick Ana as it is easier to win with her but mastering her skill is difficult of all. She is the finest support hero, and even though you need to get used to her skills, once you are a pro at buffs and healing, you can win any fight and take one for the team.
LucioSupportLucio provides the kind of support you need during combat, and the buff this hero provides is crucial for the whole team. Also, their mobility of Lucio is unmatched, which makes him yet another great support and perfect for making part of the team.
MercySupportMercy can quite easily heal the team, and she also has some decent skills of buff. Another great thing for the team which makes Mercy the perfect support is her ability of resurrection, and not every hero in the game has this ability.
ZaryaTankZarya can cause a lot of damage to your opponents too, and her shield is also very absorbent. She also has a passive ability, making her a crucial part of every combat.
ReinhardtTankThe shield is the best thing about Reinhardt’s character because it absorbs quite a lot of damage and covers the ground too. He does have some minor drawbacks, but those are covered by his impeccable abilities to cause damage in the enemy camps.
RoadhogTankRoadhog is the most famous tank in the game, and people who are beginners like to pick this hero always. His health pool is pretty huge, and he also causes impressive damage to the enemies. The Regan ability of Roadhog is also what makes him worthy of being in the A tier.
SigmaTankSigma is a relatively new addition to the game, and the makers have added just the right balance of defense and offense skills in him. If you are a very good player, only then can you control this hero?
Overwatch Tier List


The players in the B tier are not completely bad, and they would do just fine if you pair them with some good heroes. Their win rate is not very poor, and they could make the perfect team if you know how to use them.

GenjiAttackerGenji has the finest damage potential of all once you learn the art of using his potential. Also, the mobility of this hero is elite. If you pick Genji, you can easily overpower an opponent, but it does have some drawbacks, which is why it is at the B tier.
WidowmakerAttackerWidowmaker is a sniper who can take control, and mastering it is a little difficult, but once you understand how she works, you can make a difference. The skill cap of Widowmaker is also pretty high, and you can totally nail the art of combat.
ZeynettaSupportThe Overwatch has listed Zenyatta as a support hero always, and it does improve the position of the team in combat. He does provide fairly good capabilities of damage and gives average support to the team.
WinstonTankWinston is the bridge from support to tank, and he is the perfect blend to win every fight. Though there is a better tank than Winston if you don’t have a choice, you could go with him too.


C-tier heroes are not that successful unless they are used by a very experienced player and are placed at the right time. People often don’t like to pick them until they have no other choice. Let’s dive into these players.

JunkratAttackerJunkart can tackle the enemy quite easily with just a few attacks, but the problem is that in most cases, you don’t have enough time for those few attacks. Also, these attacks can distract or damage the enemies and are not enough to actually kill them. Also, Junkrat is known for dropping grenades, too, once dead.
DoomsfitAttackerDoomfist is not the first choice of most professional players, but you still get better odds of winning with him. He has a rocket punch that can instantly kill opponents if you know exactly how to use it.
Soldier 76AttackerSoldier 76 is a pretty basic player, and he is perfect for beginners. The damage caused by this player is not that severe, but he still is a decent choice with minimum recoil. The soldier can also quickly enter and leave battles with his Sprint skill, and he also has decent healing skills, so, all in all, he is the jack of all trades.
TracerAttackerTracer was a big thing in the Overwatch game because of her speed and combating efficiency, but now there are many better players in the game, so Tracer feels a bit outdated. She does a great job at harassing and poking the enemy but might not be the best fit for fully-fledged combat.
BrigitteSupportBrigitte is both the support and tank of a team. She works well with other tanks and is highly compatible. Brigitte would be your best chance at winning combat because of her competitive skills.
OrisaTankOrisa has a fortifying power which is why enemies cannot cause her much damage. Orisa could also be considered one of the most compatible tanks because it goes perfectly with tanks of a higher tier.


Overwatch Tier List

Heroes of this tier are only good for a certain job, and in most cases, you will not get good use out of them. But just so you know, there are many better options for you out there.

PharahAttackerIf you are a good player, you can perfectly use Pharah for accuracy in rocket shooting, but that’s pretty much it. She is just simply so people who are just starting off the game could understand it better, but her skill set does not have any depth.
MeiAttackerMei could handle the enemies for quite a while with her debuff and walls of ice. She does not cause much damage, though, and you need to invest time to understand this hero.


All the players in Tier E are just not good enough to make them a part of your competitive play. You can still use them if you want, but do not complain about losing the combat because you cannot rely on these heroes.

SymmetraAttackerThe positioning of Symmetra is never good in the team combats. She can be a problem for the enemies and can help the tanks too, but before she could pull off anything, she dies, which is why she has such a low picking rate.
TorbjornAttackerHe is more of a lazy player who does not move at all and camps at just one place, which most people don’t really like, which is why he has a low picking rate. Also, before he reaches the actual place of battle, everything is ended already.
BastionAttackerBastion is really hard to control, and though it does damage your enemies quite a lot, it leaves you wondering about was it all worth it? The hitting of Bastion is great, but then again, it is too flawed.
SombraAttackerSombra certainly does not go with teams and has a very low compatibility rate. She does not work well in different situations too, and to make things easier, you have to spend lots of time improving communication which is not worth the effort.
Overwatch Tier List


How is Overwatch Tier List Made?

The Overwatch Tier List is presented after observing the performance of each character in the game. The efficiency of character in the Meta is perceived and then, the character is placed in a suitable tier according to its powers and capabilities.

Do I need to make any payments for unlocking heroes?

No, you usually do not have to initiate any payments, and heroes come for free. You might need to spend money on some special skills if you want them, but the heroes are unlocked from the very beginning.

Is Overwatch suitable for beginners?

Yes, even if you are starting out on gaming, you can totally play Overwatch, and there are certain characters you can pick. These characters are easy to use, and you would not need a lot of practice to master them.

How often is Overwatch Tier List Updated?

The game continuously introduced new patches along with new features in the game. Sometimes a new character is introduced. So, the Overwatch tier list is updated after playing with that character for a considerable amount of time to specify its position in the tier list.

Overwatch Tier List Conclusion

So, as you already know by now that all the Overwatch characters are pretty amazing and have their distinctive qualities, but we had to choose the best and categorize them.

So, make sure to pick these characters according to the situation and practice usage of S-tier characters as they are going to help you a lot in the future too.

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