Totally Balanced Game Mode in Clash Royale Explained

Clash Royale has been rolling out updates after updates, with the new Champion card Mighty Miner released back on March 30, 2022, and a handful of balance changes for the month of April.

However, they’ve also released a bit of an April Fool’s Day joke which is a new game mode called the Totally Balanced Game Mode. If you’re curious as to what this game mode is all about, then you’re on the right page. In this article, I’ll explain to you what the Totally Balanced Game Mode is.

Totally Balanced Game Mode Explained

In the Totally Balanced Game Mode, the mechanics are a bit different than that of the normal game. The mechanics go like this:

For every round, the game will randomly take the Elixir cost of one of your cards in the deck. That Elixir cost is then applied to all of your cards. However, it only lasts until you play a card, from which the same mechanics have applied again, and so on until the match is over.

So for example, if you have a card that only costs 1 Elixir, and the game randomly assigns that Elixir cost to all of your cards, that means you’ll be able to play cards with a very high Elixir cost for just 1 Elixir!

As such, to make the most out of this game mode, one popular strategy is to include a handful of low-cost cards in your deck alongside a few high-cost ones. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of getting low Elixir costs which you can then use to deploy powerful cards that have high Elixir costs.

This simple yet effective strategy will allow you to win most of your games unless your opponent knows how to counter it. Of course, there will be times when you get unlucky and roll high Elixir costs for all of your troops. In this case, you’ll likely be forced to deploy only high-cost cards or not be able to deploy any at all.

Then again, this is a tradeoff of this mode, and it adds a nice change of pace when you’ve been bored of the regular game modes.

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Ideal Cards to Use for this Mode

There are a handful of cards you can add to your deck for this particular game mode. Cards like the Electro Giant and the Three Musketeers are some of the most powerful options you can add to your deck. You can then pair them with several low-cost cards like the Fire Spirit, Heal Spirit, Skeletons, Electro Spirit, and the Ice Spirit.

Totally Balanced Game Mode in Clash Royale Explained

Alternatively, you can also use cards with medium Elixir costs like the Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Lumberjack, Musketeers, or any troop card that costs around 4 Elixirs then pair them with a few low-cost cards. This way, you can sustain your troops even if the game randomly assigns you a high Elixir cost.

The Best Deck You Can Use in the Totally Balanced Game Mode

You can find a lot of synergies in the Totally Balanced Game Mode, and the build ideas can be limitless. However, there’s one specific deck that I believe is the best deck to use for this game mode.

This deck includes the Three Musketeer card which costs 9 Elixirs, the ever-popular Mega Knight which costs 7 Elixirs, and the Tornado spell card which costs 3 Elixirs. Once you have these cards, you want to fill your deck with all the spirits as they only cost a single Elixir. Then, the final card will be the Mirror spell which you want to use as soon as you deploy any of the powerful cards.

The game plan for this is quite simple, but since the game assigns a random Elixir cost depending on the Elixir cost of your cards, it will involve a bit of luck. You just have to deploy your powerful units as soon as you get 1 Elixir cost, but if you’re unlucky and got hit with a 9 Elixir cost, then you’ll have to deploy a card and hope for a lower Elixir cost after that.

Totally Balanced Game Mode in Clash Royale Explained Conclusion

The Totally Balanced Game Mode is a fun mode that adds a bit of randomness to the game. It’s a welcome change of pace that players, both old and new, will certainly like.

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